Beautiful Faults

Beautiful Faults

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(First Part Completed✅)When renowned gynecologist, Harry O’Neil, was involved in an accident that took away the best of things that mattered most to him, he willed himself away from light. When June Sandler moved to the big city, she had big dreams, but when she returned to their small town five years later, she returned as a shadow of her old self, only with a certificate and nightmare that haunts her both day and night.These two brilliant yet scarred souls were brought together by fate when June was hired to nurse Harry.How can one heal the other when they both need healing?Can two wrongs make a right?Will these two ever have a place among the stars?”

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I will rate this book 5 stars
2021-05-28 03:22:19
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Monique Gomez-Tromp
Dear author, I am a huge fan of Damon and decided to read your other stories as well. The first one that got my attention was this one. Totally different than most stories I read and I really do hope that you will keep writing and finish this. You are talented and this story needs to be written.
2021-02-11 09:26:54
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Shefali Salgaonkar
lovely enjoying reading this novel keep it up author!
2020-11-02 19:34:37
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Shefali Salgaonkar
But now have lost hopes to see the futher chapters
2020-11-27 02:13:53
user avatar
Shefali Salgaonkar
lovely I am waiting eagerly for the next chapters atleast 2 chapters daily please
2020-11-04 02:45:15
38 Chapters
Author’s Note
Hey you, thank you so much for giving this book a shot, you won’t regret it I promise. This book was written when I needed the light and I stopped writing it when I saw that light. There are moments when we feel like giving up and just not moving on, but one things that’s certain is us believing in ourselves.Important NoticeThis book will be updated every week with three chapters each on Sunday/Monday, Wednesday and on Friday. In case of any different day, I’ll  inform you of every updates. Kindly follow me, comment, love and share this book if you love it. 
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Everything has changed
Seven months agoHarry’s POVThe darkness was moving closer; crawling, running or flying, I couldn’t say, as it didn’t stop coming after me no matter how much I run. Next thing I know, I found myself on the ground as my right foot got trapped in a hole and even though I tried getting up and running, I still couldn’t move an inch. My heart was beating really fast.As I looked up, I saw the darkness was near and before I could scream, the darkness consumed me.I jerked away from my position and looked around me to note my surrounding, then it clicked, I was in my office.What just happened! I rarely had dreams and any time I do, it was always a m
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Forgetting you
 “”No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. 1corinthians 10vs13””
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Summer As June
Harry’s POV“I still insist on getting you a nurse. No matter what you say, you're getting a nurse” Veronica, who happens to be my nightmare of a sister, had been on this issue ever since I moved here. She is always on my neck about this nurse issue and I don't want that type of life where someone is always at your back, watching your every step. “I’m not handicap; I’m capable of doing things on my own. You need to stop. You’re beginning to annoy and frustrate me” I used my walking stick to hit the table so as to let them know how serious I was about the issue. Even mom is a part of this, to an extent that she came to my room one morning and started crying just for me to get a nurse. Seriously! It’s not even up to that for Christ sake. Now that I was hoping I’ll have a nurse talk free day, Veronica started hers. “If not that you're part
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In the beginning
June's POV Today is the first day I'll be working as a nurse for my friend's brother. Harry is not a total stranger as I knew him back from high school days and he was one of the popular boys who were also lucky to have a brain up there, but the issue is we never had a one on one conversation except for the day he dragged me into the janitor’s closet and threatened me that I should leave his sister alone. I was petrified and after that I stopped being close to Veronica, just hi and hey all the times. The big problem was I had a crush on him back then. After high school, I moved out from our hometown and went to a nursing school in Washington DC. Few years back, my major plan was to finish school and proceed to Medical school and become a doctor but guess what, shit happened and I just couldn’t move on, I was like a storm water. It's a memory that I don't want to go back to. “Hey Ronic, what's up?”
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The trip to Alaska
June’s POV“You need to go out more, Harry. You just can’t keep hiding inside forever, the weather is so nice and you can’t afford to waste such a good day indoor” This is actually the tenth time I’ll be asking Harry to go out and stop staying indoor all day with me reading him boring books like medical books. Even though those books might end up being helpful to me, that’s if I decide to go back to medical school.  I still find those books boring. “I already told you that I don’t want to go out, what will I do outside? I can’t even see clearly. It’ll only be a waste of time, my precious time at that” That has always been his answer every time I ask him to go out. My persistent nagging about this issue is due to the fact that his mother and Veronica kept asking me to take him out. Even if they both failed at it, they still wanted me to do it.“It’s going to be fun, and
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Memory lane
June’s PovSEVEN YEARS AGOThe ride from my home at the countryside to the city was far and stressful but the happiness and joy that ran through me was like an electric shock didn’t make me feel the stress I was going through. I was happy because I was free, free from that hole that we call a town and I was ready to mingle with the city girls but I was scared that I might get labeled as a country side pumpkin. I was seventeen and I was finally fulfilling my dad’s wishes of going to college in D.C to study nursing, my love for the profession was fueled by my dad’s passion for it. According to my mom, he was not able to become one himself because of his financial incapability at the time, so he retorted to learning car repairs and everything automobile and right before he died, he owned the biggest automobile store in the whole town and since he was a thoughtful husband and father, he had prepared the future for us, making sure that w
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Hold on, the ride will be rough
HARRY’S POVThe atmosphere that morning was as bright as the sun and as I stood up to draw the curtains so some lights could come in, Ava pulled me back to the bed and stopped me form opening the curtains.“Let us stay in bed for a while, I missed you so much and thank you for taking us to that amusement park last night. It was totally amazing” I smiled weirdly trying to process what she had just said. I thought… I paused and looked over at her. She was smiling at me. “Where’s Ken?” I asked her and there by then, Ken started giggling from her crib that was beside ours. Ava is the paranoid type who believed something would happen to Ken if she’s in a separate room, so we just put her there in our room.I walked up to her tiny bed to pick her up and brought her over to our bed. “I missed you guys so much, I swear to never let anything take you both away from me again” I kissed their forehead
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Chapter Title: STUBBORN: AFFIRMED, DELIVERED BUT NOT ACCEPTED)June’s Pov“You guys forced me to get a nurse, you forced me to go out yesterday and you still want to force me to go to the city to see a doctor. Can’t I make a decision on my own in this place? I might be blind but my brain cells are working perfectly. You people should let me make my own decision. I’m not going anywhere and that is final” Never in my life have I seen Harry this angry about something and to say I’m surprised is an understatement. I folded my hands just below my chest looking at him screaming his lungs out as if I’m not the only person he’s talking to right now and seeing it like this is really not a good sight.“Harry, maybe you need me to remind you that I’m the only person here right now” humor. It sure wasn’t affecting him. I had asked about what the phone call was all about and after ten minutes of asking o
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A bit of it
Harry’s Pov“Where did you run off to” June had walked out after my mom came into the room to convince me about going on that trip to the city. She had managed to change my mind and get me to go for the test.“Nowhere, I was just in the shop having a little chat with one of the customers who refused to be different from any other person in this town and asked me about my husband and kid. Can they just get to their own business and leave me the hell alone?” she was angry and I know laughing now will only make her angrier so I decided to hold it in.“I would’ve laughed right now but not been able to see your face is the control key. Just relax, June, they’re just trying to get on your nerves and you can’t let them be successful with that”“I’ll try” I nodded and smiled at the fact that I was able to calm her down with what I said. Its June anyway, you can calm her down with anythi
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