Hold on, the ride will be rough


The atmosphere that morning was as bright as the sun and as I stood up to draw the curtains so some lights could come in, Ava pulled me back to the bed and stopped me form opening the curtains.

“Let us stay in bed for a while, I missed you so much and thank you for taking us to that amusement park last night. It was totally amazing” I smiled weirdly trying to process what she had just said. I thought… I paused and looked over at her. She was smiling at me. “Where’s Ken?” I asked her and there by then, Ken started giggling from her crib that was beside ours. Ava is the paranoid type who believed something would happen to Ken if she’s in a separate room, so we just put her there in our room.

I walked up to her tiny bed to pick her up and brought her over to our bed. 

“I missed you guys so much, I swear to never let anything take you both away from me again” I kissed their foreheads in turn without missing the questioning look on Ava’s face.

“What are you talking about, Harry?” she questioned with an eyebrow raised and I smiled at her before narrating the weird dream I had to her.

“I dreamt that we were in a car, actually, I came from work the way I did yesterday to pick you guys up for a surprise and on the way, we had an accident that claimed my sight and both of your lives. But seeing you both now brought more than joy and peace to my heart to see that you’re both fine and I’m here with you guys. I love you and please don’t leave me” she brought her hand to my face to wipe the tear that had managed to escape before whispering.

“We’ll never leave you, we’ll always be there with you and even when you think we’re not, just breath in and say my name, I’ll never leave you Harry and I’m sorry it had to be that way” I was about asking her to explain to me when a blinding light came in through the window and before I could say anything, I watch as Ava with Ken in her arms walk through the light and then she turned and waved at me, telling me to always remember them. 

“NO!” I screamed out loud and then I felt my body being jerked up and when I opened my eyes, It was blur, it was darkness and I knew a face was above mine, but I couldn’t make out the owner of the face.

“Are you okay, Harry?” once she spoke, I regained my memory and realized that I had only being dreaming. The past events all came back to me and before I knew it, I was hurled up against the toilet throwing up my lunch as if it was garbage, as tears dropped from my eyes from the burning sensation in my throat.

“You’ve got this Harry, you’ll be fine” 

“Thanks June, I’m grateful” June has been with me for the past few days and I’m glad for all the help she has rendered. She had managed to make me go to the beach and attend a recital with her which I found out was totally amazing.

“Are you sure you’re okay now? Or do you need me to get you anything?” she asked

“No, I don’t need anything, I’m good” I replied and gestured for her to sit down back. We had sat together on the couch when she was reading a story by Nicholas Sparks “A walk to remember” before I slept off.

“Do you usually have sleep paralysis?” she asked and I shake my head as a negative response

“It only started few months ago and it doesn’t happen always, just once in a while” I replied 

“Okay” she said almost in a whisper.

The silence that lingered on for a while between us was deafening and knowing June, she still has a lot of questions that she wants to ask, but she doesn’t want to at the same time. I always wanted to ask her why a nurse in a big city will choose to come to countryside.

The ringing of a phone brought me out of my thoughts as I looked around to check if June was still there

“It’s your phone, Harry and it says Dr Mason” I told her to pick it up and when she did, she gingerly placed the phone beside my ear so I used my hand to collect it and press it to my left ear. 

“Hello, Dr Harry” Mason said from the other end of the line. I laughed out loud because I knew what he’ll say next will be stupid. 

“Or should I say Doctor v*****” I shake my head at his humor. “Hello, Dr Mason, long time and I’m glad you’re still the same as ever” I replied 

“Yeah, that’s me being me. How are you holding up?” he asked

“Good, just good” I gave him the reply I’ve been giving everyone who bothered to ask.

“I trust you Harry, you’re strong, stronger than vibranium and any other thing out there that is strong” 

“There must be a reason why you decided to call me on such a bright day” I quickly cut him off before he could continue his sermon.

“The director told me to call you, Harry” I know what he was about to say and I can say I’m actually surprised about the fact that they kept their promise of never giving up on me.

“What is it all about?”

“Few months back, the department decided to send your test result, the same one you refused to get before going with your family, to Dr Adams, the optician that works at John Hopkins, you remember him right?” Who wouldn’t remember Dr Adams, the one and only best optician in town, I met him once and I can say he’s a really nice person.


“He gave us a reply and after several meetings with his hospital, we’ve decided to join teams with them to work your eyes Harry, you’re getting your sight back. But you need to come down here next week for the necessary test before we decide the final day for your surgery. I have hope that you’ll see again” 

I was happy and at the same time sad, how am I supposed to see the world without them. It’ll be selfish of me to get back my own life while theirs perished because of me. No! I won’t do that, I’ll rather be in darkness forever, than to pursue light. Because I asked for it.

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