Chapter 5

   Tunde watched as his friend Caleb ogled at the waitresses in the club.  He knew Caleb would definitely be taking one home tonight. 

They had known each other for a long time now, since  primary school to be precise. They had been good friends, even with the distance to their Universities. 

Caleb, who had always loved women, has  finally made the name Ibadan's most wanted flirt. 

 The  disco light  of the VVIP section of   Club 360 which kept switching on and off like the light in a horror movie made the waitresses who were dressed in short skirts and crop tops with masks on their faces look more enticing.

A sight which Caleb definitely loved.

As the latest song "Woman by Rema" echoed in the club, Tunde's mind drifted to his parents. He just couldn't watch a once happy couple fight away their life.

He was even sure why exactly they were always fighting. 

They are his parents for heaven's sake but instead of them parenting him,they are behaving like children.

He just didn't know what to do to make them stop. 

"You really need a distraction, to help you stop thinking about your parents.

 Tunde, you need to hook up with one sexy lady tonight and have fun." Caleb  suggested. 

Meanwhile, Caleb's sight had lingered on some waitresses like a cat about to pounce on its prey. 

"I don't need to hook up right now.  You know that Caleb, I am not like you.

 Sometimes,I even wonder how you are my friend. We have absolutely nothing in common apart from the fact that we went to the same school and our families are close." Tunde answered.

"Keep denying it. If you like to say we have nothing in common, I still know I'm your best friend.

I’m going to get a bottle of beer and I know you want one also."  Caleb said, signaling down  to a waitress.

A light-skinned waitress who was dressed in a green skirt and a yellow crop top which hung uniquely on her body walked up to their table.

She slowly walked seductively to their table with a  smirk plastered on her face. 

She looked exactly like a walking doll.

"Good day gentlemen, what do you care for tonight? " the waitresses questioned with a smile.

"I think I care for your name," Caleb flirted.

"Oh!  Sorry, my name is not on the menu.   I think you should just order something else, handsome." she flirted back. 

 "That's a pity. I would have loved to have you but I think I will go with two bottles of beer then," he replied. 

  He'll never change. Tunde thought. 


    Iyunade walked slowly to the table she was directed to.  She had arrived a few minutes ago and now she was ordered to serve beer to table numberNo. 8.

 She was actually nervous even though she had her mask on.  She wanted to be perfect and not make any mistakes. She really needed to get a tip tonight.

 When she got to the table, she met two cute guys but was drawn to one of them. 

 How can he be so cute? She thought.  

"Good day. Here’s the beer you ordered, " she said as she stared at the other guy who was just staring at the table.

"Why didn't the waitress who took the order bring it? " the other guy asked.  Then Iyun turned to acknowledge him with a smile. 

She didn't know who he was talking about but she knew she had to play along. 

" Oh! Sorry, but she is busy right now," she answered. 

"That's a pity. I would have loved her to come back but I like the replacement," he replied. 

She looked at the other guy out of the corner of her eyes,He wasn't even paying attention to the scene.  She could see he was bothered by something. 

"So  pretty, what's your name?" he continued flirting. 

"I am Adeola," she lied .

"Hmmm. Such a nice name for a pretty lady. I’m Caleb, by the way." he flirted as he took her hand  that was placed on the table and started rubbing it sexually. 

  Iyun was beginning to get irritated by the way he was rubbing her hand, but her mind was on the other guy.  She didn't know why she felt so drawn to him. She was suddenly sad that he wasn't paying attention to her at all. 

  Caleb couldn't think straight. All he wanted to do was bend this pretty waitress over the table and fuck the daylights out of her. 

"So baby, what do you think about us getting a few drinks after you are done here? " he asked then winked as he started to move his hand into her top. 

 Iyun felt irritated by a man's touch for the first time in her life. She was concerned the other guy would think less lowly of her:  a slut in the least.

   Doesn't this guy understand the meaning of privacy?

She knew as a waitress in a club, she was expected prone to have sex with a man that night.  Moreover, she needed the money desperately. 

Iyun became conflicted while she tried to remove the man’s hands as her world was crumbling below her feet. She tried to remove his hand as he fondled her breast and tickled her nipples from under her top. 

She tried to sneakily resist the open flirtations but the guy was already getting too horny and she didn't want to cause a scene. 

"Caleb, leave the girl alone. You can see she is not comfortable with what you are doing.  If you desperately want to fuck then go and look for a prostitute." She heard a voice and immediately turned to the other guy who was now staring at Caleb. 

    He also has a very cool voice!

She couldn't believe a person could be so  handsome and also have  a very  such a cool voice. 

 Caleb sighed angrily;he wanted to punch Tunde for making him look like a fool. Nevertheless, he gradually removed his hand from the girl's top.  

  Iyun quickly adjusted her top and walked away. 

Who is that guy? She thought as she walked.

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