89 chapters
The Million Dollar Marriage Deal: Prologue
I crumpled the paper and harshly throw it in the trash bin beside my table. The fuck is wrong with the old hag and he had the guts to leave a big loan in my hands?! "Ma'am, what should I tell them?" My secretary's eyes were glued on her shoes, averting my sharp gaze.  

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Chapter ️1: The Bad Girl
Chapter 1: The Bad Girl "Bottoms up! Bottoms up! Bottoms up!" The loud audience cheered as Vanessa poured the load of the bottle to my mouth. I drank all of it, and although I feel like I am drowning, I'll never make myself a loser.  "Whoa!" The people around me roared when I snatched the bottle from Vanessa's hand. I put my hand up and smirked. "Where's my fifty thousand, Van?" The horror and disbelief were evident on her face. My smile widened. "50,000 my dear best friend," I laughed and put down the bottle of vodka. Her lips were parted and she's gaping at me. I put the scattered hair strands behind my ear. "You have
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Chapter 2: Uno, You Got No Fun
"Uno..." I bit my lips and stood up to separate him from Zico who's now wiping the blood on his lips.  "Let's go, Farrah. I'll get you home." Uno's deep voice dominated my ears and the next thing I knew, he's dragging me away from the man I'm with earlier. He pulled my arm and strutted the way to his magnetic silver Aston Martin DB11. A handsome car for a geek-looking man. I shook my head. Uno, even behind his glasses surely knows how to use his money in beautiful things. He opened the door for me before turning around to seat on the driver's seat. He put his head on the steering wheel and tapped it with his fingers. I crossed my arms and glared at him, even when he wasn't looking at me.  "Why did you punch Zico?" I angrily said and made my glare
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Chapter 3: I'm Sick
"Good morning, Van. Have you wired the penny?" I arched my brow as I sat on my seat. Today is a Monday and this is one of the days I hate the most. Going to school and listen to the boring discussion of the old professors suck. I looked at the clock and wished for it to make the time faster.   "You are so clever, Farrah. No wonder you are the heiress of your company. You won't run out of money with that mindset!" I laughed and played with my long manicured nails. We stopped talking when the teacher for the first subject arrived and discussed.  "Farrah, lunch date? Let's skip classes." The second subject is about to start when Jester, one of my handsome suitors asked. I glanced at the clock and saw that it's already 9 am. I shifted my gaze to Vanessa who's now shaking her head. "Girl, don't look at me to ask
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Chapter 4: Limited Edition
Chapter 4: Limited Edition "You really know how to cook?" I asked, still shocked by what he said. The heiress of the Saldivar group knows how to cook? That's impossible! Cooking is only for the poor! I sat on the high chair and stared at him who's now checking the food inside the fridge. "What do you want to eat?" His deep voice has been emphasized by the silent kitchen. I rested my chin on my hand.  "I want a vegetable salad. I need to take care of my weight. I don't want to be a pig." I said and reach for my phone. I don't really know why I let Uno use our kitchen or why I allowed myself to be with him. I should be avoiding him because he's infuriatingly pers
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Chapter 5: Jungle Juice
Chapter 5: Jungle Juice "Daddy?" Bewilderness filled my voice as I glance at the tall, masculine man in front of me. He's wearing a white button-down long sleeve folded until his elbows, a black slacks, and a pair of expensive black shoes.  "What are you doing here?" I added He only looked at me with shock, his lips parted, and his eyes so round. I glance at the woman beside him and arch a brow.  "Who is this again?" I proudly said as I held my chin up. I gave her a head-to-toe scanning and rolled my eyes. She's tall, has a round big breasts and small waist. Of cou
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Chapter 6: Take Care
All that I can say when I opened my eyes is that: What the fuck? My head hurts like hell and it makes me want to just cut it off my body and change it with another one! I touched my head and pulled my hair, hoping that it'll somehow ease the pain. I lazily pushed my feet to the edge of the bed and pulled myself up. I rubbed my eyes as my feet reached the soft, furry carpet of my room— What the? My eyes became wide open as my feet felt a rough thing. Why is this so rough? I looked down and saw an unfamiliar dark blue carpeted floor. My eyes wandered around the whole room.  The combination of the dark blue and white walls welcomed me. The pieces of furniture are also a mixture of th
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Chapter 7: Boyfriend
I unlocked my seatbelt and checked my face on the rearview mirror before going out of my sedan. I hung my small yet fashionable backpack on my shoulders and strutted my way to our building with my two inches block heels.    "Good morning bitch." I greeted Van and sat on my usual seat. She just arches a brow and stared at me.   I put my bag behind my seat and placed my phone on top of my armchair.  "What did you do last Saturday?" She asks and leaned closer. I furrowed my brows and pointed my index finger to her forehead and pushed it away from my face.  
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Chapter 8: Who are you?
"Boy...friend?" I tried so hard to compose myself and stifle my laughter but I ended up touching my stomach as I mockingly laugh at Uno.    "Are you serious?" I wiped the tears I got from laughing so hard away from my face. "Are you on drugs, Sir?"    Uno Saldivar can both annoy and make me laugh like a madwoman. This is absurd! A nerdy boy who's been tailing me for two years assumes that he's finally my boyfriend!    "That's hilarious...and horrible," I said, now back in my serious voice. "Why did you even go in there? Who told y
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Chapter 9: Sister
For some instances, I will thank this girl for agreeing with me but it's just another weird thing because...I don't know who she is. If only Vanessa or my group is the one who said that line, I'll clap and treat her a meal. I walked until I reached her table. She's with a group of geeks, some are familiar because I sometimes see them with Uno so maybe she's in her second year. The same year as Uno.  "Who are you?" I repeated, glancing at her with my sharp eyes.    "My name is Aliya...I just want to protect you—"    "Do I look lik
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