I feel the shaking arms around me let go and Mel rushes out of the room at the same time as I tumble on the ground struggling to breathe. Aldertree starts to stand but doesn't really succeed and Brandon uses the same voice he used on Mel that sends shivers down my entire body "Leave..and for your sake, I hope you know what will happen if you ever touch my Braze again."

Aldertree nods desperately and starts to stand up while limping his way out of here however when he was about to go through the door Alexander stretches out one of his legs where Aldertree is just about to walk causing Aldertree to stumble and fall on the other side of the door that Alexander closes while showing his middle finger. Brandon rushes over to my trembling panting body and carefully lifts up my face.

"They didn't hurt your face huh? Smart. Are you okay Flower? Where does it hurt to tell me."

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