The Dance of Fates: Bellatrix

The Dance of Fates: Bellatrix

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[COMPLETED] Fates... How much do you believe in Fates? Centuries ago, a prophecy was told. In time, bits of pieces were lost. The remaining was preserved but it left many questions: "Every period of time comes forth the Archnemesis. The night will fall like the snow in winter season and the day will come like a flower that blooms in springtime. War shall cause the lives of many and the weak shall suffer. But lo, and behold, in a family of winter shall come the Blood Star of every generation. Strength and might that shall spill the blood of its Adversary by the death with its soul." Chloe Liu just wanted to become a fully pledged Kryst, a soldier of the Kingdom of Demetrius. Lucian Liu and the members of the Seven Geniuses just wanted to protect his sister. Prince Ciaran, the Særi ust Trūx (Future King), just wanted to protect the Kingdom of Demetrius along with his friends. What if the Fates wanted more? Ambition, love, manipulation, and power. The 27th Blood Star Bellatrix has to get through to the end. But will Bellatrix be able to turn the water to blood?

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192 Chapters
24th Blood Star: Shaula
THE sky was already dark; clouds were covering the sky as if shielding the sun from what was happening below. Smoke and fog covered the clearing, fire licked the ground. The wind howled, the fire dance in the air as violent as the event around it.A black hawk flew above, daring the wind to overthrow it. It squawked loudly as it soars, and then flying down, passing through the blazing fire without touching it.A figure in a black robe - hood covering its head, and half of its face - stood with its broad sword on the shoulder while being surrounded by a dozen soldiers. The tall figure was a man of a muscular built, tanned complexion, and thick lips that was curled up in a carefree smirk. Bodies littered across and around him.He didn't budge from his position when a tall woman dropped from nowhere. Unlike the figure in black, the woman was wearing a camouflage baggy pants, and a black tight cropped top with her camouflage jacket tied securely around her thin waist. She was grinning, her
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Chapter 1
AT PRESENT TIMESMelenōs FortressHelengrein, Deirdre THE wind howled as the trees danced wildly. The fortress located at the west end of Deirdre, one of the three great lands of Demetrius, stood a hundred feet tall and extended from the northern to southern fortresses. It served as the defense borders of the Kingdom of Demetrius and faced the sea that leads to the neutral and mysterious kingdom, Sarania.The fortress was silent. There were no soldiers roaming around to guard the western section of Deirdre
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Chapter 2
"THE Capital city of Vestia, Galenus, was named after the son of Demetrius' first King. Galenus died at a very young age," her mother once told her when she was still a child."But why did he die?" she remembered asking.Her mother smiled. Faline Liu was always glowing in radiance like the sun in the morning. "He was compassionate about his fellow children. He was the very first of the Royal Children to bring them to safety each time war broke out."Chloe's memories about the story their mother would always tell them came like a flood. She loved those stories. Stories about heroes of every generation, and warriors from different lands of Demetrius, with the land of Markus as the greatest.But she hasn't been informed that the city of Galenus was this actively engaged in all sorts of business. As she looked around while Lucian and Barbie are looking for things needed, Chloe saw children and adults scattered in the streets, either buying or selling differen
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Chapter 3
DINNER was served at their common hall, the ground floor of the west wing. This was the only hall where both males and females of the dorm get to talk to each other. There were roughly a hundred girls and boys chatting in the common hall.The food was superb and delicious but the serving crew was composed of Nursing Eries, helpers that are usually assigned within the house. Chloe saw some of those in Deirdre, helpers of rich Deirdre peasants. Their eyes were bulging out, their noses were large, and their lips were pouting. Their skin was blue, and they were full of wrinkles. Not a good sight while getting your food."Where's Lucian?" Chloe asked Barbie as they carried their trays to the vacant table at the center of the hall. Jucel tagged along, keeping her head down most of the time."They're going somewhere with our friends," Barbie answered. She put down her tray of food on the table and sat at the wooden chair. "Probably to check out some houses where we can
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Chapter 4
THE academy was full of chaotic students. There are some who had wings and they were chasing each other in the hallway, not caring if they crashed into the property of the academy.Chloe noticed that land origins are what distinguished every student, not by their elemental powers. They wore white robes with color and design at the back.There are three land origins that were classified in the Krystalline Academy: Deirdre with its inhabitants are called peasants, Markus with its denizens, and Vestia with its residents.Deirdre peasants are wearing a white robe with green and yellow linings that looked like vines with a circling one at the back of their robes and a parakeet bird at the center. Chloe knew that the parakeet bird was a common bird in Deirdre and it symbolizes stealth. Deirdre has been the only land associated with pure nature. No wonder it was designed like vines.Markus denizens had their robes designed with metallic gray. Two swords were cro
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Chapter 5
CHLOE went out of the Eshmirald Tower with her academic supplies. She was greeted by the blinding light of the sun as she stepped out of the shadows. Chloe had to cover her eyes with the back of her hand.She wondered who that man could be. He was acting mysterious when he saved her from that bully, Kirsten, and her friends but when they were gone, he was flustered."Chloe!" The said girl jolted from her thoughts and turned to that familiar energetic voice.Barbie was waving her hand from the distance while dragging the dazed Jucel with her other hand. Lucian and some guys were following the two girls. She could even see Zabdiel and Jared with them.Chloe noticed that one of them was a man with a white cloth covering his eyes. But the amazing thing was that this man was able to walk steadier without guidance.Barbie stopped at Chloe's side and quickly draped her free arm around the younger woman's waist. Chloe was taller than Barbie which made the
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Chapter 6
AT THE CENTER of the city of Galenus, the Krystalline Palace was glinting under the sunlight, flaunting the royal symbol of the main Capital of Demetrius. The walls that surround the palace were painted with silver and it was eight feet tall. Several Defense Krysts were stationed at each entrance with few Cimēræ accompanying them.Inside the palace, a man in his 20's was sitting on the stairs of the palace, putting on his black combat boots when the queen and her personal servants descended. The queen smiled as she made her way to her son."Ciaran, it's still early in the morning. Are you going back to the city of Markus?"The man was the 2nd prince of Demetrius, Prince Ciaran, but he was the 1st heir to the throne for several reasons. He stood up, fixing his belt on his white and gold suit before he faced his mother. He smiled softly at her, his emerald green eyes seemed twinkling. Some of his auburn locks are covering his eyes."I want to check on the progress my men made in Helengre
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Chapter 7
"HAVE you identified what caused his death?" Prince Ciaran asked Tara who checked on the dead Kryst they saw at the border of the forest. Drake and Theo went to bury the dead.The three Krysts were his direct subordinates and close friends. They were with the royal siblings since their younger years. This is why Prince Ciaran was more comfortable with them than anyone else in the palace, other than his siblings.Tara shook her head. For once her sleep-deprived eyes seemed alert this time. "The mist around the memories of the Defense Kryst was thicker than usual, Your Highness. But it seemed that the soldier was on the run. We can assume that he was attacked.""But by whom?" Ciaran asked, more likely to himself rather than Tara.Drake and Theo went back to them and they all set forth towards the gate of the fortress. As Theo and Drake opened the gate, Ciaran could already sense something was wrong. There was a faint smell of rotten things, and the fort seemed deserted.Ciaran unsheathed
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Chapter 8
CHLOE let out a loud gasp and closed her eyes tightly; a sharp scream escaped her throat.She waited for her body to smash against the rocky ground when a pair of strong arms caught her from mid-air. She instinctively clutched her savior's shirt. They landed with a soft thud. "Are you okay?" a concerned voice asked. She blinked her eyes open and looked up before her jaw dropped. He was looking at her with his thick eyebrows scrunched in obvious worry. He has that strong perfect jaws, and the perfect curved eyes... and those thin pinkish lips... "J-Jared..." she stuttered. She realized that she was still in Jared's arms. She scrambled off him and steadied her balance. "Y-Yeah... Thanks for helping me." His lips curled in a lopsided smile. For once, Chloe was mesmerized. His face lightened up when he smiles... even a little. His eyes gazed upon the branch then back at her. "What are you doing up the tree?" he asked. He still had that emotionless tone of voice that she knew would erup
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Chapter 9
SHE'S absolutely not going inside without Lucian. That was Chloe's decision. She knew that Lucian's room will be in the Opall tower so she tried to find him.With more than fifty rooms in the Opall tower, Chloe knew she will not be able to find him before the said interrogation ended. Nobody knows what will happen if she's late.Goodness! Where, in the name of Demetrius, are you, Lulu-chi? she nearly screamed in her mind.Chloe started to wring her fingers together at her back as she stood at the stairs inside the tower. If Lucian was indeed inside, he must know that she didn't arrive yet. He will come to find her."Hey," a smooth, manly voice called out from the entrance of the tower.Chloe turned to him, recognizing her brother's voice immediately. She instantly saw him because of his blonde hair, blue eyes, and the white cloth that was covering his ears."Lulu-chi! Where have you been?" she exclaimed.Lucian jerked his thumb at his back. "We had some errands. Barbie and the others w
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