Chained to Dust

Chained to Dust

By:  Jezzchaper  Completed
Language: English
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Lost in her dreams. Satriani Haia Necosia doesn't have a clue why she's being haunted by a nightmare. Those deep hooded eyes watching her intently were out of her perception. While having the same countless dream, she started to be anxious. It enlightened her more when she meets Alforo's gaze, surreal foreign. But why does she had this urge of longness towards him? She doesn't know, but she begins to wonder. All she can see was the indifference of how she feels when he's near. And it's rare for her. Oddly, it resembles somehow the man in her dream. In her curiosity, can she found out why? Why she's having this endless nightmare of a man, whispering at her. Will it guide her, or will it break her more?

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Cale Xu
Hello! Si Cale to HAHAHHAHAHAH
2020-10-21 20:09:15
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Zhaozhen Zhang
It's Wonderful. I gave you a five star.
2020-07-28 21:24:13
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This is a nice story, though I've seen some grammatical errors and misused words, it can be edited and polished. Other than that, the story is great.
2020-07-28 13:22:18
148 Chapters
Cherish every moment that exactly what everybody says in my fifteen existence that's pinned on me. I know Mommy too, they never forgot to remember and share their unending motto to me. Maybe for me to treasure it, she even said that to me every time.  Mommy smiled warmly. I smiled too. There was a look of joy on her face as she watched me. 
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Chapter 1: Kiss
I've always thought that maybe I can also find solace watching the sky. It always felt different, I can't quite imagine getting along with it. It's so unreachable, and I know someday we could reach it. I can reach it.   I tried to take Alforo's gaze away from me. Watching his eyes darting at me made me startled. His eyes always said something, but I could not read. Something in his soulful eyes sent chills on me. Every time. 
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Chapter 2: Rain
I stared at him. Sometimes when Klaud was not around, he always had his way to be near me. I let it go and trained myself to be close to him, but I could not. My forehead furrowed, and I did not notice him sitting in front of me. I didn't have a problem with that anymore. I always catch him staring at me, but my heart feels like a drum when I see that close. "Any problem?" h
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Chapter 3: Flings.
Demi eyed me playfully. I knew he was finally there. I rolled my eyes for my friends. She laughs while waving on Alforo. I prayed a few times that Klaud would have appeared, but it just failed. Watching Demi lamented on me, making me stiff, especially since I saw Alforo glance at me. I didn't stare at him and just focused on my drink. I am already sipping when I caught his gaze on me. "Will you watch later?" one of Alforo friends asked. 
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Chapter 4: Dark
I cleared my throat when I realized the side of his lips rose and curved. I looked away from him and looked behind me. But I saw nothing, we are alone here on the bench, and it felt surreal for me. Gradually I realized what I had been said. I simply stared at him. I watched the twitch of his lips. "What? You were treated with a kiss, Alforo?" I asked gently. The bitterness d
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Chapter 5: Tease
It's so unrealistic, surreal. His eyes were a bit daunting, and it reflects like mine. It felt futile, to imagine those unrelenting nightmare. I immediately noticed Alforo's critical stare at me. Though, I made a serious straight face to lighten up my mood. I did not look at him, but his few glances did not escape me. This time, the urge of determination to repel his gaze sent chives on me. But there's always one thing, I can't figure out what. His jaw clenches when I finally darted my eyes on him.
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Chapter 6: Blur
The next few days were a bit tough, though I can always call Klaud for help though he's been busy for an immersion. I did not deny that either because the next day, he came voluntarily.It was then a fine lunch break, I mingled with Alforo's group, while Demi was noisy next to me. I did not immediately realize that Klaud was coming to our table. He's in a white long-sleeve and black slacks that made me watch him in awe. I smiled at him as my eyes traced his tiny motion."Sorry for my absence guys!" he said Alfred laughed as I glided my eyes up to Alforo who seemed to have lost his appetite as he watched Klaud's hand behind me. The traced of uneasiness with his stare obviously making it more foreign.Demi shook her head. She turned to Alforo, who was staring at Klaud and me."Your immersion is over, Klaud?" Demi asked.Klaud looked at me. "Not yet,""When will that end? Demi grinned teasingly. I sighed then smirked at my friend. My lips parted as I saw Klaud's momentary stare at me.
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Chapter 7: Date
Words are powerful that it blurred what you should literally feel. It concealed those thoughts that keep running to you. Alforo's watching me with hawk-like eyes, it's menacing but alluring at the same time. He turned to me intently, in the dark, I could see him still looking at me with those piercing eyes. I cleared my throat as I strayed the topic.  
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Chapter 8: Watch
The day ended smoothly. Alforo's gaze was on me as I bid my goodbye. Somehow, I find ease and comfort with him. I can't deny that. But what made struggling is a nightmare with him. And it seems it's not just a usual dream, and it's connected, but the image of it blur immediately. My eyes found Alforo. He's wearing his jersey with a number six on it. He caught me staring, and it's too bad he chuckled teasingly. He turned to me immediately. I'm with Demi whistling at Alforo.
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Chapter 9: Song
I woke up early on Saturday. I have done my routine. I went down and turned to Mommy. She smiled, looking at me while I'm too preoccupied. "Where will you go, hija?"  
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