Married to nightmare

Married to nightmare

By:  kri  Completed
Language: English
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she was heal to his heart.he was nothing but just a nightmare for her.they both fell in love.welcome to their bittersweet tale of love

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To the outside world it looked like Mayra had everything; after all, she's the orphan who became a doctor. But every girl dreams of true love, and when, returning to India after many years in a foreign land, Dr Mayra meets the charming billionaire Rehan Malhotra, she thinks she's finally met her match. However, Mayra quickly learns her true place in Rehan's heart. Rich, powerful and possessed by greed, to him she is just another asset to be used in any way he pleases. When romance turns to hate, can Mayra do what it takes to survive?

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Crystal Devkar
2021-02-28 01:09:14
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Wilma Edar
Love reading the book.It is short but direct to the point
2021-01-17 12:35:38
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nice story
2020-07-31 19:56:15
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Panda kid
nice story
2020-07-31 03:46:48
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Natalie Sarmiento
thats a nice story
2020-10-14 20:50:52
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Good book any more
2021-09-26 09:04:36
50 Chapters
new start
MAYRA'S POV"We’ll all miss you, Dr Mayra," Receptionist Samantha said, passing me few documents. I took them from her and offered her a weak smile. I am also going to miss everyone here." Call me anytime, Sam, we will be just one call away."
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 REHAN'S POV"Get the fuck out of my office,"  I spoke calmly, spinning the paperweight.                                                                          &n
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marry him
 MAYRA’S POVI gulped down the third glass of water, down my throat in nervousness. I am going to meet 'The Rehan Malhotra’. I never thought to meet him in person. Vishal asked me to wait in the room but to get some fresh air, I walked to the balcony. 
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make his life better
 MAYRA'S POV I pushed myself to open my eyes and second next, strong masculine scent of dark cologne travelled through my nostrils causing knots to form in my belly. I smiled slightly, feeling all warm and good. I decided to get off the bed but I felt someone's grip on my waist. I stilled and realized that I was in Rehan's arm. All the memories of few hours back rushed i
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date to remember-1
MAYRA'S POV "Tell me Vishal, please." I said but by practically ignoring me he hopped on the couch and started checking his cell phone. 
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date to remember-2
MAYRA'S POV  "Can we leave now?" I asked but he ignored. Why is he so difficult?  I closed my eyes and let out a small breath. "When will you marry me?" I dig my nails on my thigh and after gathering lots of courage, I finally asked him the question which bothered me from so long. He shot his eyebrows upward.  "Desperate, are we?" I shook my head. "I was just curious." I replied and he let
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unable to understand him
MAYRA'S POV Life is always unpredictable. It always sends those things to us which are hard to accept. But maybe a new hope of happiness can shine from them. Maybe. I closed my eyes and grabbed my hair into messy bun. As I reopened my eyes, I found my
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my life is going to be like this
 MAYRA’S POVI forced my eyes open, trying to cover them from the rays of morning sun. Blinking my eyes several times, I woke up clumsily and sat down on bed in Indian style, covering my legs with blanket. I yawned and then started stretching my arms in an attempt to retain some strength in me. After that I walked to the window and pulled the curtains away. I observed the view carefully while grabbing my hairs into a messy bun. 
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why do you care so much
 MAYRA’S POV “Ma’am, it’s okay we are fine.” James, one of
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how am i supossed to hate you
 MAYRA’S POV“Barbie doll, why are you not coming to clinic these days?” At Vishal’s question, I slowly shifted my eyes to Rehan who was busy on his office laptop. I closed my eyes for a few second and with a small smile I returned my eyes back to Vishal, who sat next to him. “Sometimes priorities do changes.” I replied. 
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