Chapter 83: Part Ways

She knows I love her that much that's why she is not worried g about being left behind nor think of what I would feel.

That was what I realized after spending time inside my room without having to answer her calls and texts. It may look and sound like a gay, but I really hate how she can make me cry.

When I came to school and talked with the juniors, she suddenly showed herself and looks like she will talk to me so I marched as fast as I could–not wanting to talk to her. I can still remember her words. It was etched on my mind, and I will not be able to talk to her unless all those thoughts already left my mind.

I was walking fast when I heard her groan, I was in the middle of thinking whether I will go back to help her or not but just decided to resist her.

I heard her calling my name repeatedly. I tried so hard not to turn my back, but I ended up walking back to her to check if she's fine.

A fucking in love idiot who can't even withstand he

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