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Ashlynn Deters is a broken girl. Her home life was nonexistent when she was growing up. So when she was old enough she packed her bags and moved to New York. She's living there for five years and is working at a strip club, Divine. She's working her usual shift one night before she's kidnapped by a group of mysterious men. Gage Cutler is the leader of the New York Mafia. A woman has wronged his family and he'll stop at nothing to get his revenge. Yet, his ruthless behavior changes when his men kidnap the wrong girl.

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"We need to find her now!" I yell and slam my fist against the table. "I expect to have the plan ready in two hours!"  "Yes boss," my men chorus and begin to talk with each other, organizing everything for the plan.  Ever since she entered my life, my world has been flipped. My family has been torn apart and my business is being tarnished. The Cutler's name is being dragged through the mud. So much is happening at once from one girl's actions. I'll do anything to find her and give her what she deserves. After all, I'm Gage Cutler, leader of the New York Mafia.  "We've hacked into her cellphone boss," one of my men tells me. "She's going to be at Divine tonight."  Divine? That's a men's club. What is she going there for? I shake my head and tell my men to continue on with the plan. I rub my hand over my face, just wanting to relieve the stress that has been on weighing me down for weeks now.  "Gage, your mom is on the p
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Gage's POV:  "No need to worry Gage, the boys got her and she's waiting in the basement," Alex tells me over the phone. I sigh in relief, happy knowing one thing is going right in my life.  Right now I'm sitting in the waiting room of the hospital with my mom. Dad is at home with Jenna, my younger sister. She freaks out at hospitals, so it's best she stays home. My mom holding my hand tightly and I know she is freaking out.  "I'm here momma," I tell her, tucking my phone in my pocket.  "I just want him to be okay " Mom whispers and wipes her cheeks.  "He's a Cutler," I smile at mom. "He is strong, he's a fighter."  "It's just been a tiring few weeks," mom says with a small yawn.  "Rest, I'll wake you when the doctor comes," I tell her. She lazily nods before she closes her eyes.  A few hours passed and Alex is keeping me updated on everything happening back at the
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Ashlynn's POV: I want to go home. I want to curl up in my bed and go to sleep, knowing my life is wonderful the way it is. I don't want to have to fear that my life is being risked because I was kidnapped by a bunch of attractive psychos. I'm so scared. The last time I was this scared it was because my parents. Before I can even have the flashback of one of the most terrifying moments of my life, the large door swing open and two new men come inside. They have a knife and I immediately think they are going to hurt me, seeing as another man did not to long ago with the same weapon. I start to whimper and try to get out of the restraints but it's no use. The men just roll their eyes and go behind me, which makes me even more scared. In a moment I feel the pressure of the rope being dug into my skin gone, along with the same pressure on my ankles. I roll my wrists, happy to be able to move them again, but that chance is taken away when I feel cool metal wrap around my wrists. Handc
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Gage's POV: Bad news always follows good news in this family. My brother gets a heart transplant, which will surely improve his health, but I go to the base to discover that my men grabbed the wrong fucking girl! They had pictures and literally every piece of information they could ever need to know about her. Yet they grab a different girl. I don't care how alike they look, my men should be better than this. I storm towards my office, ignoring the looks my men are giving me as I exit the basement. The women who work for me have always been smarter. They know that if they look at me and I make eye contact with them, it will most likely not end well. My men on the other hand, they've always been too curious for their own good. I pass through the living room and stop. "Henry, Drake, move the girl to cell three. She'll be staying there for now." They instantly nod and hurry downstairs. I make my way to the maids quarters. It's a small room where the maids take their breaks. "Where
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Ashlynn's POV: The only thing on my mind is my parents. I can't even sleep without them disturbing it. And they live hours and hours away from me. At least I think they do. I'm not sure where I'm at anymore. I glance up for the first time and look around the dark room, and I see two figures in the corner. I let a scream, fearing that they'll come towards me. It's my parents, I know it is. They are here to get back at me for leaving. They are going to hurt me again. I can't do that. I let out another scream and I bury my face in my knees. They have to leave. I can't face them, I'm terrified. I hear footsteps stomping and I jerk my head up. I stare at the wall and let the tears fall down my cheeks. They're here. They found me. I'm dead. I hear a loud buzzing echo around me and I know it's over. It's hard to see, the only thing I can see is a bright light. What is happening! I want to go home. The sound of footsteps only grows louder and the first this I see are a pair of blac
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Sitting alone in the dingy room has gave me a lot of time to think. I've accepted that my life is most likely over at this point in regards to my freedom. Even if I do survive, I have a feeling that they'll sell me or something like that. No one comes to see me, which I'm grateful for to an extent. I don't have to be manhandled by two guys who take me to another room so I can get screamed at. But at the same time Jill has been nothing but kind to me, which is weird considering my circumstances. She makes me feel a little safer when she's around, but that feeling disappears if she leaves. It makes me feel so vulnerable. Being alone also means being stuck with my dark thoughts. What if my family is here? What will they do after not seeing me for five years? They may not have been here physically but they've disrupted my sleep almost every night I've been away from them. I don't think I could handle seeing them again. I'd rather die than be tortured for not doing the smallest things. I
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As I'm staring at the wall I hear the door open. I can't bring myself to see who walked in. Being alone is my new life now. I don't want my hopes up when someone comes to drag me out of the room, only to be left alone in the end. The door closes with a loud click and feet make their way towards me. I close my eyes in an attempt to stop the temptation of looking to see who's here. Please just leave me alone. "Ashlynn, darling, here's some food," a soft voice says and I know it's Jill. I just nod my head and wait for her to leave. "I have to clean your bandage before I go." I don't give her any form on a response and she begins to clean the bandage. I keep my eyes closed as she goes through the process. After a few minutes Jill leaves the room and I open my eyes. It's the same meal as yesterday. But I got smart after yesterday, so I eat half the slice of bread. I take a few sips of my water before I put my meal under the cot. I glance over at the tub that's sitting in the center of
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Ashlynn's POV: "This is where the maids stay. We each have our own little room with a community area. Mr. Cutler always makes sure that we are well taken care of," Tori says as she shows me around where I'll be living until I die. "Umm, who's Mr. Cutler?" I ask. Right now I only know Jill and Tori's names. No one else's names have come up, well besides Iris's. Still confused about that but I ignore my own thoughts. "Mr. Cutler? He's the boss," she says as though it's obvious, "the man who orders everyone around. We only address him as sir and speak when he asks questions. He's a very private man and doesn't like to be disturbed." I just nod, glad to know this information. I only got a little glimpse at the torture he caused me, I don't want to see anymore of it. She leads me to the bathroom so I can finally clean myself. It felt so nice to have the warm water running down my skin. I can feel all the grime coming off my body and my hair is already starting to soften. I was a
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Gage's POV: Friday comes and I'm beyond pissed. We discovered that she left the country through a private plane company. We were able to get the pilot of her plane and he's currently down in the basement for questioning. I've changed from my suit to a black t-shirt and sweatpants. Alex told me that everything was set and that I could go down whenever. So I'm going down now before I have to go finish work for the night. I head downstairs and I notice a few of the maids scurry out of my way as I'm walking downstairs. The entire house has known how pissed off I've been the last few weeks and they've all done their best to appease me. Which gets annoying to a point because I don't need to be smothered by the men. "Here's his file," Alex says, handing me a folder for the pilot waiting in the room. I glance over, getting general information that can be used as a way to get him to talk. When I'm done looking at it I turn back to Alex and hand him the folder. "Let the game begin,"
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"Make sure Alex gets record of all the files," I tell Felicity as I pull on my pants. She nods as she fixes her make up. "I'll be back in a few weeks for another report. Call me if anything happens." "Got it boss," she smiles at me. "See ya later sir." I just nod my head at her before I leave the office and head back to the main room. Alex is still sitting at our table, engrossed in his phone. He recently got engaged and hates coming to our brothels and what not. But his fiancé knows it for his job and she trusts him. "When we get back to the house I'll need you to sort the files," I tell Alex as I sit down. "Always so bossy Gage," Alex chuckles and I roll my eyes at him. "Next time you say that I'll shoot you," I retort. "More lies tonight. Keep 'Em coming!" He continues to mess with me. "You're such a dick," I say and sit down. I glance up on the stage and Ashlynn is still in the same spot. My eyes just gravitate towards her and I can't stop them. I can't contro
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