date to remember-1


"Tell me Vishal, please." I said but by practically ignoring me he hopped on the couch and started checking his cell phone. 

"Barbie doll, go and get ready. I am not going to tell you anything."  He stuck his tongue out at me. 

Stepping inside my room, I changed my clothes into a casual yellow summer dress. I grabbed my hairs into high pony and went back to Vishal. To my surprise I found him sleeping. I chuckled and started to tickle him. Instantly he jumped away and did same to me. 

"V..Vis-hal..s-stop..p-please." I yelled but instead he pushed me on the couch and tickled me more. 

"Say that I am the hottest specimen alive on this earth." He winked. 

"I am the hottest specimen alive on this earth." I repeated his words in between my laugh. 

"Ha-ha, so funny." He said sarcastically and made me laugh like maniac. 

"Am I disturbing something?" Someone's voice dragged both of us out from our tickle fight and quickly we get up. 

Pair of dark orbs stared at me holding no emotions. I pushed the saliva down my throat and did my best to avoid them. 


"Nope, nothing at all." Vishal laughed. 

"I am waiting outside." He clenched his jaw and left. 

I turned to Vishal.  "Why he's here?" 

"Doll, you're going on a dinner date with your fiancé." He smirked. 

My mouth fell open. What? Dinner date with Rehan? 

Nervousness started clouding over my senses. How am I supposed to go with him? I mean, I am nervous and it's not like I'll be alone with him for the first time but on the Date? 

I pressed my eyes shut and his face appears on the back of my head. I smiled. 

"Now go before he decides to change his mind. It was my never ending efforts that he said yes to take you out." He dramatically cleared his sweat from forehead. 
I nodded, hesitantly and went outside. 

There he is, inside the car. And like always he held no emotions. He kept his car's door open and without wasting any time, I sat inside. With shaky hands I started adjusting the seatbelt but after several failed attempts, his arms reached near me, locking the seatbelt in seconds. 

His cologne made me think about last night. 

He drove the car with his rough palms. His grip was quite strong on the steering wheel.

What's wrong? 

"Are you mad at me?"  I don't know how these words slipped out of my mouth and second next I regretted them. "I am sorry." I apologized but he didn't even looked at me. 

Something is definitely wrong. His behavior seems quite strange today. Till now not for once he shouted nor gave me his death stares like usual. 
Should I ask him? 

I quickly dropped the idea of asking him anything and turned on the music player. Smiling, I closed my eyes and rested my head on the seat. 

The Day we met. 
Frozen. I held my breath. 
Right from the start. 
I knew that I found a home for my heart beats fast. 
Colors and promises. 
How to be brave 
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall? 
But watching you stand alone. 
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow. 
One step closer. 
I have died every day waiting for you. 
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you. 
For a thousand years 
I'll love you for a thousand more. 

I am so in love with this song. A soft knots twisted inside my belly and every single word made me aware of the new feeling igniting deep inside my nerves. I've heard this song before but this time, the emotions felt real. Rehan's face came to mind and God knows why my smile went brighter. 

Am I losing my sanity? 

But then, he turned off the music. I frowned when I saw his tensed facial muscles. His face was no longer emotionless but it was like something irked inside him and he was trying hard to not let that appear on his face. 

"Are you Okay?" 

He snapped." Don't ever put such songs in front of me. " 

I sighed. 

I will not, Rehan. I will never do things which hurts you. 

"We're here." He spoke making me realize that we reached our destination. 
I stepped out after him only to find that he brought me to one of the best restaurant. He intertwined his fingers with me and a chill shiver rushed down my spine. 
Definitely now I need an appointment with the psychiatrist. I smiled realizing the impact of Vishal's company that I've also started cracking stupid jokes. 

We walked inside and I tried my best to ignore the pairs of eyes which were fixed on us. 

"Welcome Sir, Welcome ma'am. Please have your seat." A beautiful girl came to us, gesturing towards our seat. 

I thanked her and we sat across the table. I looked at our surrounding and found everyone to be highly dressed in classy clothes. My cheeks rose up in embarrassment realizing the simple dress in which I came here. 

"You are perfectly dressed at least better than the revealing clothes you wear every day."  He said, searching through the menu. 

I smiled, not knowing how my insecurity went away. 

"I had no idea that I was coming with you otherwise I might have dressed accordingly." 

"I said your clothes are perfect. Now stop looking here and there. I am famished, order something." 

I nodded with a huge smile and we placed our order but once again everything went into awkward silence between us. 

"Tell me something about you." He said out of blue, catching the glimpse of his wrist watch. 

But before I could reply anything his facial expressions changed, making me to shut my mouth. 

"What the hell were you doing with Vishal on the same couch?" I flinched at his harsh tone and fixed my eyes on the table, now being scared of him all of sudden. 
His mood swings. 

Why he has to be this confusing? 

"Answer me, dammit." He shouted. 

"W..we were tickling each other."

I shuttered. "I am sorry." I apologized, maybe it will help him to calm down. 
After biting my lips, I looked in his direction and to my surprise he also did the same. 

"Do you have any boyfriend?" He asked stressing the 'boyfriend' word bitterly. 
I smiled at his question. 

"Let's suppose that if I was having a boyfriend then do you really think that I would be sitting here, with you?" I gestured towards our table and he pressed his lips into thin line. 

"Do you have any girlfriend?" I asked him the same question nervously to which he let out a humorless laugh. 

"No. I don't." 

"Why?" I raised my eyebrows. 

"Isn't that obvious? I am going to have a wife and keeping a girlfriend would be crime, wouldn't it?" 

"Or otherwise Vishal will kill you." I said. 

And don't know how but for few minutes it felt that we know each other. 

After my words, he laughed. And for the first time I got the pleasure to admire his real smile, revealing his cute dimple. My pulse throbbed while experiencing the spark in his eyes. 

This is definitely THE DATE TO REMEMBER. 

But soon as if he remembers something and again that dark and arrogant Rehan was back. 

"Not having a girlfriend doesn't means that I am going to accept you as my wife." He made his point. 

Tears filled inside my eyes but I didn't let them come out. Why it hurts? It's not like we're in a relationship or anything. But then why? 

Next we ate in silence and not for once I dared to look at him. I exhaled a deep breath. But at the end of the day I am happy that he laughed today and that too a real laugh. 

Everything has a start right? Maybe his smile was the start of something new. 

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