Chapter 06

~You make me furious jealous but I still stay... What have you done to me?~


"How come Mike is at the strip club?" I asked Betty as we sat at a discretive place in the club.

"Like I said, this ain't my first time here" Betty replied

"You invited him over?" I asked because I'm really curious to know how Mike is at this strip club

"No, can you pls stop asking me questions about Mike? Let's find the guy you would be having a quickie with" Betty replied looking annoyed

"Why are you angry?" I asked

"I'm not" Betty replied, faking a smile.

"Betty, I'm your friend and you know, you can talk to me right?" I asked.

"Yes, I know... I'm just not in the mood to talk about it right now, so please can we just have fun tonight and forget about Mike?" She asked and I could see the plea in her face so I let it go... For now

"Okay, let's go get drunk!"

"Then, how do we get back home if we are drunk?" Betty asked with a chuckle as she starts walking into the main part of the club.

"Use a damn Uber or crash at your car" I replied as I walked to catch up with her

"We would have guys approaching us all the time because we just stripped"Betty pointed out.

"That's what makes it more fun and right! we shouldn't drink to get drunk " I reasoned.

"Alright yo! Let's have some fun" Betty said and we arrived the bar segment of the club...

"eeeww! No! I can't have a quickie with him... What's he like? ...45?" I said with a disgusted look as Betty suggested I had a quickie with a total Weirdo and probably someone's dad! I'm not into the Sugar- Daddy thing... Sorry but that's just gross.

"jeez! I wish I added that I had to choose the guy you would have a quickie with when I dared you earlier" Betty said as she emptied her Drink.

"I think God loves me... Because he saved me from your wrath" I said, honestly and just about then... 

Mike showed up

"Just go away Mike"Betty purred.

"I told you to stop coming to this damn Strip club just to blow off steam... If you have a problem with me, you should talk to me about it. I'm so tired of this endless circle of you getting mad, ditch our talking-things-over date and come to a damn strip club!" Mike said with fury.

"How about you stop making me mad!"Betty barked back

"I'm sorry, okay? Its not my fault my neighbor decides to stroll to my apartment with just a freaking towel and nothing underneath!" Mike raised his voice

"I told you to move out of that apartment, That bitch wants to fuck you and I can't help but think she might succeed soon!"Betty yelled while her voice wavered

"Its Just 2 months left and my rent there gets expired. I promise you I would move out ... Just...    please let's stop fighting" Mike said as he looked into Betty's eyes while cupping her chin

" I hate that bitch... What's even her name?" Betty asked with a glint of teary eyes

"Julian..?" Mike replied and Betty Snaps again.

"You even know her name?! I can't believe you!"Betty asked with as her  eyes popped.

"She is my neighbor.. ?" Mike looks confused, probably wondering why she is angry.

"Please, leave Mike, Its Selena and Betty's Night tonight, not Mike & Betty. So please, we are having a fun-drunk girls night. so... leave!" Betty said facing the opposite direction

"And you expect me to leave with a peace of mind? You don't do girls night at a strip club plus you plan on getting drunk too?" Mike asked with as his hands dropped on the counter.

"Yeah, that was the plan..and if you would excuse us... The Night is still young and we have plans for it"Betty said,looking everywhere else but Mike's face.

"You are so difficult and I'm getting tired of this endless fights... "Mike said,as he palmed his face Looking like he was trying so hard not to cry.

I think I should walk out of this conversation. Its getting pretty steamy and I feel odd.

So, I walked away. Leaving Mike & Betty to handle their relationship fight and while I had it all over in my head that I was having a smooth back-walk  'unnoticeable' escape. I bumped right into someone... Oops!

When I turned back to see who I bumped into, I was met with the eyes of the Hottie from earlier..

"Oh, You.." I said with a little or no excitement in my words.

"Yeah, You.. Hiding from someone"he asked amusingly

"Nope,just trying to escape a relationship fight from two dummies,who should just fuck themselves already" I said with an eye roll.

I noticed how stunned he was from what I said.

"Oh... I Wasn't expecting you to say that. Maybe I should introduce myself ? I would love to make your acquaintance. A proper one, this time. "He said and thats when I realised the quickie dare, I cant pay Betty her 10k, when she doesn't even need it...  And having a quickie with this hottie won't be so bad.. No scratch that.. Having a quickie with this hottie would be hella hot! So I voiced out my thoughts without thinking...

"Wanna fuck me?"

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Jennifer Miller
This is horrible writing.

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