Highschool Day's

Highschool Day's

By:  NeeNia  Completed
Language: English
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Sweet innocent and adorable Braze just transfers a new school where he meets Someone special. He also makes some special friends.But his dark past is still hunting him, will be able to face his past again and know a big truth which nearly cost his life.Brandon is a famous bad boy, smart confident. But what happens when he fell for an awkward person.Let see how they service their highschool Days with all the mystery around them.

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I loved every second reading this book, Braze and Ash is awesome characters... never a dull moment, lots of emotions reading this book but it's totally worth it. Thank you author
2021-07-14 10:47:57
user avatar
Kathy Hewlett
Very good read
2021-07-10 05:36:28
user avatar
Bobby Ham
I totally love the book and love the ending just wish it would have them celebrated the birthday party
2021-07-02 13:49:21
user avatar
Thankyou for this it's sad and beautiful same time.
2021-07-02 03:04:47
user avatar
Marsha Gaillard
I really liked this book. The names got mixed up every now and then but the overall story broke my heart. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a emotional book with a happy ending.
2021-03-20 11:47:02
user avatar
Derik Hale
Simply amazing. Well thought out story, and enough mystery to keep you hooked.
2020-12-05 14:14:36
default avatar
A good read
2020-10-03 23:34:26
user avatar
Faith Odulesi
it's a good book ?
2020-09-23 16:10:01
user avatar
This book is amazing.
2020-09-02 10:42:21
user avatar
Manisha Chahal
great work . I love it. Ash my fav character , I think he n Alexander both deserve their own book about how they met n their love story. I really wana read about them . so plz do Write it. Ball of sunshine my Ash ...️...️...️...️...️...
2022-07-03 18:59:32
default avatar
Doug Mitchell
Really good
2020-10-10 05:58:55
user avatar
B. Bea Guava
Just full of nonsense no point written at all almost 13 chapters no point if the story . oh my God I pity the author .???? and so mad for wasting my time reading this kinda stuff.
2020-10-11 09:11:37
50 Chapters
Flashback:-"Braze no please!""Hahah yes hahhaah""NO, I won't do this" I scream with determination."Oh, baby it's not a matter of whether or not you want to. You simply can't sweetheart hahaha just do it""Braze please please please don't. Stay with me. Look at me,you can do it don't close you eyes" His sobs audible as he begs me to help him.Then the screams came...Flashback over*Beep Beep Beep Beep*"Braze what the hell, turn that damn thing off!"I roll my eyes as I slowly turn off the alarm clock while closing my eyes once again. I swear to god Jace voice woke me up more than the alarm clock but at the same time, I'm grateful. I turn around intending to flip over on my stomach which apparently was a grave mistake because the next thing I know I hear my bedroom door open at the same time as I fall off the bed."Does my perfect face baffle you so much? Seriously Braze I thought you've gotten over that already but well...I can't really blame you"I sit up with a flushed face and
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The man continues sarcastically: “Could anyone here hear what he just said?”Some guy from the front row raises his hand and I’m relieved that someone decides to save my soul. That is until the guy actually opens his stupid looking mouth and answers:“Something with…” he says and imitates my incomprehensible mumble and people start laughing. I wish he never opened his goddamn mouth.“Shut up Aldertree!”What the hell? This teacher is something else. Then he turns to me”And you. Mind telling me who you are because I have never seen you before?” Then he eyes me from top to toe.”Are you someone’s little brother?” A lot of people tried to stop themselves from laughing again .It’s not th
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The rest of the lesson is less embarrassing and after I look at my schedule I see that I have Hodge in English, Math and P.E. So I'm going to have this exact class and that exact same teacher in three subjects. Two of them I have three times a week each . Fuck. When the lesson ends I quickly get the hell out of there completely not hearing Sammy calling my name because of my loud music. The day goes smoothly and then it's lunch. I take one look at the food and I want to throw up. I look around in the cafeteria and notice Jace and Alex sitting in their own groups clearly having made friends already. There were times where I could have just walked over to one of them and started talking but not anymore.Flashes of the night from Tommy's party starts to manifest and I could hear the screams and the laughter and...."BRAZE!" I ju
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I run down the hallway to find the school bathroom turning my head left and right. Then when I turn left again I see the Group of Seven and Oh. My. God. What. Is. What?!. And I run into a trashcan.To keep me from actually falling into the trashcan, I push with my hands in front of me trying to balance myself but end up falling on the floor.A lot of people start to laugh and I look up at them. Or more specifically I look up at one guy because how can I not? He is gorgeous. He is mesmerizing. He is basically shining the light of beauty into my eyes. Mr Popular has smile applied to his face but it's not too much and it's not too little. It's fucking perfect. His eyes are so flawlessly drawn and his face is just as flawless and his styled black hair matches everything and his skin is goals and..."Are you okay in there?" A girl next to His majesty asks and I think it's either Nee? Nia?My cheeks tur
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I spend the last three days studying my ass off because not only is Hodge’s mouth big but also his homework so I haven’t been able to watch the Fast and Furious films. So here I am on my way to our meeting place outside Starbucks with no clue as to what we’re going to watch because I didn’t watch the trailer either. Not only that but Ash texted us yesterday saying something that almost made me cancel. Ash:GUYS I'm SO SORRY BUT I KIND OF TOLD ALEXANDER THAT WE’RE GOING AND HE IS STILL SUSPICIOUS OF BRAZE AND CLARE SO HE ALSO WANTS TO COME. HE AND THE REST OF THE GANG I AM SO SORRY.First I didn’t understand why only me and Clare and not Sammy as well. Turns out Sammy is in love with Mark but Clare don't have any crush. Wow, good thing Alexander doesn’
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“...just breath with me. In and out. Inhale. Exhale. Slowly. Focus on my eyes and only my eyes and don’t think about anything else."Brandon.I do as I’m told and it’s starting to get better because now I finally see his eyes. That eye. Are they even real eyes? I know they’re dark brown because I’ve seen them before but in this light, they are golden green-like even though it’s impossible. They are so fascinating that all I can do is stare.“Good. Really good. You’re doing great Little Flower. Now count down from ten with me..10...9...8…”Brandon continues and what did he just call me?I do as I’m told again and after a few minutes it’s over and reality kicks in and I start to blush because Mr Sexy just saw me in this state and now I’m noticing the hand he has on my back and the hand he has o
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Thankfully I don't have to think about food anymore because Brandon enters Starbucks instead and I just follow him silently. Did he sense my panic when he said that we should go out and eat? He did say his mother is a psychologist maybe he got some of her observing talents? Or I'm just overanalyzing things but I really don't want to be an inconvenience to him or be the reason that he's having the most boring day in his life. We sit down at an empty table and a girl comes over to take our order. So, what would a normal growing teenage boy order? " I will take a grande chocolate chip cream frappuccino. And with blended cream of course." Brandon says and winks at the girl. The girl smiles and winks back and then she looks at me with an almost annoyed expression. He ordered what now? 
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" You know what I like about you? You're honest and say what's in your mind like the first time we met. I don't think I've ever heard someone get my name wrong or call me "His Majesty" straight to my face. That's what makes you so fun to be with. You're straight up when it comes to things." I smile at that because me blurting things out has always gotten me into trouble before with mostly my parents. And then I remember our first meeting. Our first horrible meeting and I can feel panic starting to build up and I open my mouth to explain myself but Brandon beats me to it and changes the subject: "Your siblings huh? Alex and Jace? I must say I enjoy Jace because come on, his style is not to compete with! Of course, that applies to everyone except for me I could easily win because I'm fabulous, but that Alex though? No thank
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The girl probably going to go around all day or week expecting a phone call and will she get it? Maybe, maybe not. And if she doesn't get it maybe she'll get sad, disappointed or angry and all because she fancied the boy laughing in front of me that called her an angel. But still, I laugh and not because of what he did to the girl but because of the cheesy pickup line but still, I feel extremely guilty afterwards. He really is a total asshole but somehow. I really enjoy being with him and I don't think I've ever laughed this much in a really long time. Then Brandon starts to talk about his group of friends while we drink our frappuccinos and I briefly comment on how much I ship Alexander and Ash. Brandon entire face lits up and he starts to talk about how much he also loves them together and how much they love each other i
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"Braze?" Brandon snaps me back to reality and I realise I've been silent for a long time. I'm about to answer all of his questions when he beats me to it like always. "Are you tired? I suppose we have been sitting here for long. Let's go" Brandon goes up and I start to collect my things.Then I look up and I see him talking to the male barista who is smiling at him with a blush clear on his face. Brandon turns around and discreetly winks at me to come. I head over there."...suppose you're tired," Brandon tells the barista. Oh, no same pickup line?! "But well you should be," Brandon says while smirking seductively. " Because you've been running through my mind all day." He says and winks again. The barista blushes harder and Brandon still smirking exits the store.God he really is a player and that pick up line sucked more than the other one. I smile at the barista who looks like he doesn't kn
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