Chapter 141: Nostalgia

I was sleep through all unrelenting thoughts. Alforo stared at me, as I watched him too long. My heart skipped a bit when I noticed how I'm still intimidated by him. It seems just like before. But the different is noticeable. I can't quite tell it in urgent but I know it changed a bit.

I did not smile. I closed my eyes firmly before looking away. I was cold there. I was shivering by my own thought. And it didn't help that the news were on him. I didn't turn it off. I don't want to be bitter.

My lips parted as I finally realized. My chest tightened as I let myself listen. But I can't take that long when I heard enough.

"He's a doctor…" I uttered weakly in awe.

Cold crept within my system. Thousand of assumptions felt futile at what I heard. I was cold there. I bit my lip. Gradually, the bitterness of realizing overwhelmed me.

I thought he wasn't serious for it the whole time. My lips were trembling as my breathe hitch heavily. My lips tremble

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