"Check me out Michal, how do I look?" Mirabella twirled, she wore a long fitted black gown, a brown cross sandals her hair was packed into two buns, Michal applied nude make up on her face she looked good.

"Gorgeous." Michal kissed a finger and threw it in the air.

"Just that?"

"Drop dead gorgeous."

"God forbid, I'm not dead. I'm drop alive gorgeous."

Michal sighed, clearly her sister didn't understood what she meant but she wasn't in the mood to start explaining things to her. Michal wore a white off-shoulder crop top that revealed her nice belly button, a short black skirt that stopped at her knees, the skirt highlighted her nice curves and a pair of nude flat shoes. She looked hot.

"Just give me a good reason why you're not into modeling?" Mirabella asked placing both hands on her side waist and staring intently at her pretty sister, Michal chuckled.

They snapped a thousand pictures before exiting the house. "Did you call mom?" She asked Michal.

"Sure." She locked the gate and they walked down the street to board a cab. Soon they arrived at the address Hammed texted her the previous night, she still wondered how he got her number Mirabella denied giving it to him so she just let it slide she would ask him about that later.

Michal knocked at one of the giant gates that Shielded one of the beautiful buildings at Blissful Estate the gateman opened up, they greeted him and he directed them to the floor where the party was being held.

They walked through the compound, the building was magnificent and fascinating Well trimmed flowers were decorated in a "U" form at one part of the compound, Mirabella admired this decoration and took a quick shot with her phone.  "So pretty." 

She chased after Michal who was already few steps ahead of her.

Entering into the main building, Michal could hear loud music buzzing and chattering everywhere. She stopped at the hallway and called Hammed.

He rushed towards the hallway looking for them, still not seeing them he rubbed his temples in worry. "Senior Hammed!" Mirabella hollered. He turned back and saw them marching towards him, he smiled.

"Happy birthday school father." She hugged him and gave the present she brought with her to him.

"Thanks Mirabel. You look pretty." He complemented.

"Awwwn..I'm blushing." She made a slight bow and ran off.

"Hey, happy birthday." Michal gave him a present too.

"Michal." Her name sounded more beautiful now that he pronounced it, or did she just assumed it sounded that way? He glared at her not taking his cute brown eyes off her, she felt awkward.

"Hammed, can you please stop staring? I'm starting to get uncomfortable." She told him.

"You are so beautiful." He held her hands and stroked her fingers lightly, she felt the strange spark that ran through her body, he could feel the hormones rising, she looked at him not finding the right words to say she blushed.

 "I thought you were not going to come." He said with utmost honesty, that was what he thought at first after their little misunderstanding on Thursday, but was that really a misunderstanding? He did nothing wrong and she had been giving him the silent treatments since she saw Ruth and him together, maybe she got jealous.

"I wasn't going to come, Mira forced me." She said, he looked disappointed though but he waved the feelings off. Nothing will ruin this perfect moment.


"I wasn't mad at you Hammed." She smiled, "I was going to ask you how you got my.....''

"Oooh Hammed there you go." John, Hammed's best friend interrupted them. "Everyone is waiting for you." He noticed Michal and waved her, she did same.

"Let's go in." He told Michal, letting go of her hands.

"Sure." They went in.

Hammed's parents were standing in front of the cheerful crowd and addressing them. African parents and rules!

His mom looked so pretty and young, Hammed looked exactly like his mom one could mistake her for his elder sister. She wore a red palazzo trousers and a white chiffon blouse, his father Just wore a grey shirt and a pair of black jean trousers.

"No drinking of alcohol and no dirty dancing." Mr Williams finished.

"Yes sir!" They chorused. Well, the old man just said his own.

Hammed was the only child. Hence, the protective nature of his old man. After his dad left, he called his mom aside and introduced Michal to her.

"Mom, meet Michal my friend."

"Good afternoon ma." Michal greeted.

"Good afternoon my dear, you are pretty." Mrs Williams smiled at her revealing her dimples.

"Thank you ma, and you too." Michal smiled shyly.

"Thanks.. And thanks for coming." She turned to the mini crowd and said, "You guys should have fun, you can actually drink a little but don't get drunk. Ignore the old man." 

"Yeeee!" They cheered, she smiled and left the teenagers to have some fun.

The celebrant cut the huge cake, Mirabella took time to share the cake. After all it was her school father's birthday.

"Once again Happy birthday fine boy Hammed," The MC started. "Now, its game time. The game is passing the basket, the rules goes thus, you are to keep dancing and passing the basket round till the music goes off, when the music stops the person holding the basket will pick a paper out of all the tiny paper balls rolled in there, the you'll read it out for us to hear after that you will do or answer whatever question that's scribbled on the paper. Failure to do this, you will have to pay a fine of five thousand naira. So do we all understand?"

"Yes!" They shouted.

"And are you all ready?." The MC asked.

"Yes!." They chorused.

"Am I also in?" Mirabella asked.

"No baby girl, you are still a kid just sit and watch the game." He replied her giving a Small smile.

"Whatever." She really Wished Lekky mom had let her tagged along, she missed her here.

"Now let's start." He instructed, the disc jockey played the music, they danced and passed the basket.

Music stopped,

Bolanle was holding the basket, she puffed.

"Now pick a paper." The MC instructed, she did. "Read the content out."

"Who's your crush in s.s.2. Class?" She read and blushed.

"Answer the question Missy."

"Hammed!" She half yelled. "Just crush please." She added. And they all laughed at her attitude.

Round 2, dancing and passing of the basket.

Music stopped,

Bolu was holding the basket. He picked a paper ball and read out the content, "What's your relationship with the celebrant?"

"Seriously? He's my buddy abeg."

Round 3, dancing and passing of the basket.

Music stopped,

It was Michal's turn, she held the basket "Oh no." She muttered. She picked one and opened it. She read the content out "What can you say about the celebrant?" She turned to the MC. "Can I pick something else I don't really understand this?" She made a pleading face.

"No ma." He smiled.

"Okay." She turned to look at Hammed, then to Mirabella and back to the impatient crowd. " Hammed is a great guy, he's cool, calm and so nice and he's cute too." She blushed. Why was she always blushing anytime Hammed was involved?

Hammed gave her a flirty smile, she ignored. "So, you've been noticing me huh?"

She ignored him. Silly boy.

Round 4, dancing and passing of the basket.

Music stopped,

Ruth was holding the basket, she picked up a paper and read the content, "Do you like Hammed?" She smiled and stared at him before replying "Yes, I love him." She winked at him, Michal looked at her and sighed.

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