Chapter 133

My phone dropped to the couch after receiving an invitation from the police again to give my statement concerning Sandra's demise. Now, it was starting to get all scary because I had told them everything that happened, how and when. And to think I wasn't as close as the last call made it out to be. I was starting to get freaked out.

"Who was it?" Mimi asked, sat close to me like she hadn't made out anything from the conversation. Or my horrified expresssion made her curious.

"They want me to come by the station to give another statement," I said and she wore a dubious look.

"Didn't we do that already?" She asked. "Sandra died and was buried three weeks ago."

"But it doesn't mean they've finished their job which is--finding her killer."

She gave a sarcastic laugh. "You know it's so funny how relaxed you are about this. It's almost like you want to stare in a Sherlock Holmes movie.

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