Dominant Husband: Her worth

Dominant Husband: Her worth

By:  Praise Odulesi  Completed
Language: English
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*Still editing*Sebastian Martinez was a Playboy. Cruel, ignorant, cold, irritable; he all was. Getting married to Adrienne by an arranged marriage, he couldn't learn to be committed to their relationship. Although Adrienne had been really hopeful that he'd change someday, her hope got shattered at a point her effort started to seem like it wasn't reflecting. After a devastating betrayal from Sebastian, she decided to get divorced to him. Happy, he really was. But, would his happiness last forever?Meeting her a few months later, Sebastian felt the need to have this woman back. But well, maybe it was too late for him. Adrienne had a guy who made her happy, who made her forget her past pain. As her love journey became tough, who would she fall for? The guy who liked her, and always made her happy? Or her ex-husband who betrayed her?~Read to know more!❤️

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61 Chapters
Adrienne————Sitting on a stool in the huge hall, I stared at the withering flowers in my hands. The place was void, begging for just one drop of water to be heard. Not even one person could be seen, nor a voice could be heard. All that moved around me was pure silence. The diamond chandelier made a slight sound, causing me to raise my head to stare at the beautiful thing. And seeing the bright crystals that it was made of, my eyes watered. It was weird to get emotional by only staring at a mere crystal, but what else could I do than to cry?I tried to blink away the tears in my eyes, lowering my head to proceed in gluing them to the flowers. Staring at the flowers was the only thing that could presently bloom a conviction within me. Conviction at the fact that things would get better in the future. Unable to get rid of my pressuring thoughts, a different degree of tears formed in my eyes for an innumerable time. All I could do at this point was to either be filled with regrets, or
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One: Surprised?
"Lauretta!" With so much agitation, I plodded down the stairs, hurrying to my friend. Best friend. The hotness in my feet worsened, my heart racing really fast. All that filled me was "nervousness." This news was just so unexpected. Sebastian was coming home after a month? Reaching the last step, my feet stumbled against each other, causing me to slip and fall to the floor. "Ugh!" I let out a groan, using my hand to tug the pain I felt on my back.  "Gosh babe!" Lauretta ran towards me, sounding so worried and stressed out. "You've gotta keep calm. You're only going to hurt yourself." "This hurts so much," I mumbled, stretching my hand so she could help to get me up.  She giggled, and accepted my hand, helping me to get up. "Don't stress yourself too much. Sebas will come whenever he feels like. Your unnecessary exhilaration will do nothing." "Lies." I frowned, pinching
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Two: Remedy.
"O—oh," I stammered, feeling embarrassed and really surprised to see him. How in the world did he get there? Was I so intense in my mimicry that I didn't even hear the sound of the door? "What's going on here?" He jerked me out of my thoughts, a weird impulse prickling through me.  I swallowed, lowered my head, felt so scared of his sight. "I didn't know you've arrived. Welcome back home." "Were you mimicking me?" His voice grew thicker and harsher.  "Mimicking?" I shook my head in castigation, lifting my neck to stare back at him. "No no. I was—I was only…" I lied.  He sniggered, removed his hands from his pocket, linking his arms on his chest. "It seems like the punishment you've suffered, isn't enough. You need more." "I'm…" I sighed, feeling more nervous. "Sorry for it. I wouldn't have done that if I knew you were
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Three: Ready?
Petrified, I squirmed my neck to take a glimpse at Sebastian. Funnily enough, he was already darting hard scowls at me. I felt the need to tell him he had to continue to put on an act, but boom, he wasn't human. He'd only end up squealing insults at me.   Thinking about the fact that mom would be hurt if I didn't signal to him soon, I was forced to shake my head at him, my eyes mirroring so much fear. Good, he grasped the intent behind the swaying of my head.  He clenched his jaw, dropped his arm from my shoulder, took in a tired inhalation. "Mom," was what he said. His voice was shaky, hot and harsh, but silent.  My heart pounded against my chest, anxiety engrossing me. Fine, it was stupid that I was fearful because of the mere words mom said, but, I was the only one who understood my problems.  Three weeks ago, mom had spoken about the same thing. In fact, she was weeping a
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Four: Goodnight.
Okay. This was getting too awkward. Sebastian hadn't ever taken his time to stare at me intensely. What was up with him now? His smile was cute, but there was definitely a terrible thing behind it. He looked like one of those evil people in creepy movies.  "Ready— for what?" I choked out, bulging my eyes, my voice shaky as well.  He let out a snort, crumpled his eyebrows into a frown. I knew it. I was expecting a frown. "Aren't you ready to join me in bed? At least, you've been crying for a child, right?" "Oh, that." I chuckled nervously, swallowed, blinked like a confused dolphin. "I've got to…" my remaining words got stuck in my vocal cord. Oh my, this man scared me as hell.  "Got to what?" He took a step closer, smirking harder, speaking lower. That voice wasn't normal. There was a hoarse sound in it.  "Well…" I lowe
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"Ugh!" I grouched, impelling back and forth on the bed. I was sleeping on Lauretta's bed, and as clear as I knew, the bed was comfy enough. So what the heck was disrupting my sleep now? Ignoring the inconvenience, I reached for the pillow beside me, digging it against my ear. But, that didn't seem to work. The thing that shook me, only became worse.  "Common, kitten!" The voice whispered, swirling my body as if I was made of a mere cotton. "You know you've gotta speak to that dude before he leaves. Common." I pulled my lips into a pout, squeezing my face like a baby who was crying for its food. "Leave me alone. I'm tired," I mumbled.  "Sleepy head!" The voice cried, still speaking in a low voice. Oh, it was Lauretta. "Sebas will leave anytime soon! This is the only chance you've got! Goodness knows when he'll be back, if he leaves now." Hearing “Sebas,” I sa
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Six: Liberty
Blank, I kept staring at him. If he spoke right now, he'd definitely curse at me.  "And when did you start caring about my attitude towards you?" He bit out, seeming so flustered.  I sighed. "That's not how I meant it. I was only trying to tell you to keep calm. You don't always have to be harsh. It's not like I did anything bad by caring about you."  He bit his lip, smiled in between, letting out a throaty laugh. A laugh that seemed like, “damn this girl's testing my nerve.” "Is this a scold or what?" He demanded.  I averted from his gaze, scared. "I'm not scolding. I'm just saying what I feel. I know you're a dominant person, but that doesn't mean you have to be so… mean." "What?" His voice was low, sounding quite shocked or something. But wait, what was I doing as well? "Yes." I turned back to him
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Seven: Huh?
Slipping on a white tank top and black jean trouser, I grabbed my hair brush from the desk in front of the huge glass mirror which covered the left side of the closet, then brushed my hair smoothly. Applying a strawberry scented oil on it, I reached a hair tie, packed my full hair in a fist, and tied the band around it.  "Perfect," I muttered amid a sigh, then stretched my hand to reach the lip gloss. After adding it, I smacked my lips against each other, grabbed my purse, checking myself in the mirror, again.  I contemplated on whether or not to add lipstick instead, and to wear a contact lens. But noticing how pretty I looked, I brushed off that thought. My lips were pink enough, and my amber colored eyes gleamed like a contact lens. Being natural was just fine for the evening.  Inhaling, I twirled to the door, still being hesitant on whether or not to leave this mansion. For some reason, I had a crazy f
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Eight: Devil, or deep blue sea?
"Um, you're nuts?" Lauretta broke the silence. I wanted to signal to her that we needed to run, but she didn't seem like she was gonna listen. She always acted like some kind of psycho.  I laughed anxiously, grabbed her wrist, then moved backwards a little. "Oh, dude. It seems like you're mistaking us for someone else. Maybe you should go and—" "Nope," he insisted. "I'm not. I know you. And yeah, I want you guys to satisfy me. If you don't do that, I'll—" "Shut the fuck up!" Lauretta cut him off. I quivered, but she only seemed bold. This wasn't the time for her to be bold. This guy was freaking huge! To kill it all, the place was damn silent. What if he… attacked us or something? "Yo, baby!" He lowered his brows into a frown, straightening his shoulder. Shit, this guy could kill us. He just looked like… a wrestler. Aha! Just like Roman Reigns. The same body shape and a
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Nine: Shocked.
I had to do something. Something that wasn't known. Maybe Laury and I needed to act like some kind of Kung Fu fighters. Or yeah, like those Mafia people. It could help. As for me, I was good at punching. I could be emotionally weak, but that didn't mean I was physically weak as well. Also, Lauretta knew how to handle animals. Threatening the dog and fighting this idiot could be a solution. But how would I fight this huge thing? I was too short for damn sake. My height was always a problem for me, right from my school days. "Laury." I inhaled, bit my lower lip, raised my shoulder, and squinted my eyes at her. "Let's do this. Life's always hard. Take care of the dog, and I'll take care of this gross thing."She glimpsed at the huge guy, and shook her head. "You're sure you can do this?" Worry mirrored through her face. "This one seems so dangerous.""Yeah." I sighed, let out a shaky laugh, actually doubting myself. At least, someone had to save us. I would do it. "Alright then." She n
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