Almost Yours

Almost Yours

By:  Forevergoldiee  Completed
Language: English
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When life turns its back at you, all you can do is turn your back and run. Emerald Dubrow did that just well, choosing a university far from home, but life’s more than a decision. All effort seems aborted when she meets an obnoxious ex in the same school just when she's putting herself out there. What’s worse; he wants her back. Caught in between a hot, sorry ex and shiny brown eyes that rolled his jeans way up to his ankles, Emerald must make a quick decision.

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133 Chapters
Chapter 3- Sweet
Emerald"Sounds sweet." Mimi's laughter echoed as she glided into our living room with a tray of muffins and coffee. A small smile appeared on my face, inhaling the delectable aroma of the muffins. Mimi cooked good-- scratch that, baked well. She was pretty good at anything that didn't make me miss home much, instead made me travel with samosas and other Mexican cuisines she made.As she placed the tray on the center table of our cozy one-bedroom apartment, my hand on its on accord grabbed one before looking at her beautiful hazel eyes that didn't seem to get tired from smiling or laughing."Define sweet." I took a bite while she sat beside me on the couch. It surprised me how funny this was to Mimi after we had spoken about it our drive home-- like after I almost died of a panick attack with her yelling.She half shrugged, smiling amusingly. "I don't know. A guy coming to say hi on campus. It's
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Chapter 5- Guilty
EmeraldIt was a huge mistake. Entrepreneurship would have been much better than Mr. Raven's wearisome class. People like Mr. Raven killed than lifted people's spirit."There's a reason why it's called pear-fect." he smiled at his words. "Cause a pear is the most perfect fruit." he raised a finger, pointing out.Sigh.  ••My car's warning light issues had been fixed by the time I got to the mechanic finally!  After a week of misery. 
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Chapter 6- Kiss me
EmeraldAs I climbed down Mimi's car, I couldn't help but regret my choice of outfit. A short, fitted red dress that stopped above my knee with a black leather jacket on black boots.  My make-up was done by Mimi, who decided to take things to a vixen direction than a normal Emerald direction with sharp red lipstick and eyeliner. I pulled my dress down, when I noticed the guys at the bar's entrance give me sinful looks.Meanwhile, Mimi had on jean shorts with vintage shirt on a boot. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary since she always wore make up.Strutting into Great World, I bit my lips out of nervousness. Although I had on a jacket, I felt shivers hit my spine. The club was beautiful with blue light accents, a neat bar with a tattoed bar woman, blasting trap music and bunch of University students grinding, making out, dancing...doing
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Chapter 7- Hate me tomorrow
      DevinI never really imagined the night would end like this, with not just any girl, but the girl. It was just a casual hi I had said the other day because Steve had dared me to. They wanted to know just who she was as her face seemed new. It was just to test my game and have a good laugh.Not like we wanted anything to do with her, it was only to get to know her and maybe become friends. And when I spoke to her, she seemed too uptight—typical eleventh grader that thought boys only wanted to get into her panties—so I backed off. Even though she looked like my fantasy— tall, blonde, busty, I liked girls that knew what they were doing not the clingy, naive ones.Emerald knew what she was doing, kissing my neck as I undid the door to my apartment that was the backyard of the club. I didn'
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Chapter 8- We didn't
Emerald Summoned by a girl's loud cries, I walked in the direction out in the woods in leaves for my waist and seashells for my chest. The chirping of beautiful birds brought a smile to my face. I loved the green, lively leafs and plant, but I was never a fan of being barefooted and stained with messy damp. The voice came again shouting 'Emerald!' and I trotted towards the girl. Not until I felt a pinch on my arm that instantly tapped my eyes open to meet with Mimi. The proximity of her face and her eyes that looked like it was going to pop out scared me. I screamed.Mimi chuckled, lifting her head off me and settled on my bed.&nbs
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Chapter 9- Stay the night
JamesThere was a reason I liked Riley more than the other girls and kept coming back: she didn't give a fuck about the others. She only cared about making ourselves feel good."Are you coming back tomorrow?" She said, pulling on a shirt to cover her body.The buzzing sound of my phone made me jump. It was a text from Sean, a friend of ours. Somehow I'd pulled a full clique of my own. Not me technically, because Riley introduced me to her friends. Sean and I had became cool ever since.It was him asking to hangout tomorrow.I half shrugged. Voila. That way we could get the whole group hanging."Jamie?" She said seductively, starting toward me, climbing back on her bed.A smirk tugged at my lips at the fact that she wanted more. They always did. But... Jamie?
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Chapter 10- Red
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