Till 21: Selena's Story

Till 21: Selena's Story

By:  Her Royal Elite-ness  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I am Giovanni Russo, Selena Jerome..Right?" He asked,stretching his hand for a handshake.I was so lost in his green eyes that carried so much darkness.His presence made all the hair in my body stand in perfect attention as I felt goosebumps, not in a good way though. Mostly, out of fear.His Aura felt evil as I shook his hands and said.."How do you know my name?""Because your father committed a grevious act against my family and I am the guy who destroys him by ending you..." Selena's Life changes in one night when her true identity as the lost black daughter of Russian's richest arm lord gets revealed without her knowledge, resulting into a threat against her life.Her identity was hidden for a reason... its because she was birthed unto .Be Warned: Matured Contents..

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nichelle watts
is this book finished?
2023-02-01 06:19:05
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Her Royal Elite-ness
Hoping to get your reviews soon. Kisses😘
2021-01-23 03:45:15
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Debbi Daugherty Acuña
very good read
2021-01-06 04:16:35
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Her Royal Elite-ness
Please tell me your thoughts on this book.
2020-10-29 21:41:03
29 Chapters
Part 1
                                  Her IdentityMy dear koya, Luna Svyatoyvich I wish I was a better father and hadn't birthed you to death.  I hope your identity stays hidden till you clock 21. I hope to be given a chance with you. It has been hell watching you grow from Afar. I hated missing all your firsts Your first step Your first giggle Your first smile Your first words Your first school day Your first date I never got a chance to play my father role like I wanted to. Its terribl
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Chapter 01
~The Pain is eating me up, there is no one to turn to ~ -Tolu Oni        I would be meeting up with a new friend I met on the messenger app, Flourish. Flourish said her boyfriend alongside a few of her friends would tag along. Sounds like it would be fun. I like fun. We agreed to meet at a new eatery which was officially opened a week ago. I stepped into the eatery and the sight of a girl on black braids, sitting on a round table with a few guys caught my attention and my guts told me that should be Flourish. I decided to give Flourish a phone call regardless and informed her that I was already at the eatery. Seems, I was right... It was the girl on black braids. She waved me over. So, I walked towards the group, ga
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Chapter 02
  ~I’m out here grasping the lines, holding unto a thread of my sanity~ -Tolu Oni     Let me fully introduce myself.. My full name is Selena Jerome, I prefer going by Lena and as you know already, I am 18 years old and live in Lagos, Nigeria. I won’t say my parents are extremely wealthy, they are trying enough to take care of I and my Sibling’s Education. They are actually Bakers. They own a local bakery. I wonder how they make so much money from their baking because, My secondary school fees was pretty expensive and the bakery didn’t look so much as a big deal. I don’t bother myself with that though. They provide me with all I need and that’s all that matters to me. It&rs
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Chapter 03
~Real Ass Bitch~ - Nicki Minaj    After spending over 5 hours shopping for all my school necessities, Betty and I headed to a restaurant for Late Lunch. "So, Any boyfriend yet?" I asked Betty, although I know she is still with Mike. "Please, that's a boring topic, you know Mike and I are still together" Betty replied with an eye roll "Oh... I forgot about him” I lied. "Liar!" "You are both just an unstable couple..."I said but she cut me off before I could continue. "I don't want to hear anything about Mike right now. Let's do something fun?" Betty asked. I feel like she is currently having issues with Mike..If she doesn't what to talk about it, I won't push it. "Fun, like?” I asked in excitement "
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Chapter 04
~I swear on my life I have been a good girl but tonight I don’t wanna be her~ - Camila Cabello    If I would want to have a quickie with a guy suitable to my taste in a strip club, I have to wear something seductive and that’s exactly what I am wearing.  A dress that shows my elegant features, not too revealing but Sexy. I won’t give you the features of the dress. Just imagine I am on a very sexy-ductive dress, if that’s even a word. I plan to get drunk tonight, so that I don’t remember anything, especially Jeremy’s text and the Q
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Chapter 05
~Oh! She’s sweet but a psycho~ -Ava Max      Ever felt powerful and in control? That’s how I felt when I climbed the stage. As I moved my body in a sexually teasing manner. I couldn’t help but see how vulnerable the men watching us were. How everything I did aroused them. How the world felt like it was moving in slow motion As I saw them take in deep breaths And I can tell that they were imagining things they could do to us sexually but couldn’t. It made me feel powerful and good in a wicked way. So, I danced more sexually as I stripped out of my dress. Swinging my jacket off for starters and then taking my dress off. Being left with m
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Chapter 06
 ~You make me furious jealous but I still stay... What have you done to me?~-Anonymous     "How come Mike is at the strip club?" I asked Betty as we sat at a discretive place in the club. "Like I said, this ain't my first time here" Betty replied "You invited him over?" I asked because I'm really curious to know how Mike is at this strip club "No, can you pls stop asking me questions about Mike? Let's find the guy you would be having a quickie with" Betty replied looking annoyed "Why are you angry?" I asked "I'm not" Betty replied, faking a smile. "Betty, I'm your friend and you know, you can talk to me right?" I asked. "Yes, I know... I'm just not in the mood to talk about it right now, so please can we just have fun tonight and forget
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Chapter 07
  ~Your energy caught my attention~ -Anonymous     “Wanna fuck me?” I repeated what I said a few seconds back and I would swear he got taken aback before he maintained his cool exterior. “Urhm.. Erh… Orhm.. Shit! What am I even saying?” The hottie said as he tried making a coherent sentence and I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. He clears his throat and I look back up at him “Hope you are not trying to play pranks on me, because I would definitely want to have sex with you if given the chance” He said. “Then… We are good” I said as I gripped his hands and dragged him along towards Betty & Mike. Guess what? They are kissing right now… I cleared my throat and they broke fre
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Chapter 08
~Don’t play dumb with me~ -Drake      Oh my sweet Christ?! “What do you mean you had no condom on?!” I asked. “I’m sorry, I forgot. I got so caught in the moment” “You forgot? I Could get pregnant for God’s sake. Don’t you see how bad the situation is? It’s a damn Strip Club, every guy probably comes here with a condom.” “I’m sorry… We would figure this out.” Shawn said, obviously looking distraught and I couldn’t continue with the act anymore as I laughed at how miserable he looked. When I laughed he looked up at me with an uncertainty. “Why are you laughing?” He asked and I laughed again Composed myself And clea
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Chapter 09
~Play a sucker to get a sucker~-Robert Greene    You were a good fuck too and that’s why I said I miss you. That was my response to Jeremy’s text.  In as much as I hated typing that, I need my plan to work excellently, the best way I can get to him is to be close to him, even if it sucks! You would ask why? I don’t want to give you the spoilers but, I am going to leave you with this words I got from Watching ‘The Outcasts’ a movie that Victoria Justice Starred in…”Play a Sucker to get a Sucker” (Am smirking right now) 
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