Angel You're Mine
Angel You're Mine
Author: Aspiring Raven



He created a wall to guard his heart but then he met her.

They were united by one crazy night; can they stop from falling for each other?

They both can't take their mind off each other; they both can't deny the attraction they have.

Will they stay together when the past holds him hostage?

This is a roller coaster story will give you one hell of a ride.

When can he finally stake his claim and say angel you’re mine...

Nicholai Alexander Frankford is one of the most eligible bachelors, CEO of a multi-billion corporation and one of the most powerful men in the country. At the age of 28 he manages his family's hotels all over the world. He also co-owns most of the night clubs with his best friends in New York. He is a notorious playboy, a devil in disguise. Women do everything to catch his attention, to marry to his family's wealth, too bad he is only interested in a quick fuck. He shows no emotions towards anyone. After Amanda no one was able to break through the wall he built around his heart.

Amanda was his first love. They decided to elope and get married in Vegas eight years ago but she never showed up. Her parents were against their relationship so they did everything to separate them. He did everything to prove to them his love for her was pure and true. They gave in eventually and allow them to be together. The day before the wedding he sneaked out with Amanda then everything changed. They got into a car accident and she died. He blamed himself, he wanted to die with her but life was too cruel and let him live. He then vowed never to let anyone get close. He vowed not to care for anyone else; until he saw her…

Cassandra Nicole Rockwell; a 21 year old waitress had her life all figured out; she would marry her boyfriend Jonathan next year and live happily ever after. Jonathan has been her boyfriend for a year now and she believes that he is the one she will spend the rest of her life with. How wrong could she be? Her heart was shattered to pieces when he saw him having sex with someone else. After everything that she did life showed her that she was a worthless piece of shit; someone easy to dispose and be replaced. She cannot help but cry her heart out.

Now here she is, alone and hurt so much for being Miss Goody two shoes. She recalled her best friend Gabby told her she needs to learn how to live. She needs to step out of her comfort zone and be bold. Stop the innocent angelic act that people enjoy pushing over. Well time to step up to the game. She changed into her sexiest outfit and went to a bar to drink her to oblivion. She can do this, she will get a one night stand and to hell with the right and wrong. She will figure things out the next day.


Nicholai stares at his bedroom ceiling then sigh. He cannot believe that he brought her home. She was a stranger for crying out loud, a very sexy and tempting stranger. He felt her settle her head on his bare chest and wrap her hands around his torso. He felt her bare legs climb on top of him. Funny how an innocent act from a sleeping drunk woman arouses him. No way can he sleep in this state but he cannot help but embrace her back. It felt so good having her next to me; it felt so right.

He must have fallen asleep for a couple of hours. But he got up soon as he can. Odd, he never fell asleep with anyone by his side. The last time he got to sleep with someone was with Amanda. And that was years ago. He immediately went to the comfort room to take a shower. He stayed in the shower for what felt like forever; the emotions that he had buried in the past where back and was haunting his morning. He cannot help but blame the woman that was now sleeping on his bed for causing these emotions to come back. Amanda was not a topic that he wanted to remember. He got her buried in the past eight years of his life. And the woman asleep on his bed, better not get on his bad side because he is not in the mood for any craziness.

Cassie finds it hard to open her eyes… She feels like being hit by a truck... And her head was throbbing; definitely this was a major hang over after getting so drunk last night. She opened her eyes slowly and tried to adjust with the brightness of her room...

Then it hit her...

Shit! Shit! Shit!

She was not in her room...

Where is she?

What the hell happened last night?

She looked around in shock. She was in a huge bedroom that was well furnished in all black and white. She stood up and checked her outfit...


She was only wearing a t-shirt. And by the looks of it, it has to be a man's shirt...

But whose?

This is so not her at all. She is a brilliant young girl. She is not the type that would go with someone she doesn't know. She is not someone who wakes up in a place she is not familiar with.

What the hell is wrong with her?

She started to panic and pace around the room. She tried to think on the things that happened last night...

She definitely was at loss. She remembered slapping her good for nothing boyfriend after catching him fucking the brains out of some bimbo. After which getting to a bar and getting drunk. Now she is in a very stupid situation. She started crying. Everything that made her drink last night came rushing back to her mind; but absolutely nothing to clear up how she ended up in this bedroom.

"Good you’re awake..."

Cassie was startled by the deep voice that called her out. She wiped her tears and looked at the person who spoke. Cassie cannot help but stare at the man that came out from the bathroom. She looked at the man from head to foot. She has never seen a man that looks this handsome before. Erase that... She has never seen a man before that looks like a Greek god. His body is muscular and evenly tanned. He has a six pack that was now covered with droplets of water making him so sexy; he looks like someone from a cosmopolitan magazine. She moved her eyes upwards to his face after realizing he was merely wearing a towel. She felt her face heat up and tried to look into his eyes. His eyes were so captivating in a perfect shade of jade-green. And lips that look so damn well to kiss.

"See anything you like?" He said smirking and staring deeply into her eyes.

Cassie tried to talk back but no words came out of her mouth, making the man in front of her laugh at her inconvenience.

"Close your mouth a little, angel. You might get stuck looking that way." He said after winking at her and walking towards a door probably his closet.

Then reality hits her.

Who the hell is this Greek god and most importantly what did he do to her.

"What are you doing?" Cassie asked nervously.

"Getting dressed." He said as he pulled out a white shirt and jeans from his closet. He looks at her as if she has grown two heads. He put on his jeans and shirt then started walking towards her direction.

Cassie started to panic and moved backwards then she hit the wall. She was scared and started trembling as the man approach her. She closed her eyes and tried to keep it shut until she felt his fingers touching her cheeks.

"Please...plea…" she whimpers. And her tears started falling.

"Angel, please don't cry. Tell me what's wrong?" He said trying to calm her.

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Bella Jersey
I think it’s fine Cassandra might step out of her comfort zone. The problem with this. 1 she steps out and her worst nightmare happens. 2 the person she meet likes no comfort zone Cassandra. To bad that’s not the real her
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
I’m back I don’t know how I would react if I was in accident with my boyfriend. Then to find out he’s dead and I’m not
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Can’t wait to see his reaction

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