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Jojo's boss is a pain in the . He's as arrogant and driving as they come but just as deliciously gorgeous. An eye candy that she can never dream to taste. So what is it about him that keeps reminding her of a different Jordan, her childhood best friend and teenage crush? With a sick mum and a ten year old little sister, she has more than enough on her plate to add 'the man in black' whose failed attempt to kill her mother is a promise for worse. Under her boss' roof and protection, she has to unravel the reason behind the killers attempt and the truth her mother have hidden for ten years now while trying to pretend her boss, the Jordan McGrath, doesn't affect her in anyway- Not with his flirting or his touch that keep her wanting more!!

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117 Chapters
 Jojo stood in front of the building complex that was McGrath real estate housing and construction', feeling more nervous than she had the first time she was here.Somehow she had felt more calm during that interview than she did now on her first day of the job she just landed.Well she did land it with the help of her father's friend who had promised to put a word in for her a few places.This happened to be it.And though her resumée wasn't all that enticing, she had been called for the interview here at the beginning of last week and by Wednesday, her employment later was sitting in her mail in a pristine white envelope.She fixed her clothe one last time  before stepping into the building through it's large revolving door.As expected, and as she saw the last time she was here, the floor was busy as everyone went about the business.
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It was Jojo's ringing phone that disrupted the silence in which they worked.She cringed and speedily put it off. You'd think that working in this mandatory silence for six straight months would teach her to always put her ever ringing phone on silent mode.She stealthily raised her eyes to sneak a glance at scary boss man but those hypnotic deep green orbs were already trained on her.Their gazes locked and she felt that zing of desire run down her spine to her most feminine part.Sometimes she wonders if he feels it too.She shifted uncomfortably, moving her eyes away from his, her face burning red.She tried to focus on the monitor of her system as she mutteted a quick, "I'm sorry sir."If she'd thought that time was all it was going to take to cure her of her insane attraction to her incredibly hot boss, Jordan McGrath, then she was in for a surprise.
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Her mom lay frail on the bed, her opened eyes glazed and unfocused, looking worse than she's seen her yet."Mom, I'm here now." She watched for the barely there twitch of her fingers that usually indicated she was heard but it wasn't there.She took the too thin hand in both of hers."What happened, Maria?" She asked the middle aged nurse who took care of Meghan during her office hours."I found like this on the floor, her skin all pale and eyes glazed up like that."Jojo pinched the bridge of her nose, hard.This wasn't as bad as any of the mental images her mind had conjured up after she'd read that text. Everything was going to be okay, she tried convincing herself.  "One thing I'm sure of is that she's getting worse. And you have a lot on your hands. Don't you think it's time you paid what I've been suggesting a thought?""I
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His kiss was intoxicating, combined with feel of his sexy, powerful body, he had her wanting more, craving more than was possible.  His soft but firm lips glided against hers almost roughly, his tongue thrusting into the recess of her mouth without waiting for permission. He wrapped her in a cloud of dangerous desire, brought her forbidden pleasure.  But the image of his eyes so like the one she longed to stare into again brought a pang of guilt with it.  She broke the kiss, missing the warmth that came with his fiery kiss and his arousing tongue almost immediately. His hand was like a steel band around her, still pressing her to him as he raised his head to question her action with his eyes. 
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Jojo hated the smell of hospitals more than she hated anything else.That nauseating pungent reek of bleaking hope and long empty hours.She sat uncomfortably on one of the old brown benches with peeling paint in the plain waiting room, waiting for the gray haired Doctor Thomas that practiced and consulted here to call for them.The room was dusted with a few other patients waiting to be called too along side their supportive family or friends.At least they attempted conversations. They say words and even if they hold no much solid meaning to their audience it felt good to her ears.She wished Meghan would try that sometimes. It would feel good to hear her mother's voice again.It's been so long now she wondered if it would sound the same or foreign if she gets to hear it again.Maybe if she'd tried talking to someone about what happened that night, 
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Fayre didn't notice the other woman in the room upon her entry.All her attention had been honed on the look she'd imagined would be splashed across Jordan's face when he saw her.It's been months since she last saw him and though they'd broken up on very rough terms this last time, she was sure he wouldn't be able to resist her once he saw her again and gets a taste of what he's been missing.After all, she wore this figure hugging, revealing dress whose red color screamed 'fuck me' for a purpose.No man have been able to resist her and her smoking hot body before, he wouldn't be any different, not after she's made special effort to tempt him back.They've had break ups before, ones almost as messy as the current one, but he always took her back anyways. She shouldn't feel any worry about this time around.She stood glaring at the vacant space staring back at her, her disappoin
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"What are you doing in here, Fayre?"  The low resonance of his voice carried his anger with it but Fayre didn't take the hint.  This was her Jordan after all and no matter how angry he got at her, she always managed to calm him and make him come around her way.  She smiled at him, subtly pushing her chest out and making her voluptuous breasts more obvious.  She smirked as she noticed his eyes drop to them momentarily.  This leopard can never change his spots even if he tried. "Baby," she drawled,  "I've been waiting forever for you. Thought I'd sur
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It was just seven pm, give or take a few minutes as Jojo stood outside her house.Whatever function they were attending didn't start until eight but Jordan had insisted she be ready by seven so here she was.She was nervous.Well she was until Jordan's sleek, black Mercedes pulled to a stop in front of her miserable excuse of a home.First, all that nervousness had transformed into a soul ripping pool of embarrassment and then they'd morphed into a sizzling bolt of desire that made her wish she had time to go back in and change her under wear as soon as his door had opened and the man stepped out.He was incredibly hot for lack of better words.He was the perfect blend of gorgeous and sexy. Fuck he gave the words meaning on a whole different level.A Much, much, better level.His whole six feet three body was decked out in a snug fitting,
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A fucking princess!That is what Jojo felt like.The perfect, figure hugging, black dress she had on, God bless whoever picked it out, was nothing short of gorgeous.It did wonderful things to her figure, hugging her in all the right places.Her hair had been released from the boring bun she'd done it in and was now in amazing curly waves that flowed down her back.'Miss touchy', whose name she'd learned was Betty, had performed magic on her and she could hardly believe that the woman that had smiled back at her from the wide, floor length mirror was indeed herself.Albeit the surprise it had been and the snarking voice at the back of her head that keeps asking her,'Why is he doing this? What does he want?'she could really kiss him right now.A high crashing thought flitted through her mind.
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The front door creaked open and there were footsteps.Meghan knew they didn't belong to anyone she wanted to see in the moment.Not even Layla, the new lady that pops in every now and again to check on her since sweet ol' Maria left, didn't walk like that.For one, they were heavy and patterned and definitely belonged to a male.A big one at that, probably with dirty blonde hair, receding hairline, reeking breath and eyes as brown as they were malevolent.Fear clogged her throat, stealing her already shallow breath and a slight tremor shook her thin body.Doors were being thrown open, she could hear it, and there were more footsteps now.He'd brought people with him.She knew who that devil in her house was and what he was looking for but he'd have to literally take her to hell to get it.She prayed to every God listening&
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