Forgetting you

“”No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. 1corinthians 10vs13””

Harry's POV

It has been seven months since that tragedy strucked and it has been seven months since my life was normal. Lost three precious gems on the same day and I know just how my patient’s family feels and I feel way worse than that.

I woke up in the ICU two weeks after that accident, I tried opening my eyes but it was not possible and I noticed that something was wound up around it. I tried prying the bondage off my face when my mother’s hand stopped me from doing that and told me to wait for the doctors. I tried explaining to her that I feltuncomfortable with it but she was just as stubborn as I was.

My colleagues and friends were all there beside me trying to get to me and help me through that dark moment, but nothing worked, not even the whimpering of my mother every night or the elevating talks of my pastor as he used to say.

The first thing I did when I woke up was to ask for my family and they told me they were fine. Fine, and yet I couldn't see them for two days straight up. Today is the day when I'll finally get to see my family, I'm leaving the intensive care unit to a normal Ward and I'll get to see Ava and Ken.

“How do you feel Harry?” One of the doctors in charge asked.

“I'm good except for this bandage round my face. I can't wait for it to be removed so I'll see my family” I was excited at the fact that I was going to see my family and that allowed me to push back the discomfort I get from this bandage around my face that had been there since I woke up.

“Okay, that's good news from you though” he replied. “So, Harry, I'm really sorry but I have good news and bad news about your eyes”

My heart almost stopped at that but I had to summon up the courage for my family.

“Which one first?, Good news or bad news?”

“Give me the bad news first”

“Okay, from the accident, shreds of glass entered your eyes and that is really bad. I'm sorry Harry, you've lost your vision”

Swallowing hard, I replied “what's the good news?”

“The good news is that, your vision is not completely gone, but maybe around 60 something percent of it. We'll be able to confirm that when you go for a proper test and that will be now. After that, we'll transfer you to a normal Ward and you'll get to go home few days after that” he explained and I responded.

I was taken to another room not without the help of my mother, the bandage was taken off and I was told not to open my eyes till I was taken to the front of a small optical machine that was used to perform several tests.

“We'll get back to you about the result but till then you should stay around. We all are praying for a good result for you. You'll be fine Harry” the doctor promised after placing the bandage back on my face.

“So, can I get to see Ava and Ken now? Even if I can't see them with my eyes, at least, I want to hear their voices” My mother was silent for a while

“Mom, is everything okay? Are you there?” I asked

“I'm here son; we'll talk about Ava and Ken later. Let's just focus on your health right now”

“Do you want me to remove this bandage and start screaming for my wife and daughter before someone bring them to me?, Is it until I turn this hospital upside down before you let me know where my wife and daughter is?” I raged.

“You need to calm down, Harry”

“Excuse me for a second there, calm down?. Who are you to even tell me to calm down?, I asked who are you?” I screamed

“I'm Felix, your sister's fiancé” he replied

“Whatever, I want to see my wife and daughter, where are they?, Do you want me to go find them myself?”

“You have to calm down and listen to me Harry. It's only if you calm down that we'll be able to explain everything to you”

“Okay, I'm calm. So please explain to me and I'll really be grateful for that” I said with my heart beating really fast.

“About your daughter, Ken, she really was a fighter. She fought well, I swear for a one year old child, she really did. She fought for more than five days but the wounds were too much for a toddler, we were all there when it happened and we prayed for her. I'm sorry Harry, Ken is gone”

I shaked my head in disbelief of what I just heard. This can't be happening. My baby just can't die like that, she's too small for all that. She's too small.

I was screaming and I was the only person who could hear it, it was all in my head. Life is so pathetic, no, it's my life that's pathetic.


“What about Ava?, Where is she?”

I asked amidst tears, the same tears that was been soaked away by the bandages even before they could reach my eyes.

“She was still alive about an hour ago, she was in coma just like you were but she never woke up. She surrendered to her creator an hour ago. She was a fighter too Harry. They might be two tiny creatures but they are the most beautiful and strongest too. I know heaven is really glad to receive them back home” it was my mother who responded this time around. The way she sounded, she was crying too.

Ever since I became a neurosurgeon, all I did was deliver bad and good news to my patients and their family, I never knew it could be my turn someday.

“Life is so unfair, it is so unfair” I could feel my mother's hand around me, hugging me tightly and telling me everything will be fine.

“I want to see Ava, just let me touch her, I want her to know I care a lot about her. I want to apologize to her for everything” I kept ranting on and on about everything that my head could think of and when I realized that no one was ready to hera me out, I yanked the syringe off my hand and forced myself to stand up from the wheelchair, even though I couldn’t walk properly. My mother was wailing loudly, begging me to stop, but I didn’t listen to her, because now, nothing else matters. Nothing!

Maybe if I had prayed that day, what if I didn’t pick up the call, what if I had listened to Ava and dropped the phone, what if, what if. I couldn’t move further as two people pinned me to the floor as I struggled to get away from them.

“Leave me alone, let me go. I want to die, just please” I said through tears as I felt a sharp pain on my hand and before I knew it. I was surrounded yet again by darkness.

After I woke up and realized that I didn’t die, I looked up to God, the only one left for me now, the one I ignored through those years and a bible verse came to my head.

I just couldn’t believe that happened to me and in my darkest hour, I cried out to God for my girls to give them peace and eternal rest. As for me, I can’t carry the burden that he gave to me.

I didn't wait at the hospital after that, I went home and sat on a spot for more than three days with nothing than hope that my girls will come back to me but none of it happened.

My remaining family which includes my mother, sister and her fiance insisted that I stay in town so the doctors will be able to take good care of me but I insisted on going back to the countryside with my mother.

I don't want to see the world without my girls and now that they're gone, I don't have any reason to be there anymore. I don't even want my eyesight back.

Their funeral was organized by my mom and I sat down there listening to the priest's sermon and at that moment, I wanted my vision back for a few minutes so I'll see my family again but one part of me is grateful that the wish was not granted. I would have lost my sanity if I saw them like that, lying there like a piece of wood. As I stood on the podium to deliver my speech, I wish all this will be a dream.

As the light travel far to brighten the day, so does my love travel far to bring you back

The morning breeze told me it was dawn, the sunlight reminded me that you were gone

As far as the light could go, so far will my wishes

To you my love, is a farewell

I couldn’t bring myself to read the remaining part of the speech when I turned my face up to make a wish

Bring them back, please. My mother took me away from the podium as Veronica took over.

My bandage was removed few days after and I was allowed to open my eyes to nothing, all I can see is just faint light , nothing more, nothing less.

It's been four months since their death and yet nothing has changed, our plans for Christmas will never come to pass because they're no longer here to fufill those plans and wishes with me.

It's been four months since I last saw my girls and it's been four months that I cry in secret every night because I miss them and tonight is one of those nights.

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