Almost Yours
Almost Yours
Author: Forevergoldiee
Chapter 1- Breathe


Breathe Em, my subconscious told me, slightly massaging my shoulders. Batting down  my eyelashes, I sighed in relief until it opened back and I realized I was yet to be unnerved, out in the sun and being burnt like a potato. There were two things I hated; Being delayed and people who didn't keep to time. These traits were basically what Mimi seemed to possess and heaven knew, I was going to kill her if I saw her.

Strolling aimlessly on campus, hoping to stumble at her department was no fun and I wondered why Riverside was so big anyway. Annoying piece of shit.

There was a reason why Riverside got me mad sometimes and I guess it was cause I had a lot of expectations. Yeah, expectations births disappointments. That sounded like one of the books on mom's shelf that wouldn't have caught my attention anyway since I was too busy with 'The One Nightstand, Dying to Have him', to name a few that painted the picture of finding your one true love, the designed pattern--playing hard to get, the game and then eventually falling always got me.

Regardless, Riverside was Ivy League. What did Ivy League mean again? Well, it was pretty popular and prestigious and had me screaming my guts out when I got admission. Only I could testify to the efforts I put into studying, coming up with a brilliant application letter, etc. 

People got celebrated making into into the university--without the actual degree but it didn't live up to my expectations or maybe I just didn't know my way around with having friends and all.

Adjusting my bag's hand on my shoulder, my phone rang from my jeans short's back pocket and I brought it out, plunging it to my ears immediately after seeing the caller iD was Mimi.

"Took you long enough, didn't it?" I asked and exhaled while she only chuckled. "It's not funny."

"I know, I know," she said and paused. "There's been a change of plan, Em. I have to stay for another twenty minutes. We have this uh...class."

"Oh my gosh!" I exhaled, running my hand into my ponytail. My back had started to ache and I stretched, eyes checking side to side if anyone was watching. Surprisingly, I didn't find anyone. "I've been waiting thirty minutes. You said it was only going to take ten. Do you have any idea how hot it is here or how badly my legs ache?"

"I'm sorry," she said in a sweet, light voice that I didn't buy. "Wait, why have you been walking anyway?"

I rolled my eyes. "Well...duh!"

"Sorry," she said sharply and then whispered. "I have to go now. Lecturer's in."

I widened my eyes in disbelief. Sucks to be the one with brake issues and with my car at the mechanics, Mimi had been the one driving me around. It wasn't like I couldn't find another way if I was in that much of a hurry to go home, the problem was I didn't want to have to go alone. And she was the only friend I had made so far. Best friend, actually.

Tired, I strolled back into a mini restaurant to sit and ordered a burger and orange juice to get me relaxed from Miami's sun. Attempting to get my mind off waiting, I brought my phone out to scroll down my I*******m till it wasn't fun anymore and I took notice of the people at the restaurant.

Beside me was a cute couple, holding hands and staring intently at each other which I found adorable. I guessed there were still at the early stage of love where things always seemed like forever. It was hard fighting the urge to tell her 'It's going to be a disaster.'

Was I being bitter or practical?

I was envious. It had always been something I wanted but never got. A small, beautiful connection that managed to break every time. Just like the last.

But what if people were different and they were lucky with love? It shouldn't matter to me because, I had become comfortable being alone anyway.

Suddenly, I wanted to leave the place and called Mimi although it wasn't twenty minutes yet.

"Yes?" She said into the phone.

"How much longer?"

"Hmmm not so much anymore. I'm almost done with my assignment. Where are you?" She asked and I crossed my legs under the table. I was on a yellow tank top on jean shorts and boot heels, wearing only mascara on my face since I wasn't the most attentive with makeup.

"The restaurant close to Chemistry."

She gasped. "You walked all the way to Chemistry?"

"How else did you think I got leg pains?" I asked, with a half shrug.

"Okay, I'm coming right away. Five minutes," she said and my lips curled into a small smile. Finally.

"I'd be outside the restaurant though. Want to stretch my legs." Or actually can't stand to see these blonde couple tongue kiss. Eww?

"Alright. Got it," she said and hung up.

I stood up to my feet, paid for my food and went outside to stand like a security guy but this time, under a shade. Shortly, my eyes caught about five guys eyeing me as they progressed and I glanced at them too.

Okay, N to the O. Big, fat NO!

About two of them were on khaki shorts, a T-shirt and actual bag backs. There were another two on jean trousers and plain shirts which was okay. The last one with slicked back coal black hair was dressed way too professionally in a navy blue suit that one could mistake him to be a lecture but his boyish face and varsity band gave him all away.

Well, they weren't all dressed in rags but were their clothes worn out? Yes. Perhaps, it was me thinking everyone should have a sense of style, especially when they weren't the most handsome.

I looked away as soon as they passed and stared after they had been inches away and their backs to me to feed my eyes. Fashion policing--nope, fashion arresting them. I found myself laughing aloud till one of them spun around, heading toward me. 

Had I been figured out?

Stunned, I swallowed hard, wondering if he was actually headed my way or somewhere else but he was gazing into my eyes. Brown shiny eyes looking right through me as if searching my soul.

As he advanced, I digested his six ft three figure. Not that it got me cause I was equally tall but it was rare to find a guy this tall in school and of course, he had to be handsome too with well- groomed tawny hair that gave me Spanish vibes.

How had I not seen him amongst his clique?

"Hello." I hadn't even realize he was in front of me till he spoke and I froze like someone poured a bucket of cold water on me.

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This is one of the best story I've read so far, but I can't seem to find any social media of you, so I can't show you how much I love your work

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