Twenty six: New

Shocked, I moved my lips without uttering a word. And noticing that I looked stupid, I huffed. I couldn't say anything. 

"You're silly." Adrienne chuckled, and tapped his arm. He raised his other hand, and pinched her cheek. 

What was all this? How could she be paying attention to him when a whole Sebastian Martinez was in front of her? Although I had huffed, she didn't even look at me. Was she that in love with him?

Fine, he was tall and handsome. Amber brown eyes, fine pink lips, straight nose and nice brows, he all possessed. But that wasn't an excuse for her to not pay attention to me. For jeez' sake, a lot of girls cried to stay with me. So what was with her? Had she forgotten I used to be her husband? Couldn't she pay some respects?

"Guess who's cute on her first day" the irritating guy uttered. I wanted to scoff, but that would seem rude. And wait, how could he feel so comfortable to

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