Forbidden Love Stories

Forbidden Love Stories

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**NOVEL ONLY FOR 18+ AGE** If you are not into Adult and Mature Romance/Hot Erotica then please don't open this book. Here you will get to read Amazing Short Stories and New Series Every Month and Week. There are some such secret moments in everyone's life that if someone comes to know, it can embarrass them, or else can excite them. Secretly you wish to relive these guilty and sweet memories again and again. So let me share some similar secret and exciting moments and such short stories with you guys that make your heartthrob and curl your toes in excitement. Let get lost in the world of Forbidden Love Stories. Check My 2nd Book: Lustful Hearts Check My 3rd Book: She's Taken Away

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Good ... I love it
2024-03-27 13:49:11
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Misty Johnson Bundy
I am already wet after reading just a little!
2024-02-08 10:11:20
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Sohail Khan
i like ...️...️...️ you ... your are best story
2023-10-27 22:39:25
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Racheal Dennis
Great book. It reminds me of Unholy Affairs. You can check it out here in goodnovel.
2023-07-27 13:42:53
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Royals Media
New updates and chapters are good.. ...... finally author is back
2023-01-13 20:46:53
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Samiksha Kumbalwar
update please
2022-09-28 16:14:53
user avatar
pyke Yap
what happened author?
2022-09-25 01:11:58
user avatar
pyke Yap
again no update here?
2022-09-25 01:11:42
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Nightlady Smile
updates pls
2022-09-22 20:44:05
user avatar
Wiseong Haneul
how often do you update? its been a while already
2022-09-22 14:45:58
default avatar
new chapter pls
2022-09-22 02:39:52
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Parwan Kaur
dear author can u write a story about Ethan and lexy and also Harvey and tori please ..
2021-09-06 16:49:34
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Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
nice story
2021-08-11 01:08:26
user avatar
Fangki Montu
cara mentranslate ke Indonesia
2021-08-10 14:44:33
user avatar
What a sweet chapter ending…
2021-07-12 19:52:48
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I Pretend To Be Asleep - Part 1
I was new in the city and at the time I lived with my best friend. In her house, his brother, and their mother lived together like a big joint family. We planned a get-together for friends today. My friend also invited a guy she'd met at her job named Jon. This house was HUGE, it was I believe 5 bedrooms, with a finished attic and basement space, and a little room off the side of the living room that could also be converted into a room. It took up a whole fucking street corner. We had all been up all night, my best friends and Jon. Jon was the type that we never gave a second thought to, he was always just around. He was a cool enough guy, pretty laid back. We didn't know much about him other than he was an acquaintance and coworker of my friend's mother, His age was about 24 or so, and he was staying
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I Pretend To Be Asleep - Part 2
His rubbing turned into a slightly forceful prodding, between my lips, down to my clit, where he ran his index finger in circles around it.This caused me to arch my back a bit, letting out a moan. I quickly became aware that everyone in the other rooms was probably still sleeping. The house sounded still.
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My Friend's Little Sister Part 1
One night, I was hanging out with one of my friend's house. We had been smoking and drinking most of the night, and we just sat down to watch a movie after working on his car for a bit. I felt thirsty, so I grabbed two beers from the fridge, and just then his little sister, Briana, and her friend walked in.Both of them were cute, and I had been trying to hit either of them, but I was preoccupied with other things at the moment. They both had on cute skimpy outfits on as they had gotten back from the club.
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My Friend's Little Sister Part 2
It is time for the main dish; I turn her hips towards me and I slowly take off her shorts. Her pussy is so dripping wet. She was nicely trimmed, a small patch of short blonde hair presented her beautiful tight pussy. To her surprise and delight, I dove right in. I put both her legs over my shoulders as I stayed kneeled on the floor beside the couch.My face between her legs, slowly licking my way from her inner thighs to her lips. I slowly lick the entrance to her while letting my spit roll off my tongue. I let it drip down fr
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It finally happened!
Story Submitted by a Friend. Enjoy!Just saying', this story is genuine. I just wanted to share it so much with someone.In my class, I had a "bestie" as you call it. But he was a boy. We were friends since 10th grade and just got closer over time.
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The Wrong Package
Walking down the hallway of my apartment, I notice three brown boxes on the floor in front of my door."That was fast!" I say, talking to myself.My amazon order was just placed yesterday. The bastards sure are getting fast. Thank god for Amazon Prime, or I would have to wait a while to replace
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Anonymous In The Van
The parking lot is dark, little light revealing our location. I step out of my car and approach the mysterious van that just parked three spots to my left. The windows are tinted, I am unable to see inside at all. A sticker with the University Of Alabama is on the rear window, just as she said it would be.This is the van I've been waiting for. I approach the right sliding door and grab hold of the handle. Carefully opening the door, I am greeted by a curvy mid-forties brunette in the back seat. On the seat, nude, breasts expo
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A Peculiar Pegging!
It was another birthday about to have come and gone with a little fanfare from either my wife or myself. It didn't really bother me all that much; I mean, thirteen years of marriage plus two kids tend to put a damper on your personal life events.I figured it would be pretty much the same as the last few, Melissa would give me a heartfelt card that I would appreciate followed by a hug and a kiss. Kids would be wrangled into bed, then I would download a fresh PC game as my gift and spend the night conquering the unknown univers
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I Did it With My Tutor - Part 1
My freshman year of university last year was amazing. I love my parents but they're very strict and it was suffocating in high school. After moving thousands of miles away for university, I could finally do all the things I had always wanted to do. I'll admit I probably went a little too crazy, but hey, I had a great time!Above all else, it was my true sexual awakening. I had only lost my virginity [a story for another time] a few months before leaving for college, and that really opened my eyes to how much I had been missing
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I Did it With My Tutor - Part 2
I was frozen with his dick inside my mouth and urging me not to move. I excited in my heart and scared at the same time thinking about what will happen if they find me in this situation. Will they gang up on me or something more I don't know?Luckily, they were just coming in to refill their Brita. It was like 4 in the morning. What the hell were they doing up? Anyway, Justin and I laughed about it and I kept sucking his dick for a while longer. Ugghhhh! he just felt so good in my mouth, but I knew I needed to do something to
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