Betrayed by my mate.
Betrayed by my mate.
Author: China SummersBreath
Chapter one

               (Aurora POV)

            It was still so dark outside and so many people screaming. There was a woman looking down at me. She had long brown hair, bright blue eyes and unbelievably beautiful. Her face was full of fear as she was running through the forest. Stopping only to look where the sound of a wolf’s howling. Then she was off running away from the howling but soon she stops from snapping of some twigs.

“Who is there?”

“It is me, your sister.”

A young girl came into view. She looked to be about 13 to 14 years old. Her hair also was brown with blue eyes.

“I am so happy to see you. Can you please take her and go to the east palace. Give them this note and necklace it will explain everything. Now please go and keep her safe, because she is the reason why they're here.”

“What about you sister. I can not leave you to die.”

“You must go and protect her. I will be fine, please trust me.”

Just before she leaves the area there was a loud explosion and that is when I wake up. It was that dream again and the same dream I have almost every night since I can remember. Alright it is time for me to wake up for the day. Today is my 12th birthday, well mine and my brother Ethan. We’re supposed to start our training today to get ready for our first shift. Our first shift is usually around our 13th birthday. I'm so looking forward to that day to finally meet my wolf and find out her name. I know my wolf won't be big since I’m considered to be a lower rank wolf and a female. I hurry up into the shower to get ready for my day of training and our birthday. After my shower I get my clothes that I laid out last night to save me time in getting ready. I put a pair of black shorts, black sports bra, a gray tank top and black tennis shoes. It is warm outside so the training area will be unbearable. I get dress and race downstairs to get some breakfast. As I get to the table, my family is already there eating. My Dad is always the first one to noticed me.

“There is my little angel. Are you getting excited about today birthday girl?” He comes over to me picks me up and twirling me around.

“Dear, let her sit down and eat so you can get going before your late for the training class.” I looked over to my mother to see how irritated she was getting for some reason.

“Alright my love.”

He puts me down and kisses my forehead. I sit down to my breakfast of oatmeal, two hard boiled eggs, two slices of 15 grain bread, with yogurt and fruit. We also had a fruit protein drink. I always like putting some honey into my oatmeal. Some reason my dad had big smirk on his face as he places a small, wrapped box in front of me.


“Daddy, what is this?”

“It is your birthday present my angel. Ethan, your gift is outside.”

“No way! You got me that dirt bike?”

“Well of course. That is what you ask for about 1,000 times. So, angel are you going to open up your gift?”

Oh wow, I hope it is what I think it is. I hurry up to open the box to see the charm bracelet that I been asking my parents to get for me. It was a rose gold chain link with a key charm, tree of life charm, four leaf clover charm, watch charm and a few other charms on it. I ran over to my dad and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck.

“Thank you, daddy, thank you mom.” She smiles at me, but it felt like she had to force herself to do so.

“Alright you two. It's time we get going. Aurora, please put your bracelet away.”

I hurry up to put it away so not make my daddy wait too long. We get going to the pack training house. It's a good thing we do not live that far but that might be the reason my daddy picks out our house in the first place. When we get there, I was amazed on how big the place was. I have never been here before this day and it was so over whelming. There were two big fighting rings in the middle of the place, some work out machines and even a few empty rooms for classes. My dad brings Ethan and I into one of the larger empty rooms were there three boys and one girl waiting for us. I can't believe there is another girl here to be trained, I was only there because my dad was the one training. Maybe I will be able to make a friend today.

“Ok everyone, I would like you to my son Ethan and my daughter Aurora. Ethan, Aurora this is Chad, Anzac, Armond and Raina.”

Oh, wow Raina, such a pretty name. I’m so hoping that we will be able to be friends. The weird thing is that I do not remember her from school. Well my brother and I do go to private school with humans. I wanted to go up to her and introduce myself to her, but she beat me to it.

“Hi, I am Raina but you already knew that. I am so glad that there is another girl here. I was afraid that I was going to have to hang out with these boys all day.”

“I was thinking the same thing. You know I’m Aurora and the boy next to Chad is my twin brother Ethan.”

“I am here with my brother as well.”

“Really? Which one of the three is your brother?”

“Oh no, my brother is 16 years old and he is in another area of the building. Today he is in the fighting ring area. He’s over there, that guy in black shorts with brown hair and blue eyes.”

I looked over to the fighting ring on the right seeing two guys hand to hand training. Both had brown hair but the one with the brown eyes had gray sweat shorts on. They both did not have a shirt on and they both had tone bodies. Looking at the one with blue eyes and Raina’s brother I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. I found myself mesmerized by him, his body and just his mere present. I almost did not hear Raina talking to me.

“Aurora, earth to Aurora. Are you even listening to me or would you rather stand there and droll?”

I hurry up to wipe my lip with my hand.

“I was only joking Aurora. Well somewhat joking. You were staring at my brother with such goo goo eyes.” She started laughing at me.

“That’s not funny.” I stand there folding my arms and potting with my lips. “Well, what’s your brother’s name and who’s the other guy with him?”

“Well my brother’s name is Alexander and the other guy is his friend Dani.”

I stood there watching them fighting out but are they training?

“What are they doing?”

“Well, Dani is trying to prove to my brother that he’ll be a great Gamma for him and the pack.”

“The royal Gamma?”

“Well yeah. My brother is the prince and future king of the packs.”

My jaw just drops. I can’t believe he’s the prince but wait that will mean Raina is the princess. I just realized why I haven’t seen her at my school, all royal children and Alpha go to a special private school just for werewolves.

“I’m surprise you’re in my father’s training classes.”

“Well my parents are too busy and the royal Gamma’s is over there busy training my brother.”

I just looked back at the guys fighting with no shirts on. Her brother was really good cause the other guy Dani isn’t even laying a finger or punch on him.

“Wow your brother Alex is amazing.”

As I say his name that he turns to look at me with a puzzle look on his face and right than Dani took the opportunity of him being distracted to bring him down to the mat by tackling him. Oh no, but what was that about? Why did he look at me at that moment? Not even a second later I hear my dad clearing his throat.

“Alright everyone give me your attention. Right now, all of you here are 12 years old or turning 12 years old and you also know that form now till your 13 years old can expect your first shift. Before that can happen, you’re going to need train your body but also your mind. We’re going to start with endurance, and this will increase your breathing but also your heart rate. Let’s say about 20 laps around the building and then we’ll go to balancing by some Tai chi. You will also be getting this watches to keep track of your heart rate and your body temperature. You’ll be wearing this till your first shift occurs. The information will always be sent to my phone. Alright let’s get started with those laps and I expect it to take no longer than one hour but let’s see if anyone can to do better. Also, FYI 20 laps will equal to about 10 miles so I wouldn’t waste time to start.”

I decide it will be best to put my hair up into a lose bun. When I was done and just about to head out that’s when I felt a hand on my arm.

“Aurora, what’s that behind your left ear? It looks like a crescent moon.”

“Oh, it’s just a birth mark and no it doesn’t give me special powers.” I than laugh it off because I been ask about that too many times. I really don’t have a true answer but that I was born with it.

“Ok, let’s get going before your dad notice we’re not outside starting the laps.”

As we’re walking out, I look back over to Alex and see him talking to 2 other guys besides Dani. One had also brown hair and the other was a dirty blonde. When I was looking more at the two, I almost didn’t realize that Alex was looking at me with curiosity. I felt it be best to up my pace and get to the 20 laps.

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