"What are you doing in here, Fayre?" 

The low resonance of his voice carried his anger with it but Fayre didn't take the hint. 

This was her Jordan after all and no matter how angry he got at her, she always managed to calm him and make him come around her way. 

She smiled at him, subtly pushing her chest out and making her voluptuous breasts more obvious. 

She smirked as she noticed his eyes drop to them momentarily. 

This leopard can never change his spots even if he tried.

"Baby," she drawled, 

"I've been waiting forever for you. Thought I'd surprise you and you know, relieve you of work stress but you weren't here."

She pouted her lips. 

"And you didn't take my calls anyways after the first one you cut before I could say much."

Her voice was the same but it didn't have the same effect on him. 

His eyes snapped to Jojo but she was perfecting the job of avoiding looking at him. 

Fayre chose that moment of distraction to close the space between them. 

One of her hands rested on his chest while the other anchored her body to him. 

"I missed you, honey." She purred softly in his ear, intentionally letting her lips graze his earlobe while pressing herself closer to him. 

She beamed at the feel of his semi hardness, mistaking herself as the reason for its presence. 

Jojo's indifference to the fact that a half naked Fayre was in his arms and practically seducing him built an enraged inferno in him. 

She should be jealous, he wanted her to be jealous that another woman is seeking his sexual attention on the off chance that he might offer it but she didn't even bother to look like she cared.

He might as well be driving his cock into Fayre and she wouldn't bat an eyelash.

Well, he wasn't going to wait for someone who didn't want him when he had another in his arms who's ready to please him. 

His bruised ego got to him and he let his anger control his next action.

He pressed Fayre closer to his body and then forced her mouth open in an rough kiss with his. 

He pushed his tongue into her mouth with a need to take from her all that she was offering. 

Have kissing her always felt like this, empty? 

The glaring answer was an affirmative, he only didn't notice it earlier because he'd never had it any different. 

Not until Jojo. 

It wasn't kissing Fayre that made him harder to a point where it was almost painful, he realized, it was the memory of having Jojo's soft, luscious and delicious lips under his. 

He deepened the kiss in anger, trying and failing in banishing the image of lip locking with his assistant and focusing on the woman he was indulging. 

He bit down on her lip, a bit too hard, tasting deeper, searching for something, anything close to what he'd felt in that brief kiss with Jojo. 

Fayre was happy, silently congratulating herself on a job well done. 

Poor Jordan must not have been getting any while she was away if  the way he was kissing her was anything to go by. 

She missed this and their amazing sex, she was already making plans of having him in her bed. 

She didn't expect to snag him back so easy but she wasn't complaining though. If anything, she was loving his intense assault on her mouth. 

She ground herself into his growing crotch, her loud moans escaping her, rather intentionally, floating in the room. 

Jojo's eyes pricked with tears as she did her best to ignore Jordan sticking his tongue down his girlfriend's throat. 

They might as well be having sex with the way Fayre's moans were slipping out loud. 

The hot tears burned her eyes. 

He'd kissed her, so what? 

She had no business being jealous because he was making out with his girlfriend.

Even though the lady lacked in personality, in her opinion, she was the definition of gorgeous and she herself wasn't. 

He'd even gone ahead to make a point of ignoring her after. That alone should have been hint enough that he regretted it but she'd been too stupid to see it. 

The tears blurred her vision until she couldn't see a word of the document displayed on her screen but she didn't let them fall.

She was hurting and she was stupid to be. 

When she dared to glance at them, she wished she hadn't. 

The mockery of them going hard at each other was too much for her. 

She willed herself to focus on her   job and pay them no more attention even if they decide to go on and have sex right here in their fucking work space. 

The kiss didn't have the desired effect on Jordan. 

Rather than assuaging his anger and making him feel better, it was only pissing him off at himself for loosing his head and letting his anger control his actions. 

The memory of Jojo meeting the stroke of his tongue, kissing him back enthusiastically, though brief it was, was blocking out the reality of having Fayre now. 

He broke the kiss off and disentangled himself from Fayre's exploring hands. 

He felt like an idiot at the moment for letting himself get mixed with her again. 

He could cut himself some slacks and blame it on his stressed mind but it didn't take away the fact that it was a stupid move. 

He noticed the smug smile she flashed in Jojo's direction, like she was that cat who got all the cream. 

She didn't change in all the months they hadn't been together. 

The need to be in competition with every female who dared come withing five feet of him was still there. 

That possessive attitude had been the initial reason for their break up and the reason he won't ever consider getting back with her. 

He was nobody's to own. 

Jojo was her newest prey but there's no way in hell he'll let Fayre mess with her. 

Not happening. 

"Mmmmm," She sighed, "that was one hell of a kiss. I missed you too, honey."

The satisfaction lacing her voice didn't go unnoticed by him. 

"I hoped to show you a better time than this, you know, she you how much I really missed us. Didn't know you've got yourself an assistant now."

Her hands were back on him, more determined in their purpose. They trailed his body, her eyes screaming 'take me right here, right now.'

He won't lie and say it didn't affect him, his body was stirring with her baiting him with her come hither look. 

But she didn't promise the level of intense, satisfactory pleasure that kissing Jojo alone had brought him. 

His eyes shot to her direction as the thought of her entered his mind. 

She was still clicking away furiously at her computer that he doubted her focus could be broken for a second even if he did something as bizzare as get naked and dance on his desk. 

Fayre's hands continued their assauu on him even going as far as popping a third button of his shirt, her fingers relished grazing his exposed skin.

"Tonight, at my place, I'll let you have me any way you want. Let me take care of you." She whispered in his ear. 

He was considering taking her up on the offer. It wasnt because he was planning on getting back together with her but he needed relief. 

Months of celibacy messes with a man's head. 

It is either he gets laid soon or go fucking insane with his needs and desires. 

The latter was a more appealing option and if his crazy ex was offering, then why not? 

"I'll see you Fayre." Her lips curved in a sly smile. 

"I have work to get to," He caught her hand with his and got her off him, "you should run along, I'll see you when I see you."

She sauntered over to his desk to get her clutch bag, swaying her hips to keep his attention on her before she came back and made a show of kissing him good bye. 

Jordan didn't begin to feel relief when the door finally slid shut, locking a departing Fayre out.

Her stupid self was still smarting over her boss who didn't give two piece of flying shut if she lived or died. 

Why had he kissed her then if he was still with his girlfriend? 

Worse still, why had she let him? 

And why had she let that single kiss get to her so much? 

Way too many questions. 

It made no difference if he'd given her the best kiss of her life, he belonged to another. 

She bit back the annoying tears that came rushing back into her eyes, blaming the embarrassing reaction on her high stress level. 

She had dared to hope that his kiss hadn't been all out of spite and anger. 

It had felt like something to her and against her better judgement she'd hoped he felt it too. 

Too bad he didn't. 

She'd been a fool, his fool, but this was one too many times.

Lesson learned, nothing will ever come of her fantasies which usually starred her insanely hot boss more often than was average.

She turned all that anger coursing truer to determination and focused all her energy on her work, forbidding her mind from entertaining any thoughts of Jordan. 

The man has a freaking model like girlfriend, she should always remember that before letting herself view them in any scenario that was in anyway less than professional.

She worked for hours on end, only taking a little break to check with Maria on her mother's health progress. 

The card Doctor Thomas had given her still lay on top of her pad right in her top desk drawer. 

Her hand hovered over the button that releases the drawer. 

She'd already gone through the little note of information way too many times. 

She wasn't thinking of going through with Doctor Thomas' advice, right? 


She snatched her hovering hand back and placed it back on her desk.

She continued with Jordan's appointments she was going over. 

She needed to cancel all his Friday appointments for the week. 

He had a function to attend that had come with a late invitation. 

No, scratch that, the damn invitation came in a week early prior to it's due date, but he'd told her point blank that he wasn't going to be attending it. 

Then this today, after ignoring her all morning, he strode to her table, looking hot as hell in his charcoal gray two piece suit that hinted his solid muscles, and told her we will after all be attending the damn function and she was to clear his appointments for the whole day. 

That wasn't even the infuriating part, she had to come along too. 

Now she had to deal with canceling his appointments and finding something presentable to wear on a less than forty eight hours notice. 

He'd made no room for declining so she'd put on her big girl panties and said, "Okay sir."

Damn him. 

It'd secretly made her smile when he'd started receiving those phone calls that made him as mad as he'd made her with that. 

Her major problem now was, how in hell is she expected to endure several long hours in the presence of his volatile girl friend who have made it her life's aim to get her fired? 

She doesn't have a date, was she allowed to anyways? 

She has no bam, jaw dropping dress to go in and she wasn't even sure Maria will agree to throwing in more hours in taking care of her mother. 

Now she has to add finding a nurse for the night and asking the Stratton's to let Riley sleep over at there place to the list of her problems. 

Just peachy. 

You can now officially count her fried. 

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