Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby

By:  Freya Lyons  Completed
Language: English
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Dalia is in a dire need of money. To prevent being kicked out and living on the streets, she responds to an ad promising one million dollars. The only requirement? The applicant must be a fertile woman. Though Dalia is cunning and intelligent, she never thought she would fall for the man behind the ad. But is he even capable of loving her back?

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104 Chapters
Chapter 1
I was never known to be the overly emotional type. I did really well in school. Numbers were my speciality. So as I sat in the overly large waiting room, I ran them in my head. A woman is pregnant for nine months. Let's say that that doesn't involve February. That would be 275 days. A million divided by 275, that's a little over 3,600 a day. Divide that by 24 hours and we
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Chapter 2
There were two doors in the interview room. One was the one I came through, the other one was the one that apparently went to him. I hadn't really expected to meet him today, though I had been mentally preparing myself for the occasion ever since the first interview. I was happy that I had decided to wear my finest dress today. It was a white, skin-tight dress which
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Chapter 3
Clara stayed with me for two more weeks. I still had about a month worth of money saved up in my bank account. After that I wouldn't be able to pay rent anymore, not to mention food. I had a backup plan in my mind, I could ask Max if I could move in with him. He lived further away from the city though, so it might be harder to find jobs over there. Not to mention the
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Chapter 4
I'd be lying if I said the conventional way of conceiving a child with Robert did not sound appealing. The guy was pretty much my exact type: Tall, handsome and probably a huge asshole. Still, I didn't choose it.Instead, I found myself in the familiar waiting room of the doctor. The last time I was here I was still waiting to hear if I was chosen. This time, I was trying
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Chapter 5
The only sound in the car was my finger tapping on my tight. He had sent one of those electric cars to come to pick me up, it barely made any noise as we drove down the highway. I had tried to talk to the driver, but after a while I realised that he would never answer me back. Silence it was then.I was strangely nervous. What if Robert did not find me attractive enough to
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Chapter 6
I couldn’t say that I felt calm, but I felt calmer at least. He once again led the way through his house. This time we were going up a staircase to the second floor. There were fewer windows here, though privacy was hardly an issue when you live in the middle of a forest. I hadn’t spotted any maids, it was just me and him. The master bedroom was at the end of a long hal
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Chapter 7
I had told my brother that I got a new job, working from home. When he pressed on further about it I just said I wrote some articles for a website online. He thought it was great because Clara could spend more time at my house that way. Liann had started to convince him to try and make children of their own, rather than take care of Clara. So maybe it was for the best that I took on this job, that way Clara doesn't need to be around someone so poisonous. It was fun to take care of her, mainly because she already has such a strong personality that is nothing like mine. But she has now reached the age where everything is a question, and it was something that I did not need right now. I was grocery shopping near my house when my phone buzzed. I fished it out of my pocket and saw that I had gotten a notification from my bank account. Before I left I had calculated that I had about fifteen dollars for a week's worth of groceries. Now that I opened m
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Chapter 8
There was only one other woman in the black and grey waiting room. Her pregnant belly felt like a personal attack to me. Still, she smiled kindly. “I think I’ve seen you here before.” She said. Her brunette locks were curly and just reaching over her shoulders. She had big grey eyes and wore a baby pink maternity dress. We didn’t look like we
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Chapter 9
I stayed in touch with Kiara. She never asked me about Robert, so I felt no need to add more lies to our conversation. We arranged to meet for lunch on Wednesday, but first I needed to survive the weekend. Clara was with my brother, who was getting increasingly more annoyed every time I dropped her off. I suppose he and Liann had hoped that I could take Clara more of
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Chapter 10
It was a fucking nursery.
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