Chapter 28

~I’m indeed Aurora but my prince charming ain’t after a kiss~

-Luna Svyatoyvich

Selena’s POV

“Whoa! All this problem Because of whoever Leo is?” I asked totally taken aback by the story.

I did not let him answer as I blasted him with another question.

“Why did you not explain to them, tell them you were not the killer?” I asked.

“They wouldn’t listen to me, all evidence was pointed at me and that was all they needed” my father answered.

“You would have tried reaching out to them to tell them the truth” I reasoned

“ I tried but they did not believe me and claimed I was making up stories” he explained

“Why didn’t you force, threaten or blackmail Leo into speaking the truth”

“Oh dear, I tried. The one time I attempted that, he almost used it as an escape from my gr

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