Chapter 100

Sleeping was so difficult. My mind was in turmoil, my body was in constant pain. I could never get comfortable enough to fall asleep and even if I did, one kick from the baby caused sharp pains to wake me right back up again. 

I thought that was what had happened when I woke up again. 

I opened my eyes and tried to turn a bit to the right to get comfortable again. That was really all I did these days, slight adjustments in the hope that it would be enough to fall asleep again. I had been in quite a deep sleep for once and I wanted to return to it, but something else was bothering me this time. My mind was half asleep so it took me some time to figure out that I could hear some sort of obnoxious beeping, and then even more time to realize that the beeping wasn’t coming from any of the neighbouring rooms, it was coming from the machine next to me.&nbs

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Kimberly Vaughters
they wouldn't take the baby and not let her see it. when he say he think he love her. or wasn't he lieing
goodnovel comment avatar
Freya Lyons so glad you are okay missed you. Wonderful cliffhanger.

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