Chapter 161

ONE MONTH LATER, Chloe Rein and the Seven Geniuses got a message from Prince Ciaran himself that Drake Lornn, Theo Jon and Vivien Li were awakened. Princess Zillah told Ciaran was truly happened, and the queen demanded for information but the two remained mouth shut. The atmosphere in the palace was getting gloomier as time went by.

After rescuing Jucel from being hostaged by the queen, Chloe began to become attentive to her surroundings. Neptos was gone for a month already, saying that he had to attend to something important. Chloe, however, trained nonstop every chance she gets. Her ability in archery drastically increased, and her swordsmanship was - in Jucel's comment - scary. Barbie and Kieran became her regular opponents in close combat.

The only thing that Chloe couldn't master, and hated so much, was the Inner Core Enhancement which required her to meditate. Every time she attempted to close her eyes and turn her mind blank, it's as if her inner core woul

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