Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Zon's Perspective

I was still shocked by what happened. I couldn't believe that people like them really exist in this world.

Well, I have read an article before, about people from another world.

It was about a hundred years ago, when this world we live in, faces such a situation like this, that there are few people who can travel here. It was very preposterous to believe that, who could even imagine that aside from our world, there was another world that exists somewhere? Yet, it was genuine, but according to the article, only their souls can travel here. When they were asleep, their souls leave their bodies and started wandering here. But not all people could travel in here, only a few of them.

It was also actually written in our history, but as time passes by, they have forgotten about it, because no one has experienced such circumstances like it after a hundred years.

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