Chapter 40 I'll Satisfy All Your Demands

Jenna spun and attempted to flee but Eve Young seized her leg to hamper her. The disturbing sight depicted a child, who lacked the ability to walk, fumbling about on the coarse cement floor while her head became drenched in sweat and streaks of blood stained her hand as she scratched at the floor.

"You want to escape? Your d*mn mother had the tendency to bolt as well, running all over the world. To think you inherited this abhorrent trait as well." Eve discarded the knife in her hands and gritted her teeth as she smacked Jenna's rear time and time again. Jenna could only scream for her mother as great sobs escaped her while she remained locked in Eve's grasp.

Jenna's body was marked with patches of purple and green bruises while her face was coated with layers of dust. Her face was smeared with dirty streaks of blood, sweat, and tears.

Jenna could not produce any more sounds and the cries that escaped her throat were raspy as she sat obediently on the floor and glanced longingly at
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