IYUNADE: The trials of life

IYUNADE: The trials of life

By:  Divina  Ongoing
Language: English
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We often anticipate the struggles for survival later in life. But for Iyunade, a nineteen-year old sophomore at the University of Ibadan, life's struggles pre-empts her growth as her struggles suddenly snowballs into her fending for her family even if it requires stepping off bounds.Fate, they say, works in mysterious ways! Along comes Olatunde, the gobsmacking, gorgeous twenty-two year old multimillionaire law student at the University of Ibadan who is beset with issues with his family. At first, Iyunade & Olatunde are oblivious of each others' presence but when their paths keep crossing, circumstamces set the ball rolling as they are left with no choice than to acknowledge each other.What happens when Tunde finds out Iyunade is a sex trader? Will Iyunade be able of turning a blind eye to Tunde's haunting past?Find out how these revealing secrets pan out as the journey of two grown ups from different worlds battle love and the trials of life...

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39 Chapters
Chapter 1
                                         Iyunade jerked awake into a sitting position as her ringtone blasted out, she had an early morning call. She silenced it immediatel
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Chapter 2
   Iyunade tiptoed into the compound like a petty thief trying to steal a chicken from its owner's backyard. She had to make sure no one saw her entering the compound, especially Mama Ebuka, the landlady of the house.  Mama Ebuka was a confirmed pain in the neck, she had been giving Iyunade and her family problems for the past three years especially
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Chapter 3
      Tunde waited impatiently as the gateman battled with the gate.  He knew he ought to be happy to be home after a year like any other child would be, but he just wasn't pleased to be home.  He knew he was back to the battlefield.  
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Chapter 4
Iyunade walked into the house to meet her two housemates, Bunmi and Stella, in the living room watching their favourite Crime Investigation series, Hawaii Five-O while munching on popcorn.  "What's up girls?" she greeted as she went to sit on the sofa. 
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Chapter 5
   Tunde watched as his friend Caleb ogled at the waitresses in the club.  He knew Caleb would definitely be taking one home tonight. They had known each other for a long time now, since  primary school to be precise. They had been good friends, even with the distance to their Universities. 
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Chapter 6
   Iyunade was really trying hard to concentrate on the book in front of her but her mind kept taking her back to that moment in the club with the handsome guy. It had been two weeks since the awkward club incident but she kept having flashes of the other guy's face, his smile, quiet brooding demeanor everywhere she went. She was puzzled at what was happe
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Chapter 7
      Iyunade stalked angrily to the Faculty of Law. If she were to be  a cartoon character, she was sure smoke fumes would have been seen coming out of her ears. With a grunt, she continued on towards the faculty.  She couldn't believe Bunmi and Stella had persuaded her to bring the notes they forgot at home. Not only that, they
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Chapter 8
Iyunade ran into a very dirty compound with different bags of waste littered around. The odour oozing out of the bags was strong enough to wake the dead. On a normal day, she would have lamented about the state of the compound but right now, all she had on her mind was her father.   
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Chapter 9
   The way her mother sprung up from her seat shattered Iyunade's heart. Her mother ran to her with questions in her eyes which she soon began to ask.  "What did the doctor say? Is your father going to be okay? Has he awoken? Can we see him now?" her mother inquired impatiently, shooting one question after the other at her.  
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Chapter 10
   Tunde jolted up from his bed from the sound of things being shattered downstairs. He wanted to believe it was a robbery attack but he knew deep down that his parents were at it again. They just couldn't stop fighting and he was getting extremely frustrated.   When will this nonsense ever stop in this house?&
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