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I never thought I would find myself in a situation like this. I wanted to be normal. There wasn't supposed to be anything special about me. But as soon as I turn eighteen, things turned south. My crush on the Astronomy professor isn't as innocent as I thought. The rudest jock in the academy has a hold of my lust. And I am no longer human. What has my life turn into?

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Author's Note
Hi!My name is Paola and I'm an aspiring writer. This book was written by the 16th-year-old me. I decided to upload it here on GoodNovel to see what reactions I could get from readers. I know that the story needs to work in grammar. I wanted to put it out there because gaining readers and seeing what people think of my craft is what inspires me to keep fighting to become a successful writer. This is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, it is my passion. So, I hope you enjoy what've done so far and any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Nighttime, and I'm walking around my school halls. So empty. So cold. So quiet. Not completely silent though, there is a sound. A loud bang resonates through the hallways. Gets higher and higher every time my feet move towards it. Then suddenly it stops. I look behind me and the school is no more. 
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Chapter I
I look around me. Thank goodness, it was just a dream. The collar of my nightdress is all wet. I'm sweating. Besides me, the clock shows that's three in the morning. I just have a few more hours before getting up for school. I turn and try to find sleep again, but it's futile. For some reason I can't shake away the uneasiness I felt in the dream. Rising from my bed, I walk to my bathroom and look at myself. I look awful. These dreams are getting a hold on me. My dark brown eyes are injected with blood. Sweat that smells like fear, drips down my neck. I wash my face in an attempt to fix my appearance a bit.
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Chapter II
The next morning I wake all sore and confused. My neck and back, ache. It feels like I was hiking an impossibly high mountain or something. I remember last night but quickly dismiss the thought. It's just craziness. Mia's craziness. Why am I sore? I rub my hands up and down my arms and they are slightly different. They feel stronger. Toned. I walk to the bathroom and look at myself. I gasp. 
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Chapter III
The next morning I wake to find a black chest in front of my bed. It has some beautiful carvings. They look like symbols, ancient symbols. Lines form loops, waves, and circles. The chest is big, almost like one of my chest drawers. On the lid, there are some more symbols, or runes, I think. I can't be sure. I touch them and I feel a low bolt of electricity. I yank my hand away. This is too strange. But having the chest there or not, I have to get to class."Hey, I heard your birthday was yesterd
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Chapter IV
The next day I wake a little bit hazy. I don't even know how I managed to sleep. My head it's trying to process this...this thing. Vampire. I'm a freaking vampire. This kind of stuff doesn't happen in real life. Is it possible that everything once held in books and spread around like legends are actually true? Looking at the mirror I see my eyes going from soft brown to deep blue. I need to control this. How do I control this? Am I going to become a blood-sucking monster? I get out of bed and head to class, even though I know I won't be able to concentrate.
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Chapter V
A few days have passed since the incident with Chris, but the rumors haven't stopped. They get worse the longer I don't deal with them. Kissing, making out, touching, first base, second base; the list goes on and on. My fury escalates by the day and by the weeks. I don't know what to say to him. I don't want him to remember what happened. What really happened? But what if he does remember? Will he be freaked? Who wouldn't? I just hope, that if he is, he doesn't start some kind of hunt, then it would be vampire huntings all over again like in the movies.
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Chapter VI
Dean is shaking me. His voice is far away, like a long lost whisper. My body is numb. I don't feel my legs, or arms, or body. My eyes are out of focus. I feel myself talking, but I don't hear myself. I know there are words in my mouth, but I don't know what I'm saying. My throat hurts and it isn't because of blood. I'm not moving my lips; I'm screaming, over and over again. Dean keeps shaking me. I come back to my senses. I stop."Alice, what's wrong? What happened?" He places his hands on my ar
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Chapter VII
We haven't seen a lot of Megan around, not since we discovered that she is a Deamhan. We have taken a few precautions though. I finally have started to wear the red teardrop pendant that Mia had given to me in the black chest. It's a jasper stone. Very pretty; it's highly known for its protective qualities. Also, I've been carrying around a small pocket knife in my jeans or inside the boots I wear. This was insisted by Mia, even though I think I can protect myself on my own, without the help of knives or any objects. I may not know what my full powers are, but I'm sure instinct will kick in when I need it.
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Chapter VIII
I have evaded William completely since that night. In class, I seat far back. On the hallways, if he's coming I find another path or simply turn around. I just don't know what to say to him. I already can hear his questions: "Why did you run? Is it that you don't like me? Is it Chris?" I really don't know how to handle it. Plus, I have had Britney following my every move lately. I guess that's because Megan isn't around and she is keeping an eye on me. No matter, Mia keeps her eyes on her.After classes, I go back to the commo
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