Chapter 32

Chief Adeakin rolled the pen between his fingers as he stared at the picture of Iyunade and Tunde that had been taken outside Kenneth Dike Library, in the University of Ibadan.

Anger was an understatement to what he was feeling right now. What he was feeling was equivalent to rage.

He felt himself roll the pen faster between his fingers.

"Anything yet?" he asked before he raised his head to look at Patrick who was standing at the other side of his office.

"No sir. I haven't found anything yet," Patrick replied.

Chief Adeakin immediately dropped his pen and placed his index finger and thumb on the bridge of his nose.

"Why is it so difficult for you to find anything about her? I have a hunch that she must have done something bad elsewhere. She can't only be stealing my money. Like you said, she is the one providing for her family. This means she would have been doing other things to get money," the Chief said.

"But do you think she would do something like that outside? She doesn't look
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