Smiling In Heaven (SIH)

Smiling In Heaven (SIH)

By:  Oluwafunmito Star  Completed
Language: English
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SIH, Is centered on the lives of two siblings, Michal and Mirabella. Both girls lacked parental love since their father died few years back. They yearned for their mother's love but she was never there for them. They met with different people, the ones that stayed and the ones that left —The ones who hated and the ones who loved. Mirabella was the girl with the big dream, she and her best friend — Lekky were after their dreams until one day. What happened that day that changed her life forever? Then Hammed came into the picture, who was he? Let's unravel these puzzles together. SIH is intriguing,SIH is Smiling in Heaven. Join the two siblings as they take you on a ride filled with passion, hurts, betrayal, love and dreams.

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49 Chapters
Michal and her sister Mirabella just got back from school, their mother wasn't around to pick them up as usual both girls had to board a cab home. Since their father died two years ago their mother, Catherine hardly had the time for her children she was always busy with her banking job, she would tell them. "I have to work hard to fend for us, you girls know its not easy to be a single parent, I have to pay your school fees and other bills. Please try not to judge me," and then she would turn to Michal and say "Michal, you know the nature of my job please just try to understand and look af
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Michal and Mirabella were doing their laundry, their mother was not around so they had the house to themselves. Michal washed the clothes while Mirabella rinsed, squeezed and spread them on the line climbing the small stool for support. "So does Hammed likes you?" Mirabella started. 
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The following day was a midterm break for all schools, the students stayed back at home. Michal and her sister were seated on the couch of their large and well-furnished sitting room when they heard the doorbell rang. "Mira, go get the door." Michal instructed. 
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"Check me out Michal, how do I look?" Mirabella twirled, she wore a long fitted black gown, a brown cross sandals her hair was packed into two buns, Michal applied nude make up on her face she looked good. "Gorgeous." Michal kissed a finger and threw it in the air. 
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Beep beep! Beep beep! 
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Lekky waited for Mirabella to adjust her shoe lace which was taking forever to do, she bent over again and couldn't still tie the lace she sighed and let it be.Lekky bent over and helped her fix it."What's wrong?" She asked."Just not very strong." Mirabella told Lekky.They sat back in the empty class, at the back of their main classroom. Lekky brought out the manuscript for rehearsals,"Be strong girl, what do you think about this competition?" Lekky asked, staring intently at Mirabella she could figure something was wrong with her."Our dream!" Mirabella said excitedly. "We've waited so long for this and now that we have the opportunity, we can't misuse it.""Yeah, I grab. But Mira what's wrong with you?" Lekky asked again not convinced with the previous reply."Lekky, I'm alright." She replied."Sure?""Sure Mis
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The class was so hot, Michal couldn't take more of her so called friend nonsense, like who does that? Go all the way to back stab  your friend cos of a random guy? No, he isn't just a random guy, he was more.But she didn't deserve the things Ruth was making her go through. She acted like Michal wasn't once her confidant, and she just threw it on her face in front of the whole c
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The Previous day had been a hellish one for Michal, from Ruth denouncing their friendship to her mom bringing her boyfriend home. It was really a not nice one. Talking of Jerry, she wasn't sure  if she would ever succumb to him being her stepfather there was something about him she couldn't bring herself to understand, he had an aura of viciousness. She got up from
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By the time Michal got to Hammed's house she was already exhausted. The cab she boarded dropped her at the entrance of the estate, the road that led into the estate was under construction so cars weren't allowed to go beyond the main gate. She knocked gently on the gate, when no one was attending to her. She knocked at the gate furiously, she was really too tired to sta
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"Mom, when will you be back?" Lekky asked her mom, as she sipped her tea."Soon baby, I just want to visit a friend down the estate. Be a good girl while I'm away." Mrs Donalds kissed her daughter and stood up, she picked her bag up and head for the door. "Lekky Donalds, mom loves you." She blew a kiss her way and left the living room. Lekky smiled, her mom was really lovable and pretty, she took some of her features like the long hair that fell down to her shoulders, her fair skin, and the slimness of her body structure."Lekky Donalds." A voice called from behind, she turned her head backwards to look at him, he stood straight and moved his long thin legs, he placed a hand on the couch and the other on Lekky's shoulder."Uncle Solomon." Lekky looked at him, not blinking her eyes or moving away from her position. She wondered what he wanted from her this time."Did you tell your mom anything about me?" He
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