From Here To You

From Here To You

By:  Belle Cassy  Completed
Language: English
Crystal OduwaMate: Crystal Oduwa
10 ratings
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They saw each other in a dream which connected them... Clench lived in another world, a handsome and rich man who will soon meet Ylisha who came from a different world. But then only him could see and hear her. Can two different people from different worlds be together? "I love him but I think fate was against us." I opened my eyes and everything becomes empty, no feelings, no emotions, everything was all dark and blue, I miss him...(Ylisha) "I miss her...I'm drowning," (Clench

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Belle Cassy
Good day. I just wanna drop this review to say that, this story is already completed. ?Thank ypu for those who supported and read this story. Godbless., ❤️
2020-11-02 15:41:37
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Ailyn Abubacar
I love the drama of the story and the contrast between the two characters' perspective in life ?? Good Job, author❤
2020-10-28 17:49:48
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Belle Cassy
I'm sorry character named Sonora from Chapter 57 and so on was changed to Zhane! Will edit them immediately! I got confused with the character names. Sorry.
2020-10-28 12:22:22
user avatar
Belle Cassy
Just a few chapters left will try to end it this month. Hope you read it.
2020-10-22 01:02:45
user avatar
I remembered my friend berna.. haha... Like not berna in the story. But i like how the author explained it clearly. Note: I just read 2 chapters. 9 for the characters. 10 for the scene.
2020-09-05 19:16:35
user avatar
Belle Cassy
This is Cassy, thank you for your comments and reads,? it motivates me a lot. I will update this book as soon as possible. Godbless and happy reading. ?
2020-07-30 22:55:32
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Apratyashita Thakur
Loved it. Can't wait to read more❤❤❤❤❤
2020-07-25 17:24:27
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Praise Odulesi
I really like it. The first chapter was emotional for me! Like it! I hope I get to read more.
2020-07-22 17:12:47
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Alexis Porter
I love this book! One of my favorites already! This author is seriously amazing at writing emotion and showing us how the protagonist thinks and acts. I love the characters and the mysterious plot!
2020-07-20 09:02:09
user avatar
Oh my.? I feel bad for Cassey?. I hate bullies ? But to answer the question in your blurb, maybe to get genuine love I would fall for a person even if he doesn't exist in our world. Really interesting story ??
2020-07-15 13:42:11
79 Chapters
Prologue: Cassy's PerspectiveI was sitting alone in the middle of the night, in a place where no one could see me nor touch me. The place was full of random trees behind me, and down my feet was an escarpment."Hmmm! Hmmm! Hmmm! " I was humming my favorite song entitled "I will be here," as I moved my feet, wiggling them back and forth while waiting for him, but I didn't know how much longer I have in this world, it might be too late for him to be in here, and to be honest he might not come. Then reckless tears knocked over out of my gapes. I silently dried my tears, and then a flower caught my eyes, I tried to touch the beautiful rose that was grown on the ground, but I couldn't touch it and I just smiled in agony.I didn't belong to this world but somehow I was imagining that I am, but that's the greatest improbable thing I could imagine,"It's very imposs
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Cassy's Perspective"Hey Cassy, do you want some garbage? I have a lot of clothes that I have been planning to throw, you want some?" My classmate, Bernadette, insulted me in a slang that a mean girls' ways to talk. Well, if you had a classmate like her, you can imagine how Bernadette talks. And it was definitely irksome, therefore we should not fight back to people like Bernadette, or Berna, that's what most students called her because if we did, we will come to be forever slaves.I ignored Berna, but the moment I tried to just walked away from her, her group or to be more specific, her friends, plugged up my path.They stood up in front of me, smirking like witches, feeling happy with the catastrophe. I looked at them and it was so unhappy to examine their eyes, it displayed no sympathy, they were not scared to tormentor students, particularly, the weaker ones.I sighed and didn't give them any attention, and I knew inside me that I was frightened, yet still trying to hold
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Third Person's PerspectiveCassy hurried inside their house and went frozen in a period of time when she saw her father's head bleeding while picking up the broken pieces of bottles on the floor.She glanced at her mother who was squatting on the sofa; a sofa that her father picked up at the street, two months ago. Well, her mother was still soaking up some beer, sitting pretty as if nothing happened. Cassy clenched her hands into a fist, but then, she handled her temper and helped her father."What just happened, dad?" She asked him, her eyes were filled in anguish.Her dad smiled at her and told her it was okay, that it was just an accident, but Cassy was sure that her mother threw the bottle at him.**********When they finished tidying up the mess, Cassy's father washed his face, however, while she was watching her father, she almost wanted to cry."Dad, you always suffer because of Mom, don't you have any plan of leaving her?" She said and her father got shocked that he
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Cassy's Perspective I woke up and got frozen as I noticed that I was not at my house, I was inside an unfamiliar place to me, a library. I was in the middle of the place that I could see the whole room, it was a huge library and it was really stunning. In my entire life, I've never seen this huge before- it was big as a palace, and what amazed me, even more, was that it has unexpected leeways for people and the fact that it towering 4 storey. "Wow, just wow," my own creation was stuck in this place that I couldn't even step my feet, I just continued to scan the whole place using my eyes. The books are really amazing, the whole place was neat and clean. But I was too curious why there's nobody in here? not even a single person, but the real question was, how did I get in here? I couldn't recall a
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Cassy's Perspective A random voice filled the library which woke me up, and I was shocked to see how many students were here, sitting in every corner of the place, reading different books, laughing with their friends, which made me envious. I wished I had someone like them, with whom I could share my interest, my hobbies, and hang out with, but there was just part of my dreams. I sighed but then, I remembered what happened to me.I wonder why the light didn't fetch me yet? I'm confused, I thought."Come on, Cassy, don't overthink things again, just walked around, it is much better," I mumbled.I roamed around the place and I noticed that no one could see me nor touch me. I was certainly afraid at that moment.I've tried to talk with the students that were passing by but they really couldn't see me. Their eyes never meet mine either.I wanted to cry but it was a waste of time, the fact that nothing will gonna change if I cried. So I lifted my chin up, and just watched the st
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Chapter 5
CHAPTER 5: ZON'S PERSPECTIVEI guess it was a hapless day! I was fixing the books, organizing them one by one to where it belongs. When I heard Angela's voice, my Ex-girlfriend. My heart was racing too fast, and it was competing with my mind. Honestly, I felt uncomfortable and nervous!"Haiist, not again!" I murmured.I sighed and calmed down, I went down at the ladder and tried to avoid meeting them, but I was too late, yeah, I was too late because, the moment that my feet touched the floor, they were right in front of me, literally. And it was the vastly horrible day ever.I was speechless when I saw her, I didn't know how will I supposed to approach her, and of course, also her new boyfriend.Well, it was absolutely embarrassing, because while I was feeling worried about how will I approach them, they just walked pass by me, as if they have never seen me. It was ac
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Zon's PerspectiveI was still shocked by what happened. I couldn't believe that people like them really exist in this world.Well, I have read an article before, about people from another world.It was about a hundred years ago, when this world we live in, faces such a situation like this, that there are few people who can travel here. It was very preposterous to believe that, who could even imagine that aside from our world, there was another world that exists somewhere? Yet, it was genuine, but according to the article, only their souls can travel here. When they were asleep, their souls leave their bodies and started wandering here. But not all people could travel in here, only a few of them.It was also actually written in our history, but as time passes by, they have forgotten about it, because no one has experienced such circumstances like it after a hundred years.
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Zon's Perspective I took a deep breath and went closer to her, "You came back?" I said but I guessed, she didn't hear me."I didn't expect that you can actually go back..." I hesitated when I saw her eyes, it's swollen, and she was still tearing up, and she wiped it secretly. And then I noticed some bruises on her arms, I looked at her, and then she rapidly hid her hands at her back. I wonder what happened to her? I thought as I stared at her."Are you okay?" I asked as I looked at her eyes again, to examine her emotion, but what happened next was something so unprecedented for me, my heart twisted promptly, because of her eyes; her eyes implied too much suffering, I could feel it, her emotions and her pain, they were deep, but why? "Who are you?" My mind whispered. What's happening to her in their world? And it made me crazy once again, she was absolutely mysterious.But then,
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Chapter 8
CHAPTER 8: ZON'S PERSPECTIVE- A few weeks later-Cassy came back while I was busy with my research."How was your research?" Cassy asked, and I frowned as I shook my head, for I found nothing after a month! Yeah, as in no information about them. She went near me and sat on the floor, "That's okay! We can found it soon," she smiled, and her blue eyes shine again. Those eyes again, it's so pretty."Gosh! What am I up to?!" I thought, and blaming her eyes! Well, yeah we've been seeing each other for almost more than a month, but not daily because we didn't know when could she appeared, here again, that's the problem.                         ******* A weeks ago ******I waited at my secret room every day, waiting for her to come bec
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Cassy's PerspectiveIt was a cold rainy night, and what I and that guy, named Zon's situation was really amazing, we were meeting to found out about two worlds, his world and of course, my own world, but I couldn't find anything.How amazing, wasn't it? The things you thought were a dream, was actually real? Well, we must expect the unexpected. Who knows what else could we see in the future.Beep!I heard my phone rang and when I saw it, it was Drake. I opened his message and honestly, it made me smile."Hey, how are your bruises? Next time be careful with your steps, I don't want to see you getting hurt, and how sad you did not wait for me! You went home early, however, it's fine, see you tomorrow!" He texted with a smiling emoji's every sentence from his message.Actually, I lied, my bruises were because of Berna, but I didn't want to tell him
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