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"What do you want from me, Vin?" She whispers. Her eyes linger all over my face and settle on my lips and she bites hers. Fuck me. I will beg on my knees to have her. To fulfill all the fantasies haunting my dreams since we parted. " I want you, baby. I will always want you. Every day of my life" I honestly whisper, begging her with my eyes. "And why didn't you wait for me?" Her scowl returns as she tries to push me away" You claim to have been waiting for me, yet you fuck anything with a damn hole. Is that what you want from me, a quick fuck?" She screams in my face and I grit my teeth in annoyance. "Then fuck me and get the hell out of my house" Eva yells and I quickly pull away as if she just burnt me. "That is not what I want Eva, you are being ridiculous" Eva chuckles and lifts her dress and takes it off. I groan warning her to stop but she doesn't listen. She takes off the holster holding two daggers and tosses them on the floor. Eva and Vin grow up in an orphanage together. Circumstances lead them to part ways, and when they meet again, they are completely different people from what they used to be. Can their love keep them together from the worlds they find themselves in, or what they had was just childish fantasies?

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21 Chapters
Chapter 1
Eva. With a deep sigh, I place my glass of wine back on the coffee table. I hate him. I clench my fists as I stare at the television in pure disgust. Vincenzo Leone is on the news again. Is there any day he is not? Today he has a famous actress on his arm, attending an industry trade show in Los Angeles. The CEO of the Leone chain of hotels. I don't know how he achieved all that in five years and I don't care. He is known as the billionaire bachelor every woman is fantasizing about. A stupid billionaire that fucks anything in sight. I didn't even know how harshly I was clutching the remote in my hand until my nails nips at my palm. He abandoned me. He fucking ruined my life. All the promises were just white lies. Maybe I was only some nuisance in his life. A pest he couldn't wait to get rid of. 'Baby, hold on for just a little while, okay?' 'I love you, Eva, always will' 'I will come back for you, wait for me, please' 'Take this, when you feel lonely just pretend I am here
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Chapter 2
Eva. "Eva" That voice. No. I shake my head trying to convince myself maybe I heard him wrong but the guy takes off his mask and I take a stumbling step backward. It can't be him. He gets up and starts approaching me and my hold on the gun tightens. My hands are shaking and I can vividly hear the sound of my heartbeat. "Don't come any closer" I grit out, forcing myself not to cry. No, don't cry Eva, you are strong. You have to be. I dig my teeth into my bottom lip and ignore the taste of blood on my tongue. It's different seeing him on TV. He is no longer the boy I fell in love with. The boy that I considered my only family. He is all I knew, he was there when I was cold, and he gave me his food when I was hungry. He shielded me from all the bullies in that horrible place. When his time came, he promised to come back for me, he said I should wait for him. I waited but he never came. Someone else did. The person who turned me into a monster. A fucking killer. "I have been l
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Chapter 3
Vincenzo. She is different. She is far from the girl I used to know. The first time I saw Eva in that crappy orphanage, She was ten. She had a small form that made everyone bully her. During meals, other kids would easily take her share and she would stay hungry for days. Eva could not defend herself and unfortunately, no one gave a damn about the kid's welfare. The management of that place were greedy bastards who took advantage of the resources the kids were supposed to benefit from. I had witnessed how she was being treated and I felt bad. One day I went to talk to her and she appeared out of life. She was so weak and had already given up. She had a knife held on her wrist and if I arrived any second later, she would have died that day. The next day, Eva saw me approach her and her beautiful blue eyes stared at me with fear. She thought I was there to hurt her like the rest of the kids did until I gave her my food. She didn't object but cautiously ate it. She was hungry and
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Chapter 4
Vin I slowly walk behind her still awed. I keep forgetting she is not a kid anymore. She is now a big girl and I like everything I'm looking at. The little dress perfectly hugs her hourglass figure and it hurts knowing she is giving me a silent treatment. Her steps are calculated, like a model on a runway. She has a gold anklet on her left leg and damn! I quickly fall in step with her to scare away all the lustful eyes directed at her.Her eyes search the bar and cuss when she sees a blonde lady behind it. Was she expecting someone? "Will you drive me home? My ride left and I'm not familiar with taxis yet" She whispers and I smile behind my mask. Her voice is so delicate and serene. It is as if she would hurt her voice codes if she spoke any louder. My hands itch to touch her hair, it's fuller and more radiant than before. I want to grab her ass and reclaim her again. Either way, Eva is mine. She was my first kiss, and since then, I have never kissed anyone else."Do you maybe w
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Chapter 5
Eva I chuckle stepping in the cold shower. Vin is such a whore. I was testing him but it appears he makes me weak as well. He has a big effect on me. Fuck! his angry face when he gripped my neck. I couldn't stop imagining him in me. Pounding deeper and harder. Is he relieving himself right now? I can still feel his hard body on mine. Damn, the heat radiating from him was so intense. And fuck me! was he hard?I hate him for making me feel this powerless. I hate him for making me want him like I have never wanted something or anyone. I hate Vin for making me this wet without having to touch me.He came back but he was still late. All I wanted was to get out of that damn place. I wanted to be where he was. I didn't care if he had nothing as long as he was with me. That place was wretched, and if he came for me, no one would have noticed I was missing. His biggest mistake was allowing me to meet Ivan. That man is bad news and I know what will happen if a rumor reaches him that a man
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Chapter 6
Vin. I knew she would give me a hard time. When she kicked me in the balls, I knew it would be hard to get through her.What was I even thinking, sleeping around? I never thought about her reaction in case she showed up. I must be so stupid to think she will be okay with me cheating on her.Fuck! I never thought she would come in the form of a pretty seductive she-devil. She is dangerous and stubborn. Eva wants me to feel every bit of guilt that I am feeling right now. She is tempting me in every way. I can't believe she came wearing nothing inside the little robe after making me take a cold shower. Not again, please. "Who do you belong to, Vin?" She repeats her question and I sigh looking away. I am about to turn when she locks her legs around me and pulls me back to herself. Fuck, I am having a cold shower again. Eva moves to the edge of the stool until her bare pussy is in contact with my hardening dick and I groan clenching my jaw. Her body shivers when she slightly rubs her
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Chapter 7
Eva. I am not being hard on Vin. He brought this to himself and there is no way I will risk a relationship that will land me in major trouble. If I am to risk being with him, it should be worth the jeopardy Ivan will cause me when he finds out. "You left me, stupid" I hit Ethan's shoulder as I carefully get in his car. "You took ages and it was getting hot with Ty in there. You didn't text or call either. I guessed you were okay" What a wild excuse! A perfect definition of a so not caring friend. "Don't just assume things, Ethan, next time if it's the same workplace as your boyfriend, you won't tug along" I grumble tightening my seatbelt. "You are glowing this morning girl, tell me you got a dick" My friend playfully nudges my shoulder and I roll my eyes. I almost did. Damn! Vin is hot. I can ride on that hard body all day, all night and I will never get tired or bored. "You know that shit is not for me" I mumble trying to push away the corrupt thoughts in my head. I think I
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Chapter 8
Vin. After leaving her place earlier, I went straight to work because Dre had brought me clothes to change. I haven't been able to concentrate so far. I had to cancel all my meetings because my mind was stuck with Eva. Dre offered to talk to her and I let him go. It wasn't until I heard her crying that I realized Eva wasn't being stubborn, she is hurting. I tried to investigate her life after the orphanage but nothing came up. It's like she doesn't even exist. That's why I told Dre to bring her to me for a serious talk but apparently, she can't be seen with me. Something is wrong with Eva or somewhere. My assumption is true because the whole ride to her house, Eva remains quiet and just stares out of the window. I watch the girl hastily get out of the car immediately I pull over, and head straight to the house without a word. Left with no choice, I do the same. Taking a seat in her living room, I patiently wait for her when she goes to her room, assuming she went to change. Eva
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Chapter 9
Eva.I expectantly stare at Vin after uttering the dreaded name and he seems a bit shocked. Does he know him? Of course, he does. They both are in the dirty business, just different states. "Do you know him?" I whisper, staring into his grey bewitching eyes. This man is a dream come true. I still can't believe I am eventually in his arms after yearning for him for so long."Yes, and you don't have to worry about anything, I won't let anything happen to you" Vin mumbles tucking away my hair and I shake my head in worry."What if he hurts you? I will happily sacrifice my freedom rather than let anything happen to you, Vin. I can't get you in my shit" I vigorously shake my head dreading what Ivan will do to him if he found out. I have seen the man kill people. Being his favorite, he used to take me to his missions Every time Ivan was torturing someone I had to be present.He wanted to shape me into his perfect weapon. Sometimes I did wonder what he saw in me because I was the most frail
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Chapter 10
Eva."Baby, are you okay?" Vin turns around to face me and I will myself not to stare at his bare body. Does he always walk around the house without a shirt?"Yes," I mumble approaching him."Thank you for yesterday, Vin. I haven't slept that much for a long time" I whisper, staring at the stack of pancakes he just prepared. There are also two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice on the side."Me too, sweetheart" Vin kisses my head and I feel my face burning with a blush. "I finally found the missing piece of me" he whispers more to himself and I pretend I didn't hear him."You cook?" I quickly change the topic and he turns back to the stove with a smile. He looks cute."Yes. I promised a certain someone I would provide for every meal she wanted. Wouldn't it be impossible if I didn't know how to cook the meals?" Vin smirks and I smile sitting on one of the stools. I learned how to cook too. I love making my meals because it makes me feel less paranoid."How do you manage your compa
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