Angel You're Mine

Angel You're Mine

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This is BOOK 1 for the TRILOGY: The Devil, the Mercenary & the SaintNicholai swear not to love again. His life was on auto pilot after Amanda, her first love died. Then faith played with him one crazy night, he met Cassie, a young beautiful angelic innocent girl. Now, he is in battle whether to keep his promise to his first love or break it to be with a woman he can't keep his hands and mind off with. He created a wall to guard his heart but then he met her. They were united by one crazy night, can they stop from falling to each other. Both can't take their mind from each other, both can't deny the attraction they have. Can they stay together when the past holds him hostage? This is a roller coaster story will give you one hell of a ride. When can he finally stake his claim and say angel you're mine.Book 1: Angel you're MineBook 2: Save MeBook 3: Broken Vows

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Introduction He created a wall to guard his heart but then he met her.They were united by one crazy night; can they stop from falling for each other?They both can't take their mind off each other; they both can't deny the attraction they have.Will th
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Some AssuranceNicholai’s POVI can't help but approach her. She looked so damn beautiful. I absolutely lost it last night. I can't believe it that I brought her to my home, to my most private space where no woman was allowed to step in except her, Amanda. But it might be the way she looked that made me bring her here. She looked so damn helpless. An angel lost in a world full of demons with nothing to save her but me.
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Lost in the MomentNicholai POVI can't help but smirk while drinking my coffee. That woman is definitely playing her part well or she really can't remember what happened last night. Well whatever it is, she won’t be getting any answers from me.It's payback time angel. Let the games begin... I am Nicholai Alexander Frankford nobody messes with me...
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Flirting with My AngelNicholai had no intention of going home alone. He planned to get drunk and pick up a girl to spend the night with. After a quick fuck he’d head to his best friend Jake's apartment, he could come and go as he pleased to his apartment.As he entered the bar his attention was caught by a beautiful woman staring at the bartender like she was debating whether to order a drink or leave. Then a man approached her and sat next to her. Probably her boyfriend...
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It's a Small World After AllNicholai POVI don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I can't do this. I can't take advantage of her. I gave in and told her the story. She looked too innocent to play with. But then again a little teasing won’t hurt. I just love seeing how raw and sincere her reactions are. "So when I walked out my room and saw you stripping, things happened and s
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Possessive MuchNicholai POVI don't know what came in to me. But I was unable to control myself. The moment she bit her lips, I just got to kiss her. She was so tempting and I'm a person that can easily be tempted. I mean she was willing and I'd be more than happy to comply. I know, I'm an idiot. Messing out with sexy angel. But at least I got to say good bye..
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ConfusedCassie POVWhen I step out my bedroom Gabby was sitting on the couch eating pizza while drinking beer. This is normal for her she loves beer and pizza. I sat beside her and grab a slice.It was already 8:00pm and she was still here which was odd. She was the bars' bartender and it's a Friday night. Not that she the only bartender in the bar but usually all three of them was present during weekends. We alwa
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Confused no more?Cassie POVNicholai captured my lips and laid me in bed. He lifted my skirt and removed my panties with his mouth while his hands caressed my legs. He made his way back to my core and I gasped when his tongue touched my core. I was moaning and screaming his name as his tongue and fingers worked its magic. I lost count of how many orgasms I had as he continued to explore every part of me with his mouth and hands. I also tried to explore his body but
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You Drive Me CrazyNicholai POVI finished my meeting with my clients earlier than expected. So here I am stuck in my apartment staring at the documents that I should be reading but her words kept on replaying on my head. "I still love him. I don't know what to do."Why do I care? The hell I can't be falling for her! I just met her. What is wrong with me?
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Decision TimeNicholai POVI wasn’t someone who would run after a girl. For crying out loud, I practically offered her what other women have been dying to have a night with me and she refused. It was obvious she like me. The way her body respond to my touch and how she kissed me back was enough proof.
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