Michal and Mirabella were doing their laundry, their mother was not around so they had the house to themselves. Michal washed the clothes while Mirabella rinsed, squeezed and spread them on the line climbing the small stool for support.

"So does Hammed likes you?" Mirabella started.

"Hammed, who is Hammed?" Michal asked.

"Senior Hammed your classmate." 

"I really don't know what you're talking about." She continued washing.

Mirabella looked at her sister suspiciously, "Well he bought chocolates for Lekky and me yesterday and he's been very nice to us." She said happily.

"So why are you so happy?" Michal passed the bucket of washed clothes to her. "Good for him though, and good for you and Lekky. You just got yourselves a school father."

"Awwwn, our school father is so cute. I like him, he's so nice he buys things for us everyday. You know he even told us his name and I have heard some of the students talk about him."

"What did they say about him?" Michal asked.

"Why are you suddenly interested about what people say about him."

"Hmmmmm, Nothing." She shrugged.

"Well, they said he's nice, cute, brilliant and calm. I heard two of your class girls fought over him." Mirabella turned to face her sister and she was almost blushing.

"Gosh! Who told you that?" Michal asked looking so surprised, for real, news spread real quick.

"Hmmmm Lekky did." Mirabella replied.

"Lekky? Where is that one always getting her news?"

"Lekky is versatile, she knows a lot about many things." Mirabella said proudly.

"Versatile, do you even know the meaning?" Michal hissed.

"I really don't know buh I think it has to do with being hmmmmm...hmm...hmmmmm. I really don't know but I have heard our teacher use the word several times." Mirabella stretched, she was already tired.

"Look into the dictionary for the meaning and again don't believe that rumor, no one fought over Hammed plus he's just who he is, a reserved guy to the core.'' Michal blushed and Mirabella smiled.

"Maybe you like him." She teased.

"Liker." Michal said amidst laughter. "So how far with your song. Let's make the world a better place?" She asked.

"Master James really loved it, he commended our lyrics so well." Mira's face brighten up with smiles. 

 "I just can't wait to be a great musician, a big one." She bragged.

"Musician indeed." Michal threw her the pegs box and continued washing.

"Why that?" She frowned.

"Better start planning something else.. Because you aspiring to be a musician is a no from me." Michal said carefully, she stood straight and continued "Focus on something more encouraging that will fetch you good money."

"But its my dream and besides you're not my mother, I don't even need your support because I don't know why you will never support this dream of mine. Why did you help with the lyrics when you know you don't like it and why are you asking about my song?" Mirabella asked sardonically.

"Really?" Was all Michal could come up with.

"Yes really, I need to know because I don't know why you still don't understand its more about the passion than the money. This is what I want, I love music its my born gift. And I won't give up on it." She told Michal determinably.

Hey, calm down Mira. I'm not discouraging you, I'm just trying to advise you. You can be a musician and still be a doctor at the Same time." Michal explained.

"But I don't like medicine."

" I know but there are other professions, choose one already.''

"One like?" Mirabella asked.

" Like nursing, physiotherapy,pharmacy......"

" I don't like science." Mirabella interrupted.

" Then you can be a lawyer, mass communicator..........."

" I don't like all of that Michal!" She yelled.

"So what do you like?" Michal asked with a straight face, she was done convincing her.

"Music Michal, music!" She smiled wholeheartedly.

'Maybe that was her calling' Michal thought.

"Whatever I've tried my best, you and your mom will talk about that." She gave up.

"Our mom." Mirabella corrected her sister.

"Our mom." She repeated and sighed.

"Hey Michal sweet sis." Mirabella teased.

"What?" Michal knew her sister was up to something.

"Nothing." She moved closer to Michal and hugged her. " I love you Michal, just support me I promise not to disappoint you." Michal's heart melted, she stared into her sister's eyes and she know she couldn't say no now, damn! What those brown eyes do to her. "I love you too baby, we will be fine and we still got time." She hugged Mirabella tighter and they were lost in each other's embrace for what looked like forever.


He was staggering on his feet to the computer lab not watching where he was going, she was hurrying to the staff office. They bumped into each other and all the books in her hands fell off.

"I'm so sorry." He bent down to pick the books up.

"Its okay." She watched him.

"Are you okay?" He asked looking so concerned.

"Yes, I am." He gave her the books.. 

"Thank you Hammed." She said and walked away, he stood still and watched her with curiosity as she walked towards the staff office.. 

"Be careful." He called after her, Michal smiled.


After school closed, Michal went up to the school gate and she saw Hammed and Mirabella chatting, Mirabella was laughing out loudly and Michal wondered what they were discussing that made her sister laughed so much,she walked up to them and interrupted their Chit-Chat.

"Mira what's up, hey Hammed." She waved him lightly.

"Ohh Michal you're here," Mirabella hugged  her. "I missed you so much."

"You're so dramatic, you missed me? But we came to school together this morning." She spanked Mirabella's head and let out a chuckle.

"Hmm yeah? But then we're not in same class. J.s.s.2 is few blocks from s.s.2."

"You're naughty, where is Lekky?" Michal noticed Lekky wasn't there.

"Her driver came to pick her." Mirabella said sharply.

"Ooh okay, Hammed thanks for other time." She gazed at him and smiled secretly. "Ain't you going home yet?"

"I'm waiting for a cab." He told her, his voice so calm and deep in a sexy way, Michal loved the sound of his voice.

"Let's just go home together, we are also waiting to board a cab." Mirabella hugged herself looking so happy.

"But we're not going same way" Michal chirped in.

"Let's try it out first," Mirabella insisted.

"God, she's so troublesome." Michal told Hammed when Mirabella was busy looking for a cab, when they couldn't get one they decided to walked down to the cab garage down the school street and there, they boarded a cab.

When the cab got to Hammed's street he opted to stop and walk down to his house which was a few meters away from the junction where the cab stopped, he waved Michal and Mirabella. Michal smiled and stared at him as he walked down the street.

"Hey, can you stop staring at him please." Mirabella caught her sister staring at Hammed.

"I wasn't staring at him, you scamp!" she denied and quickly looked away.

"Well, I have a message for you." Mirabella brought out a parcel and gave it to her sister. "From him." She added.

Michal collected it "From Hammed?"

She asked uncertainly.

"Yeah, from him, cab man we will drop here." The cab halted, Michal paid him and they alighted from the cab.

They got home and Mirabella flung herself on the couch. Michal joined her "When did he give you?" She asked.

"Just this afternoon before you joined us, why not check it out, It could be a bomb you know?" Mirabella rolled her eyes and stretched her legs.

Okay, I just want to be sure." She opened it and in there was a novel titled purple hibiscus. "Wow! Wow! wow!" She exclaimed, ecstasy written all over her face. " Purple hibiscus, I have been dying to read this book. How does he even know I like this book?" Michal expected an answer from Mirabella but none came forth, she looked at her and gave a suspicious look. " You!" She shouted and stared at her sister intently.


"You are the only one who knows I love this book since I saw the summary in ...........hmmmm I can't even remember that book anymore." 

"Hmmmmm, not me." Mirabella denied.

"So who?"

"I don't know." Mirabella sauntered into the room leaving Michal behind, she ran after her and Screamed. " I know you're the one!"

"Mom is gone and won't be back till next week." Mirabella said sadly, she jumped on the bed and buried her face on the pillow.

"Yes, we just have to get used to this life. But we're two, it won't get boring." She told her.

"But its not fair, not fair at all." Mirabella suddenly burst into tears.

"Its okay baby girl, I'm here for you always." She consoled her sister. "It's fine, we will be fine." She hugged her tightly.

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