Chapter 14: Dim

I was so unsure of one thing. I looked up as I watched Manang. It's the weekend but instead of finding at ease for it, I can't finally do it. I sighed as I massaged my temple.

I don't know why but the image of that girl keeps replaying on me. Alforo has not helped yet.

"Are you going somewhere hija?" Manang asked.

I nodded. "Demi and I have a conversation."

She nod as I watch her checking the plants. I said goodbye to Mommy and they agree with it. Wearing my usual jeans paired with a beige shirt. I glazed over our grand staircase. My eyes immediately found out who was there. It’s Demi.

I smiled but it faded immediately on her remarks.

"What now? Do you think Klaud will pick you up today?"

"He texted me. Just busy maybe." I retorted to her ideas.

"Sure?" she added.

I nodded. I saw her quick g

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