The Falling. (Book 1)
The Falling. (Book 1)
Author: ScorpioFulu
Chapter 1.

Isn't it crazy how your whole life can change just from the few people you meet? How they have the ability to trick you, manipulate your mind and have you bending over to their own will.

The fact that one person can make you change your whole outlook on life and how you see yourself is scary and truly amazing too. That they can make you forget your morals and true values.

What you believe in and how you look at life. That was K for me. He made me feel good about myself and accept myself. True we had our differences but I like to believe we helped each other grow...apart.

My name is Rina, and I'm short and chubby with a cute soft belly that could be a pretty comfortable pillow. I have hazel-brown eyes, thick small pink lips, a light shade of chocolate as my skin colour and shoulder-length goldish brown hair that's really hard to tame. Well, black in simpler words.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" My mom asked me over the phone and I rolled my eyes.

"Mma, I'm already in Cape Town. What difference will it make?" I asked and she squealed.

"Don't get mad, but I already had purchased the return ticket for today and you still have about 30 minutes to turn back," She rushed out and I rolled my eyes.

"Mma. It's not like grade eight this time, don't you think it's time I grow to be independent, like you?"

"Yeah...but you could still do it here, at home. With me your mother."

"You know the reason why I chose Cape Town."

"But is it the only reason?"

"It's a good reason. But I'll talk to you once I reach Mr S' house. Wait, you told him I'll be staying there while I finalize everything right?"

"Suuurrreee." She dragged out, which meant she didn't call him.


"I'll call him now! I forgot. I'm so sorry baby."

"Ha ngoho." [Wow]

"Don't you say it!" She hates it that I tell her she's getting old every time she forgets something important. I like playing around with her.

"I won't. So what should I do, order an Uber to go to his place or wait for him to come get me?" I asked.

"He is on his way. I'm sorry again. I'll stay on the phone until he gets there." She said and I chuckled.

"I won't tell you what he's wearing," I said and she whined

"Why not!" My mom and I were very close like sisters people would say. She would tell me whenever she's got a boyfriend and at first it sucked because it wasn't my dad but as I got older I understood.

"Because...I don't know. Just ask him to take a selfie or something." She's been dating Mr S for a year now, they met when I was in grade eleven and she played hard to get for about a whole year and she finally gave in to his charms.

I honestly gave in when I met him and he bought me something my mom didn't want to and sent me money every month. So I've always been on Team Mr S.

"Argh, whatever. Anyways guess who came by when I dropped you off?"

"Who?" Please don't say Andii, please don't say his...

"Andani!" Shit!

"Oh," I said and she carried on talking about him.

"That boy was beautiful though Rina," She said and I rolled my eyes.

"Not everywhere," I said and she sighed.

"Why don't you try listening to his side of the..."

"Whoops, mom Mr S just arrived, talk later." I interrupted her because 1. I don't want to talk about it and 2. Mr S is really here.

"Let me talk to him."

"Call him." I hung up and I felt really bad about it but I was angry.

"Hey, sweetheart," He hugged me and took my bags from him, "I'm sorry I took time." He said and I shook my head no.

"No, it's okay. It was my mistake, I didn't check if mom called you."

"Oh, but I hope you're hungry. Martha has cooked up a storm upon your arrival."

"She really didn't have to do that."

"She wanted to," He placed my bags in the backseat of his car and closed my door as well.

"You guys are so sweet," I smiled at him and he kissed my forehead. This man is awesome and I'm glad my mom met him.

"I'm glad she met me too," He said and I looked at him shocked.

"I said that out loud?"

"You have no idea how much stuff you say out loud," He laughed and I shrank in my seat. "It's not a bad thing."

His phone rings and I see my mother's name written across the screen, although it's not really written as 'Grace' it's much a relationship writing.

"Hey, baby," Eew.

"Hey. Is she angry at me? I mentioned Andii and she got really angry and hung up the phone."

"You're on loudspeaker baby. Are you angry, Rina?" I shook my head no and he smirked knowing that I don't want to talk yet, "She's fine, she's got her headphones on," I gave him a thumbs up and grinned, he really knows how to cover up for me.

"The way you two cover up for each other is annoying! But since I know you are listening Rina, I'm sorry I talked about him and I will try my best not to bring him up okay? I love you both. Bye."

"Bye," We both muttered. Every time we came to Mr S' house I was amazed! This house is enormous!

"Your room is still arranged the same as it was last time."

"Thank you, Mr S, I'm gonna go take a nap. See you at dinner."

I walk away to the bedroom he gave me last time, we've been coming to this house for our holidays and it never gets boring. I guess it's the privacy.

I jump onto the king-sized bed and stare at the ceiling before falling asleep. Hello, new life.

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