Gage's POV:  

"They've got him Gage, he's locked in the basement," Alex tells me.  

"About fucking time," I growl and stand up from my bed. We do business with the Tokyo Mafia, and they've graciously let us stay in their guest house while we are here. Hayato, the Tokyo Mafia leader, has allowed me to borrow some of his men to bring in Amida. Amida is a cartel man who is helping Iris. And lucky for us, we've found him.  

"Iris was no where in the building that Amida was found in," Alex tells me as we walk downstairs. "Hayato's men have raided the place, just drugs and weapons."  

"I don't understand where the hell this woman disappears to," I growl and we arrive downstairs. I go into the room that Amida is in and smirk when I see him tied up in a chair. He looks defeated. Good. "Amida, we could've done such great business together. Too bad your ego is too fucking huge."  

"You stupid man," Amida spits out at

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