St Leonards - Ayden

We have just left the hospital after seeing my mother. Her MRI showed nothing serious was wrong, but the blow to her head heavily concussed her. I have to admit that seeing her pale and bleeding had scared me half to death. My mother had always been a fighter, she was the toughest woman I knew and worthy of the title of Bratva Queen. She was quiet when she needed to be and fiercely protective of those she loved.

Which was why I understood her decision to not tell me about Dakota and Matteo.

After I met her on the stairs, I realized that I had forgotten my phone on the counter downstairs. I got the end tail of her conversation with a man I trusted above anyone.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen, Ama. I think of Ayden as my brother as well. I would never do anything reckless to hurt him-”

“But you have, Matteo. You betrayed him today by kissing Dakota.”

My heart stopped at that moment. What had I just walke

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