Chapter I

I wake up and quickly feel disoriented. I don't know where I am. I can't recognize anything around me. Well as far as I can see around me, I am in a pitch-black room. The small spec of light that faintly illuminates the room is coming from beneath the door. I am lying down on a cold stiff bed. There is no much furniture around the room, just where I'm lying, a sink, and a toilet. Soon it dawns on me, I am in a prison. How does a hybrid manage to end up in a prison? I sit up on the bed and quickly feel light-headed. I press my hand on my forehead in an attempt to stop the room from moving before my eyes. The darkness is welcoming, though. I don't think that with how lightheaded I feel I could handle too much light right now. I look down at myself and see that my right long-sleeved has been cut, exposing my arm. I look at my forearm and see that I have white gauze with medical tape. I gently pull it out and see a small needle incision. They have taken some of my blood. I'm not healing

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