Chapter 644 Daylight Robbery

The woman simply did not think Eric would do anything to her for Tanya’s sake. After all, she had been working for Eric for two years. Her work was not terrible either. “You can say whatever you like. You’re not really good at anything except for tattling and selling your sob stories. We gave you the money for food and everything else on that day, and now, you’re trying to extort us for more money. Thank goodness none of us taught you anything, it would’ve been a thankless task. Mr. Nathaniel, please beware. Don’t just pick up any rotten thing that comes your way. A woman without any relatives must have an ulterior motive for clinging onto you.”

Tanya burst into tears of anger. It was bad enough that they were twisting facts. It was even more insulting to hear them speak of her this way when she had never harbored any intention toward Eric!

Eric’s face turned ashen from anger. “Should I teach you manners? You’re lucky I’m the one dealing with this matter instead of Tiffany Lane or Aria
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