Chapter 04

~I swear on my life I have been a good girl but tonight I don’t wanna be her~ 

- Camila Cabello

If I would want to have a quickie with a guy suitable to my taste in a strip club, I have to wear something seductive and that’s exactly what I am wearing. 

A dress that shows my elegant features, not too revealing but Sexy. I won’t give you the features of the dress.

Just imagine I am on a very sexy-ductive dress, if that’s even a word.

I plan to get drunk tonight, so that I don’t remember anything, especially Jeremy’s text and the Quickie I would be having tonight.

I am just going to have fun tonight without a care in the world and Crash at Betty’s place after. 

I already informed my parents that I won’t be coming back home tonight. 

I am an Adult now, not a stupid or dumb 17 year old. Plus I can take care of myself, they didn’t look too happy when I said that, not exempting my choice of outfit too but I honestly don’t care what they think of me anymore, in fact I don’t care what anyone thinks of me.

Before, I left I wore a denim jacket on my dress to cover up the ‘too much skin’ that the dress displayed, for my sake and for my parents to stop disturbing me about proper dressing.

When I made a move to leave, they said I should be safe and not get pregnant. 

Very funny

Arriving the strip club, which was weird for me because, 99% of the people in here are men.

I was trying to find Betty, who wasn’t picking her calls… Only to get a text from her stating:

Hope you are at the club cos I would be going on stage in the next 30minutes, enjoy yourself and don’t you dare have a quickie without notifying me, I have to make sure you adhere to your dare like I would. So your quickie comes after my dancing and I am off stage.. Got it?

.. Today is so going to be fun but I hate you for making me do this..


I chuckled and texted back:

You could give me another 10k and then, you don’t have to strip dance.. Yikes! I can’t wait to see you fool yourself on stage.. Yes, you are right tonight is going to be fun. Or you can take back your words on me having a quickie, then you don’t have to strip..

After replying her text, I headed to the bar area to take a can of black bullet, I hope it gets me drunk enough, I have a feeling Betty won’t take back her words on me having a quickie.

Few minutes later, Betty replied:

Nice try…. Never!

You are having that damn quickie, I don’t mind strip dancing… Its not even my first time btw


Did I read that right?

This isn’t her first time strip dancing?

Why am I not surprised?

Its Betty that’s why.

Time seems to run slow as I downed my third can of black bullet and I felt a bit dizzy

Then it happened, Betty’s name was announced, of course not her real name.

She went by the name ‘Miketty’ which is her name + Mike’s name merged together, that girl is so love struck and she doesn’t want to admit it. 

The announcer pronounced it as My-Kitty.

Totally expected, I’m not surprised.

I moved closer to the stage just as the song “My Oh My” by Camila Cabello Blasted the speaker.

Damn! That’s my fav. Song.

The Curtain opened and revealed Betty as she laid on a single bed dressed in rose-like sheets.

Resting her head on one hand and the other tapping her curvy hip.

You could hear whistles from the guys as they drooled over the sight.

Betty was putting on a very hot lingerie with a little touch of feathers, just have it in mind that she was on a hot lingerie, that’s all I have to say, I am not good at making descriptions.

I picked up my phone to make a video record, 30 seconds into the recording, my phone was snatched from behind me, so I turned over to meet the gaze of the annoying, stupid… Urhm… Wait… This guy is a hot shit!

Look at those physique, those arms that makes his sleeved up white shirt look good and so fit on him. A few buttons are undone and you can notice his well defined upper body. 

When did black eyes become such a thrill? 

Deep Set eyes that could make you drown into all the stories it tries to hide.

He looks pretty tall because I’m noticing how my head are tilted upwards as I stare at this Chocolate skinned delicacy of a man.

Hold on!

Selena, don’t Drool…

You are meant to be pissed off right now!


Fuck it!

Snap out of this!

“Give me my phone!” I said with little to no authority laced in my tone.

I cleared my throat and shook off whatever the fuck just happened as I regained my sense and remembered why I was mad at this guy.

I angrily stomped my feet on the floor as I pointed and gesticulated while I spoke

“GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE! What makes you think you can snatch my phone for God Knows why!? Huh? Because you are obviously not a thief, since thieves run after stealing.  I would kick your groins if you don’t return my phone this instant!” I am sure I was pretty loud but fortunately or unfortunately this place is louder than my voice!

Stupid strip club!


Is this guy seriously smirking at me, right now?

Can you believe this guy just smirked? 

Did he not hear a word I just said?

Why does he look so dashing with how his lips are slightly crooked.

And did he just lick his lips?

Now his lips are wet?

Imagine what does wet lips could do to my wet pu…

Fuck it!

Where is my drink? 

I don’t want to think clearly since I am just seeing everything about this guy to be hot!

Why does he make my sexual thoughts go all cray cray.

I only took 3 can of black bulle…


Is he walking towards me?

He kept walking closer 

And closer 

And closer to me

And when we were just a few inches apart, he stared right into my eyes, arched a little down to my petite height, obviously towering over me and tilted his head as he brought his lips to my…


And whispered with the most gruff manly voice I have ever heard.

“Here, have your phone but its against the rules of this club to video record a stripper. You should thank me because, if you had gotten caught, things would have gotten pretty messy for you.” He handed me my phone and left.

What the hell just happened.

My mind is all in a frenzy as I could still sniff the woodsy smell of his cologne.

I felt knocked out a few moments back.

Power and Authority screamed as his aura as I watched him walk gallantly and authoritatively towards two well built men who ushered him towards  what I think was the VIP section. 

The VIP section had a good view of the stage. I notice his eyes shift towards my direction, in order not to sense that I was previously drooling over him, I quickly turned back to face the stage.

It seems the song was coming to an end.

Betty starts crawling sexily towards me and uses her fingers to invite me on stage just as ‘Sweet But Psycho’ by Ava Max blasted the speakers…


I love this song 




She wants me to strip dance with her?... 

No way! 

Do stuffs like this happen here? It seems everyone was now pressurizing me into going on stage with her but no one was actually doing that.

I don’t succumb to pressure but I really felt like going on that stage to have the best time of my night, strip dancing with my friend, which sounds like Fun.

Evil people Strip!

I like being evil.

It would be good for my evil – genie resumee.

Yes, I know there is no such thing as an evil – genie resume but I don’t care.

It seemed like I had a sudden adrenaline rush.

As I climbed the damn stage!

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