Chapter 05

~Oh! She’s sweet but a psycho~

-Ava Max

Ever felt powerful and in control?

That’s how I felt when I climbed the stage.

As I moved my body in a sexually teasing manner.

I couldn’t help but see how vulnerable the men watching us were.

How everything I did aroused them.

How the world felt like it was moving in slow motion

As I saw them take in deep breaths

And I can tell that they were imagining things they could do to us sexually but couldn’t.

It made me feel powerful and good in a wicked way.

So, I danced more sexually as I stripped out of my dress.

Swinging my jacket off for starters and then taking my dress off.

Being left with my matching lingerie and heels, I walked to the pole and danced as sexually as I could, feeling the cold metal of the pole hit my warm skin.

My Skin felt alive as I could feel my pussy wrench in arousal.

I imagined the pole to be the guy I just met a few moments ago.

That’s when my eyes suddenly felt captured in his black deep set eyes.

My eyes stayed stuck on him like I was in a daze.

“She is messing with your head”

I noticed his Adam’s apple gulp as he looked at me but with a cool exterior.

I gripped the pole tightly as I wrapped my two legs around it

Feeling the chilly sensation it sent to my body as the metal hit my middle organ.

My eyes still caged on his.

I slowly slouched down the pole, my middle organ stuck on the metallic pole, building a sexual urge between my leg as I breathed slowly and then biting my lower lips for the sweet sensation the pole served me.

I fucking loved the feeling and I bit my lower lips harder as I imagined the pole to be him.

My eyes stayed on him all the same.

I think I found who I would be having a quickie with after all.

The feeding of sexual arousals from the crowd was maddening and that’s when I saw Mike staring intently at Betty and it was at that moment Betty looked at me and followed my gaze, oh no! Betty is in deep shit.

I saw the smug look on Betty as she continued her strip dancing like nothing just happened.

Rather, she was looking at Mike with a smirk.

I will never understand this girl.

I thought she would be upset but then again, I shouldn’t stress myself over her love life while on stage.

I continued dancing, this time, moving to the tempo of the music and swaying my hips as I swung my waist length braided hair, did a squat dance, laid on the floor and did a tumble with a spread leg.

I heard whistles

I kept dancing

Feeling the music and being seductive at the same time.

I loved this feeling

I loved this song

When the song was coming to an End

“we, both kind of crazy…”

I stared back at the guy from earlier

“ .. She’s poison but tasty”

I noticed him take in another deep breath when my eyes were back on him

  I smirked at him as I evilly and seductively crawled closer to him

“Run, don’t walk away…”

He looked at me like he was in a trance and licked his lips taking another deep breath, trying really hard to maintain his cool exterior.

“She is sweet but a psycho….”

The lyrics was what I was at that moment.

I gave a last eye-fuck to him as I stood up from my crawling position and walked out of the stage, licking my lips. It felt chapped all of a sudden and that’s when I observed how much money was on stage, I couldn’t count but its sure much, tons of thousands…

I noticed the Hottie was actually in the middle of two built men, looking like security who were spraying lots of cash on the stage as the hottie just kept staring at me when I gave a final look at him and walked to the backstage.

“Wow! Wasn’t that fun?” Betty exclaimed as she saw me walking towards the backstage

“Totally fun to be honest, I think I make a good stripper” I joked

“Now, you see why I told you this isn’t my first time, it pisses Mike off! Don’t worry, he won’t get angry for long… Am sure, he wants to fuck me now” Betty said with a wink and snicker.

“You are really Psycho, Ava Max did a good thing at singing this song, your full description” I teased.

“Yup, Sweet but a Psycho, remember that and hey! Don’t think I didn’t see you staring at someone” Betty nudged me teasingly as a man came in to give us our clothes.

“That was a very amazing performance, we made lot of cash from it.. What do you think of getting employed here?” The Man asked

“ I told you I don’t strip dance for Money, its fun but thank you I don’t need the job” Betty replied

“Sorry, I was not referring to you, Betty.. I remember you declining endlessly and am fine with it. I was talking to your friend here.. What’s your name, sweetie?” The man asked me with a smile that displayed his perfect set of teeth and dimples, don’t get me wrong but he looks yummy!

“Selena, what’s yours?” I asked.

“I am Mr. LaMide, the Manager of Club 99. One of the best clubs in Lagos… Yup this club” He replied with a smile as he extended his hand for a handshake.

“Oh! The Club is really lit. But as Betty said, we did the strip dance for fun and we are glad we made your club earn more cash. I’m sorry, but I sweetly decline your offer” I replied

“Fine, I won’t stress over the issue, but do come over more often to have fun at our club, all you have to do is give us a call. Here is my card. I would take my leave now, Have a fantastic night” He said as he gave me his business card and left.

“So, as I was saying, the guy, you kept staring at, are you going to go have that quickie now or what?” Betty asked as she put on her dress

“ I’m still having a quickie after strip dancing?”

“I did not force you to, I only invited you over and you accepted. Besides I did not dare you to strip dance, from what I remember I dared you to have a quickie with the bar man at the restaurant but you objected and asked to have a quickie with…”Betty just kept rambling and I had to shut her up.

"Fine, I would go and find a guy" I said with an eye roll while I put on my jacket.. I already wore my dress and so did Betty.

"I would advice you to remove the jacket, you look more seductive without it” Betty said.

So, I took Off the jacket and held it as we both walked back into the club.

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