Chapter 1365 Ethan Connor Is Dead

Melanie chuckled through her tears. “It’s… nothing. I’m just disappointed in him. He doesn’t love me and never will. I’m exhausted and have lost all will to keep going. I’m not going to change my mind, all I want is my daughter. However, Alejandro refuses to let me have her and says he wants to keep Melissa with him. I will never agree to that.”

Tiffany was slightly furious. “Relax, I know how you feel. I understand how important your child is to you since I’m a mother as well. Why don’t you talk to me to clear your head? You’ll feel better. I’m here to listen.”

The women continued chatting until Tiffany had to hang up because she had some business to attend to. Tiffany was still in the office after all.

While Tiffany was working, she kept thinking about Melanie wanting to divorce Alejandro. After she was done with her work, she mulled over it for a moment before she called Alejandro. “Are you free in the afternoon? Let’s meet up. I have something to tell you.”

On the other end, Al
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